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"The aim of your life is to seek your Spirit."

Shri Mataji   1983 – January 27, Delhi, India


"I have to tell you one thing, that you are all One."

Shri Mataji   2004 – June 6, Cabella, Italy


"The greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a

 collective happening."

Shri Mataji   1988 – January 3, Ganapatipule, India

Shri Adi Guru Puja

3/4/5th July


Shri Krishna Puja

15/16th August







National Pujas:  National Easter Puja - Hiawatha VIC *  National Sahasrara Puja Seminar - Thredbo, NSW * Shri Adi Guru Puja - Wamuran QLD  * International Shri Ganesha Puja - Australia Co-host Cabella * Navaratri Puja - Gidgegannup WA

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3/4/5th July

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23/24/25th Oct.

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14/15th November


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50th Sahasrara Celebration Music of Joy 2010-2020:
The journey of self realisation
Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sahasrara Day a video showing the 10 year Music of Joy journey from  2010 - 2020  is presented for your enjoyment: .  .CLICK HERE
During this 10 year period Music of Joy journeyed throughout the world including the countries of China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillipines, Taiwan, India, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Greece, Spain, Hungary and France spreading Sahaja Yoga.
It is estimated that there were over 108 Public Programs through the 10 years of touring and over 100,000 seekers have received their self realisation. This is an offering to Our Divine Mother to share the gift of love Her Holiness Shri Mataji Herself gave to us all whilst also showing us how to share this throughout Her world. Shri Mataji alone is the Doer of all deeds that have been done, are being done and will be done.
Love from
Music of Joy Team
Thank you to the CommBank Bushfire Recovery Team for your grant to assist the Balmoral Meditation Centre
Dear Friends,
During the recent bushfire challenge to our community our Community Meditation Facility at Balmoral Village suffered damage to supporting infrastructure. Fortunately, the main Meditation Centre and support buildings were spared from damage.
Life Eternal Trust is a registered not-for-profit (NGO) organisation created to serve the community by promoting wellbeing through free Sahaja Yoga meditation for all.  Recently we made an application for a grant to the Commonwealth Bank Bushfire Recovery program to assist us to recover from the bushfire disaster.
We are writing on behalf of Life Eternal Trust to acknowledge receipt of a grant to assist with repairs to our community facility.  We take this opportunity to thank the CommBank Bushfire Recovery Grants Team on behalf of Life Eternal Trust Australia for the sum of $50,000.
We extend our gratitude to the Commonwealth Bank for their commitment to improving the financial well-being of their customers and community.  Our community restoration project will now move forward in a timely manner to assist and help improve society.
We look forward to sending you positive reports on the progress of the Balmoral restoration Project. Thank you to everyone involved and for your kind consideration in this matter.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Kyriacou, on behalf of the Trustees of Life Eternal Trust Australia (LETA) and Lyn Vasudeva on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Australia
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi India 1981-82
Lots of Love
Lyn and Andre on behalf of your Australian Council
Reflections on the Last Years of Shri Mataji’s Earthly Life
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
We wish to forward you a communication from the Central Committee (please see below and link). This communication clearly states that recent documents distributed on social media which defame and insult HH Shri Mataji, Her family members and Yogis who assisted Shri Mataji are false and we should not entertain such notions.
Importantly the CC message reiterated a very important principle of Sahaja Yoga - that nothing happens without the permission of Shri Mataji and not even a blade of grass or an atom of the universe moves without Her permission.
As the Australian Council we reject outright all the horrible, negative, defamatory and insulting documents that have been circulated on social media attacking the good name of Australian Sahaja Yogis who served Shri Mataji as well as attacking Shri Mataji’s family members.
For the record there was no misbehaviour or any breaches of Divine protocol by these selfless and dedicated Australian Sahaja Yogis. These Australian Yogis who assisted in various aspects, including nursing, demonstrated extraordinary efforts and commitment to serve, often at significant cost to themselves. We are very grateful to all those who were blessed beyond comprehension to be able to attend to HH Shri Mataji.
This was the Maya and Divine Play of Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti. Everything was managed by the Supreme Almighty All-Powerful Goddess. A loving Divine Home was created, and Shri Mataji called those Yogis She wished there to work out what She wanted to. There was no emotional trauma experienced during those times.
We strongly feel that these rumours being spread by murmuring souls are trying their best to distract the powerful collective attention of Yogis. At this time, we are capable of so much in spreading Shri Mataji’s Divine Vision Of Sahaja Yoga and establishing Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. We are so fortunate to live in a country where obstacles are so easily removed by the grace of our Lord Shri Ganesha.
Let’s renew our commitment to spread Sahaja Yoga and progress more deeply into our own vibrational state in this year of 2020.
Lots of love
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council
Communication from the Central Committee
Dear brothers and sisters,
Please download from below the important communication of the central committee reflecting on the last years of Shri Mataji's earthly life. It's also posted on the web site of the central committee.
We appreciate that you spread this communication in your national collectives as there were many messages circulated in social media recently about Shri Mataji's health and medical care.
Download Communication from the Central Committee
With much love and respect,
Your brothers and sisters of the central committee
Our Divine Mother, HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - April 2006 Italy
Australia celebrates Shri MahaShivaratri Puja 2020
Dear Family,
Please enjoy the photos of our celebrations across Australia for Shri MahaShivaratri Puja in 2020!
Jai Shri Mataji!
Scullin Ashram, Canberra, ACT
Hiawatha Ashram, Victoria
Wamuran Ashram, Brisbane, Queensland
Adelaide, South Australia
Balmoral Ashram, New South Wales
Gidgegannup Ashram, Perth, Western Australia
Cairns, Queensland
Australian Self Realisation Music of Joy Tour 2020
Singapore & Vietnam
During July 2020
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
On this auspicious day of Shri Ganesha Jayanti, we humbly ask for Shri Ganesha’s blessings for the spread of Sahaja Yoga throughout Asia Pacific, including our Self Realisation Music of Joy Tour in July this year to Singapore and Vietnam.
The Tour will commence on Thursday 2nd July and conclude on Saturday 18th July.
Singapore visit
We will visit our Singapore brothers and sisters first, spread Sahaja Yoga together and celebrate Shri Mataji as our Divine Guru!
Vietnam visit
We will then travel to Vietnam and spend a week and a half travelling to the Vietnamese Collectives and spreading Sahaja Yoga together.
The Singaporean and Vietnamese Collective are so sweet, kind and dynamic. It’s such a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Sahaja culture and give Self Realisation.
Keen to be part of the Tour?
If you are keen to be part of the Tour please register your interest by emailing Hauke Horn at .  CLICK HERE
Photos from previous tours to Singapore and Vietnam
MOJ in Hanoi Vietnam 2014
Singapore Tour 2010
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Early India Tour
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the MOJ Tour Team
Happy Shri Ganesha Jayanti!
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
We wish you all a lovely day to celebrate the birthday of our Lord Shri Ganesha!
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Ganesha Jayanti, Pune, India, 10 February 2008
Together let’s collectively celebrate the auspiciousness of this day as announced by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!
Let’s all collectively pray to Shri Ganesha for Divine wisdom, innocence and vibratory awareness in all Yogis.
Let’s collectively pray to Shri Ganesha to destroy all the negativity attacking Collectives and for the exposure of all mumuring souls attacking Collectives.
Let’s pray to Shri Ganesha for Yogis to be creative and dynamic in spreading Sahaja Yoga and for Sahaja Yoga to spread all over the world.
