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Jai Shri Mataji!


Shri Jesus 'The Light of the World'


as explained by His Divine Mother, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


A beautiful book has been created by the Australian Web Team from Shri Mataji's teachings about Lord Jesus Christ to commemorate Easter Puja 2014.    The text was originally compiled in 2005 and provided at Christmas Puja in Pune, India.


The book can be downloaded from:   or CLICK HERE


Om Twamewa Sakshat Shri Jesus Mary Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataj Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah




Joy around the Country -

Thank You Mother for all Your Love


Dear Family,


Jai Shri Mataji!


A note on everyone’s behalf to thank our Divine Mother, Shri Mataji, for providing such wonderful vibrations and blessings to us all over Her recent Birthday weekend.


Reports from around the country have confirmed the exceptional vibrations and love experienced by everyone, and the joy of being together in a relaxed manner with Mother manifest in our hearts.    Many commented that Our Mother really poured Her vibrations and lifted us to a new level.


Thank You Mother for showing us the love in our hearts as reflected through You.


There were requests to spend more relaxed time together similar to the past weekend in the future.


A very big thank you to all the Yogis who contributed to such a beautiful event in various ways.


May we remain in that joyous state always.


Love and best wishes to everyone,





Thanks to HH Shri Mataji -

NSW Birthday Celebrations


A note on everyone’s behalf to thank our Divine Mother, Shri Mataji, for providing such wonderful vibrations and blessings to us all during Her recent Birthday weekend.


Thank you HH Shri Mataji for pouring vibrations and blessings on all of us at Your Birthday Puja on Fri 21 st . The wonderful talk was from Birthday puja on 17 March 1985 at Melbourne. As pointed out in the talk, and the same excerpt was sent Australia wide, Puja was short and fast. Burwood was fully packed with Yogis: they were sitting in the kitchen, verandah, backyard, hallway etc. Yogis were sitting, standing and enjoying wherever they found the space.


On Saturday we had a great collective lunch in Burwood prepared by our lovely Yuvas with help from Uncles and Aunties. After such a lovely, vibrated meal, everyone really chilled out. Yogis spent time sharing Mother's love and blessings with one another. This was a great afternoon. Most yogis requested that we repeat the chillout afternoon - coming together to share our Mother's blessings.


In the evening, laughter resounded through Mother’s Burwood residence as everyone helped in preparing an evening meal joyously.  A few Yogis/Yoginis commented that it felt like the times of Shri Mataji’s visits to Australia.


This was followed by a Joyous evening of Song and Praise which went late into the night.  There were some memorable personal uplifting experiences about Shri Mataji expressed by a number of Yogis.  The last act was a Qawwali presented by the Yuvas. The ladies spontaneously got up and had a joyous dance.   One of the ladies requested an encore, so the Yuvas repeated the Qawwali so they could keep dancing.  This was followed by another song, where all the men got up and danced.


Overall the atmosphere was such that everyone was in Bliss and Joy.


The night ended with the Yuvas dancing to Haida followed by an Aarti to Shri Mataji very late into the evening.




NSW Sunday Seekers Program


On Sunday we had a program on Her Life and Legacy where we invited new seekers that have been to programs recently.  There were about 80 new seekers present.


Again it was a very collective event with contributions from a large number of Yogis.  Everyone had a really pleasant experience on the day, whether they were setting up, cooking or helping with any of the sessions.   And above all, the seekers that attended the event had a unique experience that will stay with them for a long while.


Thank You Mother for showing us the love in our hearts as reflected through You.


A very big thank you to all the Yogis who contributed to such a beautiful event in various ways.


May we remain in that joyous state always.


Love and best wishes to everyone,


Your Councillors.






'A Seekers Journey' finalist in 2013 Book of the Year


Australian author Greg Turek has achieved recognition in the All-Ukrainian selection of ‘The Book of the Year 2013’.   'A Seeker’s Journey' took 9th place in the nomination of Popular Scientific Literature.


Interestingly, Sahaja Yogis did not have any relationship or input with the experts and did not even know about the selecting, which shows that the book is really effective and could be helpful for seekers.


The selected choices are being published in the media, mostly of culturological trend, also on the internet (in Ukrainian):



The book is a free download off the web for anyone who wants to read it in English, Chinese or Turkish:  or Click Here


 It seems from feedback that this book is good for new seekers. Perhaps if everyone who contemplates coming to a Sahaja Yoga program read the book first, their stick-on rate would be far better and the program would make much more sense to them.


In Summary:  ‘A Seeker's Journey’ is an exploration of the interface between the physical world and the supernatural and spiritual.


It moves from classical scientific phenomena, evolution, the bizarre discoveries in quantum physics and Einstein’s relativity theory to religion, yoga, mysticism, Kundalini and Self realisation.


The book also explores meditation and how we can access a state of true meditation or mental silence through the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation as taught by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.