We praise you Lord Shri Ganesha and humbly ask for your blessings, as Divine Son of our Divine Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!!
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Collective
"Today is a very important day for all of us Sahaja Yogis, because today Shri Ganesha was born..."
Shri Ganesha Jayanti, Pune, India, 10 February 2008
"Today is a very important day for all of us Sahaja Yogis, because today Shri Ganesha was born. Shri Ganesha is whom we worship and because of whom we got our realization. However much you may remember Him, until you know His special qualities, you cannot attain Him. His special quality is that He is the embodiment of purity (shuddha swaroop) and complete Master of the Universe. He is the incarnation of the Supreme, of Brahman.
By coming into this world He has created music (sangeet), rhythm (taal) and notes (sur). By His Grace only, people become one with music (talleen). He was a small boy who came into the world and did such great work! He has given so many things to everyone and even today He is active. No matter how much you do Shri Ganesha’s Puja, it is not enough. A lot of people say, “We don’t see Shri Ganesha, even after worshipping Him so much. We do not attain Him.”
He is omnipotent, omnipresent and in everything, but you cannot recognize Him until you are realized. After your realization you can recognize what Shri Ganesha is. Shri Ganesha is Purity, the Pure Spirit. When He is awakened within us, then we have no questions left. Then we are successful in whatever task we undertake. We find joy in everything we do. He is the embodiment of joy and gives joy to everyone. To serve Him is the ultimate dharma (paramdharma). To serve Him means to look after small children, to serve them, to make sure there is no cruelty towards them. This pleases Him very much. Such an embodiment of love, such a pure-hearted Shri Ganesha, was born today.
This is the importance of this day. Today if you ask for a wish, then Shri Ganesha will fulfill it. It is His right to fulfill all your desires, because you are all realized. Ask Him with all your heart, and He will help you in every way, every moment, and every instant.
Today is a very big day, because the actual Pure Spirit has taken birth today. And He already had such an eternal state, that many people could not comprehend it or write about it. They wrote only what they understood, but now that you are realized you can understand that by the power of Shri Ganesha’s name you can get your realization. Just by taking His name, any disease or any pain will disappear. He is eternal. He is always present within us. When you get your realization, you can feel Him.
And if you are not realized, you cannot understand Him. That is why people get misled and do wrong things. But with Shri Ganesha’s blessings you can do so many things, and you won’t feel greedy or have any problems, because He does all the work for you.
He takes care of you. Though He is a little boy, He looks after you. Shri Ganesha is a very great power by which so much work is done. For Me, He is the purest and My own. I trouble Him a lot. When somebody tries to trouble Me, I ask Him to handle this fellow and to make him all right. When this fellow is not manageable by Me, when there is a difficult person and it is not possible for Me to handle him, then He does the job.
So today is very auspicious as today He is born. Secondly, today is Panchami (the Fifth Day). This Panchami is recognized because on this day we wear a dress. Whatever we wear today is so that our body is properly covered. The sense of shame and chastity that our body has is because of Him. Lajja Rupena Samsthita. So if you have any sense of chastity and shame, it is because of Him. That will benefit you immensely.
You cannot feel joyous until you worship Shri Ganesha. By worshipping Shri Ganesha, your joy increases. You become joyous, because He is the personification of joy (aanand swaroop). Because of this, we have both things today: His birthday and His help. We take His help in any work we do. Such is our way. But we don’t see what we have to do to awaken Him.
Our attention does not go in that direction. We do not feel that we should become like Him, that we should have a state in which Shri Ganesha is awakened within us, through which we may never venture on the wrong path.
Those who are rooted in Ganesha are special, they despise all the wrong things in this world, and they do not do anything wrong, because Shri Ganesha stops them. They cannot enjoy wrong activities. This is Shri Ganesha’s great blessing, that you have come into such a joyous life. So today in His service, sing His praise and glory, so that He may be pleased.
My Eternal Blessings to all of you."
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi held in occasion of Shri Ganesha's Jayanti. Pratishthan (India), 10 February 2008.
Shri Ganesha Puja Talk, Keep Your Maryadas, India, 15th January 1984 (20 mins)
"It is so Sahaja today that the day of celebration has fallen onto the birthday of Shri Ganesh.. Every month they celebrate the fourth day of the moon as the birth date of Shri Ganesh, and today is that date. Luckily, we are here for the Puja of Shri Ganesha on His birthday....
... So today is a very great day, we must all pray to Shri Ganesh that He should give His blessings, because He’s the source of joy, He’s the source of joy, He is Christ, He’s in your heart, resides as spirit, so He’s the one, the innocence you have to achieve....
... So I have to make a very simple announcement today, that on this day of Shri Ganesh, all My children who are born like Shri Ganesha, in the same pattern, should become dynamic like Him, innocent like Him, great like Him, working twenty-four hours. This little Child is working throughout the day and night to give you this source of joy. May God bless you all.”
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Ganesh Puja, Nasik, India, 21 January 1984
(4th Moon day after ‘No moon’ in Maagh)
50 Public Programs in 50 Days!
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
On this auspicious occasion of Shri Ganesha’s Birthday, we humbly announce that as an Australian Collective, we will host 50 Public Programs in the 50 days leading up to the 50th Anniversary of Sahasrara Day on 5th May 2020
Let’s collectively humbly request Shri Ganesha to remove all the obstacles for the complete success of these public programs.
We are also keen for all Yogis to give 50 Self Realisations within those 50 days!
Let’s get the whole Collective behind this initiative.
We can start with a weekend of pop-up Self Realisation stalls across Australia.
Other program options are :
- “A Mother For All” Exhibitions
- Music & meditation concerts
- Freedom and Liberation movie screening weekend
- Harmony Day events - Saturday 21 March
Please send through your creative suggestions to your Councillors.
Lots of Love
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council
Shri Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Prasthapini Puja
Shri Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Prasthapini Puja as celebrated throughout the world on the weekend of 18/19 January in honour of the 35th anniversary of Her Holiness Shri Mataji’s Announcement of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.
We share the invitation to Shri Mataji in Cabella to request permission to worship Shri Mataji in Her Form of Shri Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Prasthapini.
Please see the beautiful pictures from Pujas held in Cabella, Genoa, Wamuran, Hiawatha and Gidgegannup.
Please also see a lovely note below shared by a Yogi who attended a public program held in Genoa as part of the 35th anniversary of the announcement of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (2 photos from this public program are also included).
“Would like to share with you the experience of an Indian brother who came from Milan specially to partecipate in the recent public programme, first of its kind in Genova, organized to announce the Incarnation of Shri Mataji.
Experience in Genova of the first public programme of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma on 18-01-2020.
It is the first public program that we have participated, in Genova, directly conducted announcing the advent of Shri Mataji as the Holy Ghost. From Milan Myself and Marco Giampiccolo with all our enthusiasm went to participate in the program. Entering inside the hall, a wonderful painting showing God the Father, and God The Son, crowning Shri Mataji, immediately let all the participants perceive the real identity of Our Holy Mother.
The vibrations were tremendous, She was presented as the councilor, the comforter that Jesus Christ has announced.  One of the participants has expressed his deep satisfactions saying that at last The Holy Ghost is the Mother.
The program started with the introduction by Ivan, The advent of Shri Mataji was announced, clearly stating that She is The Holy Ghost, and that She founded a new religion, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, the Religion which integrates all the truths of all the religions, all the deities and all the incarnations.
Ivan explained that this day was special for all of us since it is the 35th anniversary of the foundation of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.
Then Shri Mataji’s lecture was shown.(The lecture in Venice).  After the introductory part was finished by Shri Mataji, the lecture was stopped to introduce the experience aspect for the participants to understand.   The realization part was conducted by Shri Mataji and luckily there was the simultaneous  Italian translation of the procedure of the realization in the original lecture.  So there was no problem of the language for the participants. It was very great success.
The meditation session was followed by a musical concert, with joyful participation of all the people present. It was very straight starting from the publicity till the conclusion.  Ivan concluded the program with Jai shri Mataji, explaining its meaning.
At the end some tea and snacks were offered to the participants.
In this nice atmosphere, the attention of Marco went to a man sitting near him and felt the desire to speak with that participant.  So, Marco went to take some biscuits and  tea and offered to the participant, which he  has accepted with pleasure.  Marco started talking to him; asking why he was inspired to participate in such a unconventional program, with such a big theme as Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.
The participant revealed that he met Shri Mataji in Cabella, in 90’s, but so far, never had the experience of the Self Realization, nor he practiced any sort of meditation. When he saw the photo of Shri Mataji in the advertisement, he remembered that he has seen Her in Cabella and was attracted to participate, also because he was interested about the Holy Ghost, and the Divine nature of the Mother. He added that he always thought that the mother aspect of God was neglected by the Church, probably because men wanted to keep control of women. We continued talking, and he said that, even if not believing in the religion, it is appreciable having for the first time a religion not dividing but, at least, merging all the people of the world, since there is only One God, the same for all the mankind.
Marco was amazed hearing from him the same concepts we have experimented, and felt as if there is hope for the world to understand.
Marco continued talking with the participant for about an hour, and after both of them came  to me and Ivan to introduce the new participant and to share the experience of him.
When I started speaking to the participant, He expressed his enthusiasm to continue to be part of this religion Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.  He stated that he had the darshan of Shri Mataji in 90s in Cabella.  At some point concerned on his experience, asked him whether he felt the cool breeze in the hands and on the head.  He said that he has experienced on the right hand yes, but on the left not much.  Then requesting him to bring his attention on the fontanel bone area, closing his eyes, I started working on him, after some time, gradually he started feeling cool vibrations on both the hands.
While working on him,  speaking to him, it emerged that he lost his wife recently.  He said that he is searching significance of the life.  At that point we all who were present with him tried to comfort him, saying not to worry.  We said, it is true that you lost your wife, it is a very difficult moment in your life, but you found your Mother, who came into your life to take care of you.
By hearing this he was very happy and thanked so many times.  We answered to him saying that this is the culture of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, that Shri Mataji has established in all of us through Her example by taking care of each and every one of us, showed us that the Humanity and pure love are the essence of everything.  He left the place with great joy, with a photo of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, that he accepted as a gift with great respect.  He sent an SMS thanking for the wonderful evening and  the kindness we have shown towards Him.
The religion and the culture of this universal religion answers so many unanswered questions.  Take us to our roots.  In 1970 Shri Mataji started Sahaja Yoga, 1985 established the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, the religion of the Devi, it is the time to announce Her Advent.  Very Humbly and Honestly.
Jai Shri Mataji
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
Jennie from Batemans Bay has written a lovely account of her experience in the fire zone and how she was looked after by Shri Mataji.  She has forwarded the attached account for us to share with you. We have kept in regular communication with Jennie throughout the time the bushfires were affecting Batemans Bay.
Lyn and Andre
For all Sahaja Yogis everywhere
from 31 Dec 2019 to 8 Jan 2020
At 6.30am on 31 December the Rural Fire Service sent everyone an urgent phone message: the fire is here, seek shelter or go to the beach.
I fled at once to the local evacuation centre, 2k away. By 10.15 I was sent to a motel in the CBD 1k away, with a woman I knew slightly, both of us oldies with health issues. At about 12.30 the huge glass windows in our room got really hot, the sky was a horrible brown, so we soaked bath towels in case we had to put them over our heads.
Suddenly the whole world turned crimson for maybe 30 seconds, then pitch black. We felt our way into our tiny shower room and quietly and calmly said the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm repeatedly. Also, I said mantras in my head (not wanting to scare her with a strange language!). We remained like that for 30 or 40 minutes. For the whole time we were in that situation, I felt like we were in a quiet, calm little bubble. We came out when the sky lightened in the tiny window.
On 4 January in the middle of the day, the windows started getting hot again. I was alone and went on the verandah and watched the sky go brown again. Motel staff were hosing the trees. I watched a large, horrible, dark brown cloud slowly, determinedly coming towards us from the south. Oh, no, I thought, not again! It kept coming and was almost above us and I spontaneously said aloud “Oh, Mother, please send it away, please send the cloud and fire away, I can’t bear it again, please send the fire away, Mother, please send the cloud away, please send it away!”
Immediately I said these words, the cloud stopped in its tracks, then retreated! It did not dissolve, it just went back south, slowly and determinedly, the way it had come! It did so immediately, and very clearly. Fortunately I had the room to myself and was able to thank our Mother aloud, over and over again, in between sobs of relief!
One day during the 5th, 6th and 7th, I was meditating on the verandah, the sky a light grey. After meditating, I was just staring vaguely and peacefully at the sky, and suddenly realised I was staring at a sky chock-full of dancing Chaitanya! The air around me was just chockers with sparkling, dancing vibrations. I sat there in bliss, watching, and quietly thanking Mother in adoration and gratitude.
I have not exaggerated or embellished anything; everything happened exactly as I have written. I went home on the 8th. A few houses on the other side of my suburb were destroyed. My side was untouched. It was wonderful to be back with Mother’s altar in my bedroom!
Some 456 homes were destroyed in this shire, maybe a dozen businesses destroyed or badly damaged, and more than 1,000 out-buildings – studios, garages, storage sheds, farm buildings – destroyed. This all happened in those 9 days.
Jennie Mairie, Batemans Bay, Sunday 19 January, 2020
Invitation to National Sahasrara Puja 2020
50th Anniversary of Sahasrara Day
Alpine Hotel Thredbo NSW
Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May 2020
Google map
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahasrara Puja, 3rd May 1987, Thredbo NSW
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
It is joyful anticipation that we invite you all to attend our National Sahasrara Puja from Friday 8th May to Sunday 10th May to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sahasrara Day.
We are so fortunate to be able to hold this Puja Seminar in the Alpine Hotel in Thredbo, where, 33 years ago, Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji, gave Her Children the auspicious privilege of worshipping Her on the anniversary of the day in which She opened the Sahasrara of the Universe!
All State Collectives will assist with the hosting of our National Sahasrara Puja.
Registration details will follow shortly.
We really hope we can gather as a large family together amongst the mountains and share the joy of this most beautiful and sacred of days!
Lyn and Andre on behalf of your Australian Councillors
"Today is a very great day for all the Sahaja Yogis."
Sahasrara Puja, 3 May 1987, Thredbo New South Wales (45 mins) .  .  CLICK HERE
“Today is a very great day for all the Sahaja Yogis.