Australian SY Public Events for 2014


 Public events for 2014


 We are pleased to announce Sahaja Yoga Australia's public events for 2014 are now available on our national website at:  or PLEASE CLICK Here


The site promotes all our planned events  such as workshops, 4 week courses, music concerts and stalls at fairs and festivals for the coming year.  More events will be added throughout the year as details become available.


Please have a look at the information and if you have any events that need to be added then please contact your Councillors.


 National workshops & courses


The National Councillors (from each State) have also put together the dates for two the national workshops and 4 week courses for this year.


National workshops will be held over the weekends of 17th & 18th May and 18th & 19th October. 4 week courses will follow each workshop weekend.  Some States will also hold additional workshops throughout the year.


 Public Promotions


An email promoting our public events was sent today to over 9,500 subscribers on our national new person’s database.

To view a copy of the email, click here <>  or PLEASE CLICK Here


We are all looking forward to a very enjoyable year of promoting our Divine Mother's message of truth, love and compassion to all the seekers of Australia. We pray to Shri Mataji to make us clear instruments for Her Divine work.


With love,


Vishnu and the National Councillors.



New website for Malta

Check it out: or CLICK Here


Greetings to our brothers and sisters in Malta.  Jai Shri Mataji!





New website for Tonga

Check it out:  or CLICK Here


Best wishes to our Tonga family members.




ISPS in top 20 schools in India


The new school year at ISPS is soon approaching, and we are looking forward to an incredibly blessed year at Mother's school in the blissful Himalayas!


Congratulations to the school (both staff and students), on a remarkable achievement, whereby ISPS was recently ranked as number 20 overall in India, out of all schools sitting the ISCE board exams in 2013 (please see attached article for further details.)


The newly formed ISPS Parent-Teacher Association (now in its' second year), has been working with the ISPS Administration to prepare for a year filled with vibrations (which are of course paramount), with enough physical support of our Sahaj brothers and sisters, and all of the material support necessary.


We are excited to welcome the new school management team, led by Mary and Marcel Kuhn (from Canada/Switzerland), and hope that the worldwide sangha will join us in giving them our full support.  We hope the efforts will continue to provide all of the Sahaj angels with the Academic, Social, and Sahaj education they need to grow into the Nirmalites we know will carry Her Sahaj vision forward for generations to come!


ISPS PTA representatives






Sahaja Yoga in Papua New Guinea


Some great news about Sahaja Yoga in Papua New  Guinea....

Sunil has been working in Port Moresby for the past 12 months and has held various programs by himself. Apart from Sunil & family, there aren't any yogis there (yet).


Andrew Jones is travelling to PNG this weekend to have fun, spreading vibrations and giving realisation, so Andrew's visit will be most welcomed   It was a spontaneous decision so programs and realisation will be spontaneous.


We've built a special PNG website to support the prospective yogis     Check it out HERE

Please give Sunil and Andrew bandhans for a successful visit...    Jai Shri Mataji!


(About PNG... It has about 7.2 million people, comprised of approximately 800 distinct indigenous races (and language groups) and numerous other foreign workers from many countries.  It's Australia's closest neighbour.)



Sunil  & Andrew




Thank you for this beautiful world Mother.


Please click HERE to view. Best in full screen.



A beautiful newspaper story about Mother from Tassie




Spreading the vibrations to Mt Tambourine.


Brisbane collective organized the program at Mt Tambourine which is in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland.  People were responding well to the vibrations and they lifted even more when blessed with the joyful music of Sahaj Sangeet.


There was a description given about Divine music and clearing of the Chakras with the recitation of the word AUM.  There were about 40 people attending the program and their faces were transformed as they were taken into the blissful state of thoughtless awareness.

Some were dancing.  This was backed up with handouts about the medical research which was conducted in Sydney and India and was well received.


One lady who was already attending programs said she really appreciated the different description of Sahaja Yoga and it opened up a deeper dimension of which she was not aware of.  She thanked all who were involved.  The vibrations were strong and the program was given with pure attention.  There will be a follow up program soon.


With love

From the Brisbane Yogis







Newsletter seen around the world    Statistics for February 2014










Snow Sculptures in Colorado  USA




Invitation to Indonesian Sahaja Yoga Tour after Shri Buddha Puja 2014


Jai Shri Mataji,


We, from Indonesian collective, humbly invite our brothers and sisters  to participate on the Realize Indonesia Tour 2014.

The full journey will start on May 12, 2014 in Bali, a day after Shri Buddha Puja 2014 at Bangkok, and will end on May 18, 2014 night in Semarang.


Bali programs            : May 12 - May 15, 2014

Jogjakarta (Central Java) program    : May 16, 2014

Semarang (Central Java) program    : May 17 - May 18, 2014


The accommodation cost per day including hotel, food, in city transportation, (excluding the flight cost from Bangkok to Bali, and Bali to Jogjakarta)  is estimated to be USD 35 or IDR 400.000 per person.