So you have seen so many miracles of this Brahmachaitanya which is showing on your photographs, on so many your lives, in so many changes that have taken place within yourself, within your family, within every one of you. All this has happened because you are in Brahmachaitanya. All this you are receiving because you are blessed by Brahmachaitanya. But others are not, so your attitude should be towards them that they are in the other world - what to do, how to help them? We should try to help them if possible, but up to a point. We should not drag down ourselves for others' sake. Up to a point only we can help them, and we have to be very happy that Sahaja Yoga is spreading so much horizontally.
But for vertical thing we must know our quality must improve. If some people rise higher, others will also start rising with them. It's the absolute honesty of purpose should be there, absolutely understanding should be there. Open your hearts to each other, so that you open your hearts to Me. Every cell must know another cell, otherwise it won't work out. That is a great thing that has happened, when you are on this Earth, when you are the ones who have to receive this great blessing. So many saints did not receive it, so many great people who came on this Earth, they did not receive it. Even the incarnations who came on this Earth could not do it what you are doing.
So have that satisfaction and glory of your own being and of your own standard, and of your own caliber. The others are not of your caliber, all right, forget about it. That should not give you ego, but should give you a personality that does not react. We have something of our own, we do not react to things. We are not reactionaries. And things will disappear which are harmful. Everything will be perfectly all right, because we are standing in our own perfection, in our own glory. What do we need? Nothing, just enjoying ourselves.
May God bless you all.”
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahasrara Puja, 3 May 1987, Thredbo, Australia
(Full Transcript with Video and Audio)    CLICK HERE
A Big Thank you
to all Yogis around the world for their continuing prayers and
bandhans for Australia in response to the bushfires.
Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!
We sincerely thank all the Yogis from around the world that have been praying and giving collective bandhans for Australia over the last month in response to the bushfires. We thank you for the continuing prayers and bandhans for Yogis living in areas affected by the fires, for the communities affected and for the nature.
We share the wonderful news that no Sahaja Yogi has been physically harmed by the bushfires.
Further by Shri Mataji’s Divine Grace, all the buildings from our Sahaja Yoga Ashram in Balmoral, New South Wales (where we host Easter Puja) were miraculously saved. The chief firefighter in the area at the time called it an “act of God” as 40 metre high flames burnt down houses north and south of our Ashram property. More than 20 homes were lost in Balmoral.
We are always completely protected by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We are always ever thankful to Shri Mataji for creating such an amazing and mature Collective in Australia full of Yogis who support and love each other with deep attention.
We share the Talk by Shri Mataji in which She refers to bushfires in Australia.
This Talk was given by Shri Mataji soon after Her arrival in Australia for Her 1983 Australian Tour and it was about 2 weeks after a bushfire in Australia (since called Ash Wednesday) which tragically resulted in 75 fatalities.
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Devi Puja Talk “Mother you be in our brain”, Adelaide Australia 4th March 1983
Transcript with Video & AudioCLICK HERE
We continue to pray for the spiritual evolution of the Australian people as well as people from all countries.
We also pray and give collective bandhan for peace in the Middle East at this time.
This year promises to be a very special year of collective spiritual growth and we look forward to Sahaja Yoga being spread creatively and dynamically around the world as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sahasrara Day.
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahasrara Puja Cabella 6th May 2007
Lots of Love
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council
Free meditation classes provided at your Premises
For Businesses • Organisations • Community groups
Education Institutions • Conferences
To celebrate our 50th Year of Sahaja Yoga meditation in 2020, we are offering free onsite meditation classes to organisations to support their wellness programs. Sessions can be either a single session or a series of weekly sessions at your premises.
Invite us to your organisation
If you are interested in participating then please use the "Request onsite meditation  classes" link below. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to discuss the next step on how our meditation team can visit your organisation. For more information, see Onsite Meditation Fact Sheet. CLICK HERE
Request meditation classes at your Premises CLICK HERE
About Sahaja Yoga meditation
Started in 1970
Sahaja Yoga meditation, started by Shri Mataji in 1970 provides for the awakening of a transformational potential within you.
Through Sahaja Yoga techniques everyone is able to experience silent meditation and develop their Self Realisation to attain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. By bringing peace and wellbeing to ourselves this also benefits our families, our social institutions, our nations and our world.
Millions have been introduced
Over the past 50 years, millions have been introduced to Sahaja Yoga meditation which is offered free of charge. Our weekly classes, one-day workshops and webcasts provide collective meditations where participants experience the inner peace of true meditation and learn balancing and clearing methods of the subtle system. Individual meditation at home, for a few minutes each day, further deepens the experience of thoughtless awareness.
Registered Charity
Sahaja Yoga Australia through its administrative body, is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) in the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.
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We look forward to visiting your organisation during 2020!
Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia
“You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the Power that created you”. Shri Mataji - founder
Shivaratri Puja Brazil Invitation
February 21st to 25th 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Jai Shri Mataji!
With our hearts full of pure joy and love, we are honoured to kindly invite our Sahaj family from all over the world to come to Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil, and celebrate together Shivaratri Puja 2020, to be held on February 21 to 25, 2020. Let us share together the Divine Vibrations and get deeper in our ascent!
For information and registration, please see our site: .  CLICK HERE
Your Brothers and Sisters from the Americas
Shri Mahashivaratri Puja Brazil - Marriages
Dear brothers and sisters,
Jai Shri Mataji!!
On the auspicious occasion of Shri Mahashivaratri Puja 2020 in Brazilia, Brazil ( ) CLICK HERE matched couples (already matched from previous marriage ceremonies) as well as already married couples (engaged or married legally before coming to Sahaja Yoga) could have a chance to perform a Holy Sahaja Marriage Ceremony.
This Ceremony will be only possible if a suitable number of confirmations is there.
Therefore we would kindly ask all the leaders, coordinators to address this message to the respective collectivities so that we are able to have a final decision on holding  the Marriage Ceremony in Brazil. All the requests should be sent until 20th of December 2019 to the email of Ekaterina Bernik <>.
The ceremony would take place on February 24th, 2020, Monday. The cost would be around six hundred dollars ($600) per couple, including set of clothes, garments, accessories and other items needed for the celebration.
With love and respect,
National Council of Brazil and IMC
 Shri MatajiNirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation
Newsletter December 2019
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Global Sahaja Sangha
Jai Shri Mataji!
Castle New Rose Garden
With the highly appreciated effort of the Ukranian collective, along with the support of the Polish, English, Swiss, Israeli, Dutch and Italian collectives, the renewal of the front garden of Shri’s Mataji’s Holy Castle in Cabella Ligure is smoothly taking shape.
While volunteering during the current renovation of the castle, a Ukrainian yogini, Veera, had the heartfelt desire to recreate the Divine rose garden which is under the windows of Shri Mataji’s apartment.
Last year, the preparations and planning were done and the physical work started in August 2019. During the Navaratri festival, when many yogis from Ukraine arrived in Cabella, the work proceeded at full speed. They toiled to prepare the soil, installed water dripping and sprinkler systems and planted the roses. Volunteers from Holland, Poland and hosting countries of Navratri- UK, Switzerland, and Israel came forward to help financially as well as physically.
This project is now on the verge of completion and the aim is to present this Divine Rose Garden to Shri Mataji as part of the 50 years celebration of Sahaja Yoga. By that time these roses will be in full bloom surrounding the castle with their fragrance and be as a gift to our beloved Mother. Then the whole world can also see the beauty of the garden and enjoy the divine fragrance.
This new rose garden will surround an extended central green lawn for all yogis to meditate in and enjoy and may Shri Mataji bless all of us.
SMNDSYWF Internship Program and Invitation to Apply for 2020
In anticipation and preparation for the new year 2020 celebration of 50 years of Sahaja Yoga, the World Foundation would like to invite more yuva to come to Cabella as an intern to support either the office or the school team. Click here for the full program.
The internship program of the World Foundation launched in the summer of 2018 has been a great success. Many Yuvas from different parts of the world have applied to come to Cabella to put their academic knowledge into practice, to expand their skills but, most importantly, to deepen their experience of vibrations and collective life at the castle. These young Sahaja Yogis were challenged to deal not only with the workload in their own field but also with many other aspects of collective activities and projects, and a collective life in the ashram of the castle or of the school.
Navaratri 2019
The first night of Navaratri was on the 29th of September 2019 and many yogis arrived in Cabella already on the 28th ‘’as unless you have been there to experience it, you don’t appreciate the immense change in vibrations.. the sense of moving from being on a battlefield for 9 nights to celebrating the victory!’’
The days slowly turn cool and autumnal, the nights draw in; all are in anticipation of the great battle to commence. The universe holds its breath for the arrival of the Glorious Mother Goddess, the Sublime Protector! The whole of Nature heralds the coming of Navaratri meditating upon its Holiness and Solemnity.
World Festival Seminar – How to Improve Vibratory Awareness
During the World Festival seminar week between Shri Vishnumaya and Shri Ganesha pujas, one of the activities offered were sessions of 2 hours every morning, for 3 days which included collective clearing, workshops, and feedback. These sessions were lead by yogis who initiated similar programs in London. They shared their experiences of studying Shri Mataji’s early talks and clearing techniques in order to improve their vibratory awareness.
Eliem from Culture of the Spirit Label
New releases from Culture of the Spirit Label - Casa Madre srl ETS ELIEM - Vishnumaya Song & Music for left Vishuddi Meditation Available on the main digital stores
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja World Foundation
Via Martiri della Libertà 11, 15060 Cabella Ligure (AL) Italy
Our Mother as Shri Kartikeya
At Ngamuwahine, Kaimai Ranges, half an hour inland from Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand.
8th, 9th & 10th November 2019.
Holy Mother You were at Ngamuwahine with us, as we worshipped You as Shri Kartikeya. Ngamuwahine means “the silent ladies” in the Maori language. We certainly enjoyed the peace, silence and beauty of this bush area, with a wide creek, like a river, running through. We had 3 or 4 glorious footsoaks here to the sound of the water kissing the stones and our feet...Ian Baldock had arranged our sojourn at this beautiful place. He did much of the shopping- the food etc. for everyone.
We arrived about 1pm Friday to start setting everything up. A Havan was held quite late- after dinner. Yogis were arriving from Australia -9 adults, plus NZ Yogis travelling from work. It was a very good Havan- great attention and great Vibrations. Morning meditation was about 6.30am. Novell played the 1st half of the Mahamaya talk by Shri Mataji- 25 years previous !
Chris Marshall and Sobik started some beautiful Bajhans: it sounded so good in this modern spacious hall, with a lovely high ceiling. The whole complex is owned by Tauranga Intermediate School, and is available for seminars. There is some very nice accommodation, and can seat 100 in the hall, There were 50 of us. We felt very spoiled -there was lots of room, and there were 2 kitchens, with a large dining room downstairs.
Lucy had made some artistic arrangements for us all, especially the children. She had clay for modelling, and paints, brushes and paper for painting. This was very popular....We also had some clearing: there was a lemon and candle for everyone. We went up through the Chakras a couple of times.
There was a very nice lunch arranged, after which several yogis gently prepared the Pujaj, Backdrop, implements and decorations.
Puja started about 5.30pm. Vibrations were very strong at this 1st of a series of annual International Shri Kartikeya Pujas. It felt very auspicious at Puja. The music sounded so nice and full. It was just great having such a good representation from Australia... Heavy rain and storms had been forecast for the whole weekend. But as soon as Puja finished, down came the rain: just like Mr Koli in Alibag, telling the rain to wait while he did his Mother’s work.  When he had given Self Realisation, it did start to rain ! The rain we had was over a day late ! It was a real blessing, as it washed all our cars, which had got very dusty along the rough 6 ks of road, after turning off from the main road !
Meditation on Sunday brought us the 2nd half of Our Mother’s Mahamaya talk. It is a wonderful, momentous talk. Trisha and I both felt it had given us, importantly, an increased and new understanding, a new perception, of Mahamaya.
Breakast was served- there was plenty of glorious food ! Everyone helped to clean-up - a massive job....Ian checked around everything to make sure all was ship-shape, and to take the rubbish. I feel we left everything a little better than we found it on Friday !- a nice thing to do,as Sahaja Yogis....
So, we had a glorious Puja and a beautiful weekend. -Thankyou, Holy Mother ! We feel Shri Kartikeya is more established, and his wonderful qualities were brought out in full view for all of us to take up....Through Our Mother’s grace we had an enlightening, wondrous collective, joyous time....As usual, She looked after everything !
JAI SHRI MATAJI !!! With love from David, and us all at Ngamuwahine.
There were 9 precious Australian Yogis visiting Aotearoa (N.Z.) There were 50 altogether praising and thanking Our Mother. Appropriately, there were several children- from 1 year to teen-age. Ian Baldock had done a marvelous job arranging and organizing our stay for the 3 days of this lovely weekend.
This wonderful venue complex belongs to Tauranga Intermediate School, and can be hired for seminars. There is a large modern hall and seating for 100. The accoustics are excellent and it has a high ceiling. There are several beautiful rooms for sleeping....we had lots of space. There are 2 kitchens- the main one being on the ground floor. There is an adjoining spacious dining room. -we lacked for nothing ! - feeling very “spoilt”. Ian had purchased all the food : there was absolutely plenty...
Saturday morning meditation started about 6.30am We had a Havan on Friday night, quite late, as we were all gathering, after flying from Australia, or driving from several parts of the North Island- many had come from work The attention and Vibrations were very pure. Novell played the Mahamaya Puja talk at Saturday morning meditation.
It is 25 years since Shri Mataji told us all about Shri Mahamaya. Trisha and U. David were present- what an honour ! Half of the deep talk was played Saturday morning....The other half was played on Sunday morning. I felt that the Divine had given us a complete new understanding of Mahamaya....It is so beautiful....Our Mother, near the end, says She is the Mahamaya ! - the complete Divine illusion ! How lucky we are to be given some understanding of this....
 Shri Kartikeya, please help us to have more understanding of Our Mother’s Love: She is Mahamaya !
` Chris Marshall and Sobik Sharma started some wonderful bhajans, which filled the high ceilinged room with Vibrations, and joy....
Lucy had some creative/artistic activities for us and the children: clay modelling and painting/drawing. We had a good clearing session with a lemon and a candle each- going right up through the Chakras. Lunch was served, and shortly after, Puja preparations and set up was shared very meditively....
Puja started about 5.30pm. It was so joyous ( this Puja would mark the start of annual Shri Kartikeya Pujas in New Zealand) It felt very pure... Vibrations were very strong. The music sounded....Divine, Lyndon De Ville played the Harmonium- sharing Sobik’s lovely instrument...Lalit played the drum, keeping us all in great rhythm. Dinner was served quite late- Tapan had cooked a special chicken dinner for was delicious. Yogis stayed up late, chatting - making, building new acquaitances, and joyfully renewing older acquaintances. Yes, it was quite a late night for some...
Heavy rain, winds, and a storm had been forecast for Friday night on ! But the storm hit straight after Puja on Saturday night ! and rained heavily most of the night. This reminded me of Mr. Koli at Alibag- telling the rain to stay away and allow him to do Our Mother’s work. When he finished giving realisation, the rain resumed... The blessing was that all our cars got nicely washed after getting very dusty on the 6kms of rough road.  Everyone helped with the clean-up- a big job. Ian checked up to see it was all ship-shape: we had taken great care to leave everything as we had found it. I feel it looked better than we had found it.... So, thankyou, Holy Mother for a glorious Puja and Weekend.
May we all find ways to please You, never displeasing You. Thankyou, again and again, for this superb collectivity, - all of us enjoying Mother Earth, enjoying one another, - most of all enjoying Our Mother’s love.... From David , and everyone....
We really felt Australia and New Zealand are ONE.
 It feels so natural for Yogis to travel between our Countries to enjoy one another, and praise Our Mother together. Friendships were enjoyed very late....- Our Mother’s love.
Morning meditation was very peaceful, the lovely “silence of the ladies” was maintained. Everyone helped with the “clear-up”- a major job- but effortless for Sahaja Yogis in this situation ! Ian made sure everything was ship-shape -(we left the whole complex in nice order- maybe even nicer than at the start!)
I forgot to mention- rain,- storms and heavy rain had been forecast for our time here! But, no sooner had Puja finished, when -thankyou, Mother!- the heavy rain and storm broke, giving precious Mother Earth here a wonderful soaking . It was very needed, and we all found it had washed our cars of the thick dust from the metal road. It was a wonderul Puja and time....Thankyou, Holy Mother. JAI SHRI KARTIKEYA !!! With love from us all, Your son David.X.
A big thank you
This is just to say thank you to all the Australian brothers and sisters that attended Shri Kartikeya Puja. We were truly blessed with the presence of our brothers and sisters from Australia.
To top it off, you also came with gifts and contribution, which were very beautiful and thoughtful. The NZ collective appreciates your gifts and contribution but most of all our Australian Sahaj family’s attendance was the most precious of all.
We look forward to hosting more yogis and yoginis from Australia for next year’s Shri Kartikeya Puja.
Please convey our gratitude to your collective.
Jai Shri Mataji!
With love and joy from your brothers and sisters from NZ!
Shri Mataji blesses Brisbane program
On 9 November, the Qld collective hosted a public program at a grand old heritage building called Old Government House (where the Queensland Governor resided in the past).
The program featured western and eastern classical music performances by yogis, the Mother for All Exhibition, self-realisation, afternoon tea a short video about Mother’s Life and guided meditation. A 3 hour program in all.
With lots of collective effort promoting the event, it went very well, there were about 100 people at the event, including about 30 yogis.
Jai Shri Mataji
The Queensland Collective
Diwali Blessings at Hiawatha
"Victoria was blessed with a wonderful National Diwali Puja this year. There was a good turn-out from several states and the medley of beautiful vibrations with a blessing of rains and hearty gales, that gave the planners a run for their money :) Towards the evening the collective assembled to a short meditation followed with an entertainment night, bejeweled with Baalshakti and Yuvashakti performances, Girls dance and a treatise on Classical music.
On the Puja day the cottage was cleaned and Shri Mataji invited into a room prepared for Her. It was wonderful to have the mini-procession from the cottage to the Puja Hall in the Lodge where Her arrival was greeted with a packed audience, singing to Her welcome.
The rest of the Puja was simply wonderful, effortless and thoughtless. The sumptuous meals were a test of Yogis' attentions. The whole collective gathered next morning after meditation for a discussion on spreading activities, especially in view of the Golden jubilee of the World's Sahasrara opening approaching in May 2020.
Thank you Shri Mataji for showering us with your blessings in the form of Shri Maha Lakshmi. Our gratitude cannot be expressed in human words. Jai Shri Mataji!
Thanks & Regards,
Mayank Kumar
National Navaratri Seminar in Perth, Gidgegannup 2019
A very special weekend was shared at Mother’s ashram in Gidgegannup- it was very beautiful and very deep.  Having Dr Nayana fly over and attend was an absolute privilege and delight, the collective attention being very focussed on our Kundalini’s and our spiritual growth.  Her light and joyful nature opened our hearts and we felt as though a loving river was carrying us and we felt all as one and absolutely drenched in the ocean of our Mother’s love.   We felt tuned into this powerful nurturing, gentle and comforting energy within and around us and experienced a healing attunement to the self.
We enjoyed the presence of our national and international visitors very much also they added tremendous value to the weekend!
We had some interesting challenges with power outages which in turn created the most ambient atmosphere with candles everywhere recalling the time many moons ago when Shri Mataji visited here and the electricity was out!
We all felt a comforting return to basics as our water pumps were also affected and we had to cart buckets of water.  We enjoyed and felt the desire to live more simply and more harmoniously with nature.
The Shri Mahakali Power was a strong presence, the tremendous power of Her love - She is the Love and comfort within each of us individually, manifested reflection of the Adi Shakti.
Thank you for the blessings Shri Mataji!!
Jai Shri Mataji!
Shri MahaGanesha Puja Seminar reflection
30 years of Sahaja Yoga in Greece
Video and Photos
French Polynesia's collective first wellness camp
Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!
Please find some videos for your enjoyment!  These videos have been added to our Newsletter as an update.
Shri MahaGanesha Puja Seminar reflection
Please enjoy this video capturing those special and significant experiences at Uluru in September: CLICK HERE
We will be eternally grateful to Shri Mataji for granting us this unique opportunity to worship Her in the Form of Shri MahaGanesha!
Jai Shri MahaGanesha!
30 Years of Sahaja Yoga in Greece
Here is a wonderful video presentation that the Greek collective prepared as a gift for the Navaratri celebrations in Cabella. We are very thankful to Shri Mataji for creating Greece and our amazing Greek brothers and sisters! CLICK HERE
Jai Shri Pallas Athena!
French Polynesia's collective first wellness camp
Please see a message and lovely video from the French Polynesian Collective.
“Dear New Zealand and Australia collectives,
We hope you are doing all very well. We wish to thank you again for having given us the opportunity to have Doctor Dipali Bandekar in French Polynesia this year.
It was because you helped us to coordinate her trip from Australia and New Zealand that we could afford to make her travel until our island. Otherwise, If we had to make her travel all the way from India, as we are a small collective, it would not have been possible, so thank you very much once again.
We wish to share with you a video of our wellness camp, that our italian sahaj friends and guests that attended our wellness camp made. They had the beautiful idea to share it with Cabella people at Guru puja, so you may have seen it already.
Here is also a link to our Photo album on google photos : CLICK HERE
We have the desire that Doctor Dipali can travel again next year to Tahiti. If some yogis from your collectives wish to join a wellness camp in Tahiti next year, we will be very happy to have you here! We wish to share more with our sahaj brothers and sisters from the region, so it will be a good opportunity to do so !
Lots of love from us all,
The French Polynesia's collective”
Let’s give bandhans for the continued growth of the Greek and French Polynesian Collectives!
Lyn & Andre in behalf of your Australian Councillors
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
The Victorian and South Australian collectives are looking forward once again to welcoming yogis from around Australia and beyond to celebrate National Diwali Puja at HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Centre Hiawatha from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October.
Hiawatha Sahaja Yoga Centre
904 Albert River Road, Hiawatha Victoria
(Located 240km south east of Melbourne)
Google map
We will perform Puja on Saturday evening to enable as many interstate yogis as possible to attend with an entertainment program on Friday evening, a Havan on Saturday morning and lots of opportunity to experience the wonderful natural surroundings.
Registration form
Please confirm your attendance as early as possible by filling in the online registration form to assist us with arranging and preparing accommodation and catering for the Puja weekend:
There are regular Sky buses from Melbourne airport to the city centre and other suburbs from where we can arrange lifts to Hiawatha.
If you require transport from Melbourne to Hiawatha, please tick the corresponding boxes in the registration form.
• Victorian Adults: $120
• Interstate Adults: $100
• Yuvashakti 17 - 25yrs: $50
• Children 12 - 16yrs: $30
• Children under 12yrs: Free
• Family with children: Maximum $250
There is dormitory style sleeping on bunk beds and mattresses in the lodge or tents, and camping is also available.
Please bring a sleeping bag, bedsheet and pillow case, warm clothing and sensible footwear as it can get cold at night and Hiawatha is very rural!
"I bless you all from my heart, all of you, for a very happy and prosperous Diwali."
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Diwali Puja. Los Angeles 9th November 2003.
"This is the promise of Diwali to you all, that you will reach highest and the noblest way of life. Every word I say will be there to prove what I say is there. Whatever petty problems you have, they’ll all be washed off. All these are the messages from the Divine, you don’t have to worry about petty things, about money, about jobs, that’s not your job. Your destiny will work it out. You have a promise that you’ll be looked after. I hope you believe in that promise and are joyous in the highest way. I bless you all from my heart, all of you, for a very happy and prosperous Diwali."
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Diwali Puja. Los Angeles 9th November 2003
Contact us:
If you have any questions please contact Mayank at
We look forward to hosting lots of our brothers and sisters and sharing a wonderful weekend together.
With love,
The Victorian and South Australian Council
National Diwali Puja at Hiawatha, Victoria
25th to 27th of October 2019
Please mark your calendar.
More info coming soon.
Love from all the Victorian Sahaja Yogis
Invitation for National Navaratri Seminar in Perth
4th to 6th October 2019
Dear Family,
Jai Shri Mataji!
The Yogis of Western Australia would like to invite all our brothers and sisters from all over Australia to enjoy the Auspicious time of Navaratri with us at HH Shri Mataji’s Gidgegannup Ashram from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October.
Gidgegannup Ashram is located 45 minutes north-east of Perth. (Google map)
We can’t wait to welcome you to Perth, ‘the door of Shri Ganesha’ to worship Shri Mataji in the form of Shri Durga.
Photo: HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Navaratri Puja , 17 October 1982, Hampstead London
More information
The National Navaratri Weekend will start on Friday morning and conclude Sunday late afternoon.
Yogis are very welcome to come earlier and Perth yogis will be staying from Thursday night.
We will have an entertainment evening on Saturday, including our traditional poetry offerings, and lots of opportunity to experience the wonderful natural surroundings.
A clearing workshop with Dr Nayana has also been arranged over the weekend.
Everyone can be accommodated within the Gidgegannup Ashram with dormitory style sleeping arrangements.
The cost for the weekend is as follows:
Adult local: $120
Adult interstate: $100
Yuvas: 17 – 25: $40
Children : free
Family: $175
Puja only: $50
Contact us:
For registrations and questions please contact us at
"So why do we do Navaratri?"
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Navaratri Puja, Hampstead London, 23rd September 1984.
"So why do we do Navaratri? In the heart, to do Navaratri is to accept the powers of the Shakti, to realize the power that all these chakras have got in themselves, and that when they are enlightened how you can express all these powers of these nine chakras within ourselves; the seven chakras plus the heart and the moon makes it nine."
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Navaratri Puja, Hampstead London, 23rd September 1984.
We hope to see you all there at Gidgegannup!
Let's all enjoy the blessings of our Divine Mother as we worship Her together at this Auspicious time.
With love
the Yogis of Western Australia
Shri MahaGanesha Seminar 2019
Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sahaja site of Uluru
During 6th to 9th September 2019, on the Auspicious occasion of the birthday of Shri Ganesha, Sahaja Yogis gathered at Uluru, the Shri Ganesha Swayambu in the centre of Australia, to worship Our Divine Mother in the form of Shri MahaGanesha.
Several Pujas were performed during this period. A Music & Meditation public program was also held for the seekers visiting Uluru which was live streamed to global seekers. Recordings of these events are available via the link below.
Seminar recordings
To Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Thank You Shri Mataji
Dearest Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,
We thank you again and again for blessing us with the great privilege and honour of worshipping You in Your form of Shri MahaGanesha at Your Shri Ganesha Swayambhu, Uluru.
We thank you again and again for the opportunity to serve You and host Your MahaGanesha Puja in 2019.
We thank you again and again for making all the arrangements run so smoothly for the whole Seminar.
We thank You again and again for all the joy and love You showered upon all Your Children during the MahaGanesha Puja!
Ultimately, we thank You again and again for incarnating on this earth to save and emancipate all of humankind.
“Ganesha has appeared in Australia”
“Now this Ganesha has appeared in Australia as Uluru. It’s a very big mountain which looks like Shri Ganesh. It has also a very big trunk, going down. But vibrations itself will prove that it is Shri Ganesh, from the Mother Earth. He has appeared in many places, Shri Ganesh, not only there. But there, I felt is really the source, source of vibrations. That’s what it is. And in Australia I thank Him that because of Him only, Sahaja Yoga has worked so well and so easily.”
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella 25th September 1999
With love from the Australian Collective
Sharing Seminar stories
A Big Thank You!
Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!
Share Your Experience
We would love for Yogis to share any stories and photos from the Shri MahaGanesha Puja with the Collective.
You can upload your information to our website to start sharing! See link below
Yogis who couldn’t attend the seminar but watched the live stream from Uluru are also kindly invited to share their stories.
Some Yogis have already shared their stories and photos. Read Yogis' experiences. CLICK HERE
A big Thank You!
The Shri MahaGanesha Puja Seminar was an example of how amazing all our brothers and sisters are!
As instruments of Shri Mataji, Yogis have worked together so well to make the Seminar so enjoyable and significant!
We are really fortunate to belong to such a dynamic and dedicated Collective!
We expressed our thanks at the Seminar but we again just wanted to sincerely recognise the role of so many Yogis who serve
Shri Mataji in so many ways. We won’t name all the names as we would undoubtedly miss someone out but we all know who you are!
We recognise all the Collectives who arranged to bring Shri Mataji’s jewellery and silver to the centre of Australia. A big thank you to the Adelaide Collective’s huge efforts to bring breakfast supplies for us all, flowers for the first day and then set up Shri Mataji’s altar immediately after 2 full days on a bus trip! Also to the Sydney Collective for packing (and unpacking) so much for the Seminar on the bus, including the rest of the flowers, and Shri Mataji’s Chair - the beauty of the flowers throughout the Seminar was truly amazing!
To those Yogis who arranged the backdrop and photos of Shri Mataji a big thank you! It was so wonderful to have creative contributions from across Australia and New Zealand!
To the Yogis who helped with breakfast arrangements every day -  thank you!!
To those who helped with arrangements for registration,  web streaming, setups for the evenings, and of course accommodation - thank you!!
To all those who assisted with every part of the Seminar - a BIG thank you !! The joy of being just a small part of this huge undertaking was felt by so many.
We cannot begin to understand what Shri Mataji has worked out through this Puja. We simply and humbly offer our
devotion and prayers to the Almighty Goddess with our promise to assume our positions and spread Sahaja Yoga.
To upload your stories, photos & videos CLICK HERE
All our Love and gratitude
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council and the Shri MahaGanesha team
MahaGanesha Puja Commemorative Card
Staff needed for Cabella School 2019-2020
Dear brothers and sisters,
Cabella International Sahaja School needs your help! Please forward this message to all yogis / yoginis who may be interested to join our staff team for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.
“The best and extraordinary idealistic children should come out of this school after education. This doesn’t mean that they will become very rich and very dominating personality. But they will be such that they will become foundations of this world like Shri Ganesha is foundation of this universe. In the same way we have to build many such foundations.”  Shri Mataji, Delhi, 15 December 1983
At the end of this school year, it gives us so much joy to see how much children grow in a Sahaj School, in a multitude of dimensions. Here are some of their reflections on what they learned this year:
I have learned how to trust the power of meditation and vibrations (Satya, class 5).
I learned that through meditation you can connect to people with strings of love (Ananya, class 4).
I learned that there is no such thing as mistakes but they are just lessons, and the most important thing is that you learn from them (Yasmin, class 4).
I take with me that we can always trust our brothers and sisters to help us (Maya, class 5).
I will bring joy and innocence in my new school, where I will go next year (Giulia, class 5).
If you would like to be part of this journey and discover that Cabella School with its challenges and joys is a school not only for children but for all of us, here is your chance:
For the coming academic year Cabella International Sahaja School (CISS) is looking for
·       a head of boarding
·       caregivers (dorm uncles and aunties)
·       teachers / teaching assistants
·       volunteers to help in the kitchen
·       volunteers to help in housekeeping (cleaning & laundry)
·       volunteers to help with driving & maintenance
More information on the role requirements and the application procedure can be found on the Working at CISS page of our website.
CLICK HERE .  .  All applicants must be available for the entire school year (from 26 August 2019 until Adi Shakti Puja 2020) and eligible to stay in Europe (Schengen) for this period.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by email ( or WhatsApp (Gabriel: +39 345 935 7070).
Jai Shri Mataji!
With love from Cabella,
Radha (principal), Gabriel (headteacher) and Elena (administrator) for the CISS team
Original Artwork and Original Music by Australian Sahaja Yogis.
Celebrating the spirituality inherent within all cultures.
First Australian Live Streaming Webcast
Sunday 5th May 2019 - Watch the Video
Celebrating World Self-Realisation Day
If you missed the live broadcast then you can still watch the recorded video of the event below.
Click on above
Receive your Self Realisation
To receive your Self Realisation please join us to be guided through the simple process of
Kundalini awakening for your Self Realisation and learn how to meditate.
Suitable for newcomers and regular Sahaja Yoga meditators.
Quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about Self-Realisation
“Self Realisation is the first encounter with reality.”
“Blossom time has come, and many ancient seekers are today getting their Self Realisation.”
“Now the stage today is to know that Self Realisation gives you experiences and then your faith is established.
Not blind but open enlightened faith.”
“Self Realisation makes us humble … replace temper with compassion …
the more innocent you are, the more blissful you will be.”
“The truth, which can be actualised after Self Realisation, is that you are not this body,
 this mind, this conditioning from the past, this ego, these emotions, but that you are the Pure Spirit.”
“Only after Self Realisation, and only then, is there a direct experience of the Spirit.
It then manifests its powers in the human personality, and its light enlightens the
consciousness into a new awareness. The divine intelligence of the Spirit radiates on all sides.”
“After Self Realisation it is easy to perceive the truth that all these religions were born
on the same tree of spirituality, but that those in charge of each religion plucked the flowers
 from the living source and are now fighting each other with the dead flowers of merely partial truths.”
Second Live Streaming Webcast
Thursday 30th May 2019 - Watch the Video
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Establishing your Self Realisation
International Shri Mary Jesus Easter Puja,
Wellness Camp and Marriages
Balmoral, NSW Australia 2019
Please enjoy the Video (below) of the Celebrations and Joy.
Jai Shri Mataji!
Dear Yogis,
Jai Shri Mataji!
We were so blessed to host the International Shri Mary Jesus Easter Puja Seminar at the Balmoral Ashram last month.
Please enjoy this video recollection and photos of those precious times.
Words fail to express our gratitude to Her Holiness Shri Mataji for allowing us to worship Her during the Easter Puja and for bringing so much joy and laughter for us to all share.
We once more thank all the amazing Yogis, Yuva Shakti and children who have their given their love, time and attention to making this Easter so special.
The Wellness Seminar continues to be such a wonderful and significant opportunity for spiritual growth. Thank you to Dr Dipali Bandekar and Dr Naina for an amazing effort as instruments of the Divine over the week.
Lots of Love
Lyn and Andre on behalf of the Australian Council
Heaven at Balmoral for Easter 2019
Holy Mother thank you for the glorious treasure of Mother Earth.
-Of beautiful times of worship, there has been no dearth …
But Easter commemorating Lord Jesus’ Resurrection was a Holy Highlight.
You look after us and bring us together with your all-pervading might.
We came to visit You and Your Heavenly Son – Lord Jesus.
But always You give us so much love, peace and joy: - just to please us !
This was so at Balmoral for Lord Jesus’ celebration, for His Resurrection.
We were all in Heaven. Holy Mother …….   Hundreds of angelic, joyous Sahaja Yogis gathered together to praise and to acknowledge Our Mother’s vast greatness, and Her enormous love.—
Plus Our Lord Jesus’ Resurrection, which You have made our resurrection.
The Vibrations grew continually, with most mornings and evenings watching or listening to Our Mother’s holy words about Lord Jesus.
The beautiful place was host to great love and joy shared and enhanced by hundreds of brothers and sisters.
The 2 beautiful Indian Doctors, every day were active in clearing our Subtle Systems, as small groups of us sat for diagnosis and clearing.  We were given ‘homework’ – 2 sets of 108 names, plus the Arthava Sheesha, and the Hanuman Chalisa. This was closely linked with the 2 Pujas we shared – 1 Shri Bhairava Nat, and the other – Shri Hanuman Puja.  Our attention was continually encouraged as 2 Havans were held, with excellent, careful preparation and great attention.  This attention was maintained and enhanced by several collective shoebeats and footsoaks. It is an appropriate time to mention the morning and evening Puja meditations.  These were very beautiful – as stated above, we savoured Our Mother’s beautiful talks about Lord Jesus.
Radhika Richardson every day, looked after us all as we arrived – sorting the different monies due, and arranging accommodation.  Thank you Radhika !  This is a good time to thank and mention the many dozens of Yogis helping to make this Seminar so beautiful.  Apologies if I miss out anybody …
A small but valuable group of men looked after lighting and sound equipment, no mean job, requiring lengthy alertness.  Thankyou. .. There were several (mainly ladies) who looked after security and “books”, pendants, Fundraising, Raffles, Information etc.  So important was Beena and her vital team of Yogis cooking, preparing, cleaning – a massive job. Thanks a million.
Thanks and appreciation go to Andrei, Jenny, Lyn and Lisa who bore the brunt of pleasing Our Mother protocols and minute to minute Collective arrangements: a very crucial and important part of the weekend…. Again, Thankyou ! This is an overdue time to mention. That there were Sahaja Yogis from around the World as well as from all Australian states, plus 11 of us from New Zealand… (We value your wonderful Collectivity which we all enjoy)
Thank you also to dear Simon and Gabrielle who looked after us, as they so carefully look after Mother’s property … Many works have been achieved, some important ones are in progress on this magnificent piece of Mother Earth.
The entertainment was such a special feature.  There was some practice and rehearsal.  The main evening ‘show’ was stupendous…. There were beautiful dances, some very moving and beautiful groups of Yoginis dancing in perfect synchronisation to great rhythms and wonderful varied music.  They were all so very beautiful- giving us tingles and raising Sahasraras ….. exquisite !  Special mention should be made – John Smiley formed a ‘Choir’.  After 2 1 hour practices 3 wonderful songs were presented by 30-40 singers in 4 parts ! All. Plus John were loudly applauded.
John was at his very best for the Puja also, which was very devotional indeed….. It is hard to include every beautiful feature of this wonderful Easter Festival.   Apologies if I have missed anybody, or anything out… We had such a wonderful time !   Can I conclude by thanking and praising Our Dear Mother… Plus all those wonderful Sahaja Yogis, who with love, looked after us all and would have made Our Dearest Mother happy.
HOLY MOTHER WE WERE ALL IN HEAVEN !! Thankyou again and again.
With love, your son David.
Easter Memories
This year, due to limited availability of former organisers, the Daglio Team is urgently looking for yogis...



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