For example,  for full 7 days participation : 7 x 35 USD = 245 USD.


Note 1: We will book the hotel/accommodation for all participants during the tour based on the registration. Basically, we assume that the participant will book their own flights both from Bangkok to Bali and Bali to Jogjakarta. While from Jogjakarta to Semarang, we will go by car.

 However, if you find difficulties on booking your flight, please notify us. See also the 'Several Notes' section below .


Note 2: If you want to go to Bali earlier than May 12 (Mon), please notify us as we might be able to help you to book the same hotel.

You can check the detailed schedule of tour at above.

The schedule is based on assuming that the participants start their journey from Bangkok (for attending the Shri Buddha Puja).


Several notes:

As Shri Buddha Puja event will end on May 11, the participants who start their journey from Shri Buddha Puja event need to ask for extension of 1 night in the hotel until May 12 morning.

For the flight journey, we suggest the participants to book the following flights.

May 12 (Mon) : Bangkok (06:15 am) -> Bali (11:30 am) Air Asia FD 396.

It costs around 98 USD, excluding baggage and tax, at this moment (13 Feb 2012)

May 16 (Fri) : Bali (09:35 am) -> Jogjakarta (09:45) Air Asia QZ 8608

It costs around 42 USD, excluding baggage and tax, at this moment (13 Feb 2012)

- Note:Air Asia has a promo 20% disc until 16 Feb 2014.

If the participant does not begin their journey from Bangkok, or would like to book another flight, please notify us before hand.


Any interests to participate on this tour, fully, or partly or any question about the detailed fee and arrangement, please send an email to Bagus ( or Ayu ( before  April 1, 2014.


We will also update news regarding Realize Indonesia Tour on our facebook page:


Thank you so much for your enlightened attention and vibrational support for this tour to come true.


Let us together enlighten Indonesia's land with Divine's love.




On behalf of Indonesian Collective,


Bagus & Ayu




Canberra National Multicultural Festival


This is the third year in a row Sahaja Yoga in Canberra, supported by Music of Joy, has had a presence at the National Multicultural Festival held in the CBD area in Civic in early February.  The Festival is an extravaganza of food, crafts, music and dance representing the cultures from many countries around the world.


Each year we have had an information stall for the duration of the Festival.  This year we decided not to advertise in the usual way (via newspapers) as the Festival advertises itself.  In 2013 we were allocated a site giving us close contact to the Mother Earth in a pleasant shaded grassy area.  This year Mother ensured we were placed in one of the busiest areas of the Festival which made us much more accessible to the public.


We were not disappointed.  Last year some 268,000 visitors came to the Festival – this year it seemed twice the number came thru.  It is held over three days from Friday afternoon thru to Sunday evening. Each day offered subtle changes in the mood and attention of the passing public bringing them ever closer to what they are really seeking.


Indeed our banner signage (expertly hung some 8 feet above ground level by a local yogi) was viewable from some considerable distance from the stall and actually worked to our advantage as people approached us.  It captured their attention and that became a prompt for us to draw them to the stall and so offer a program leaflet and/or invite them into the stall for their self realisation.


The stall was very well supported by local as well as interstate yogis (including members of Music of Joy) giving self realisation to people of all ages (small children, young teenagers, young adults and senior citizens).


All thru the 2 ½ day festival Mother brought seekers to the stall like gentle waves cascading from the folds of Her Sari.  As waves move gently to the shoreline so Mother drew Her children very sweetly away from the extreme heat of Shri Surya into the cool bliss of self realisation. Sometimes one at a time; sometimes two or three at a time; occasionally four at a time.  They came; they sat and received their realisation which brings into their attention the cool vibrations of the Himalayas.


Indeed we were all very pleasantly surprised and thankful to Mother to see so many beautiful souls emerging from the crowd of human traffic to inquire about our programs and/or receive the gift of self realisation.  Many expressed a strong desire to follow up either at our programs in Scullin (Thursdays and Sundays) or at our public programs at the Civic Library (very close to the Festival footprint).


No article about the Festival is complete without mention of our dear brothers and sisters of Music of Joy.  Once again the vibrations of their performance both on stage (at Belconnen Mall – located in North Canberra close to our ashram in Scullin - and the Multicultural Festival itself) cleared the atmosphere for our Mother to gently bring Her children to the next stage of their evolution.  Particularly so when they sang their well known bhajans thru to mid afternoon almost in the identical spot where they gave an impromptu rendition of ‘Siyahamba’ to our fellow African stall holders during the 2013 Festival.


In all it seems like hundreds across Canberra either got their self realisation or kundalini awakening during the 2 ½ day Festival.


So now with respectful appreciation for the blessings that Mother has given us may our attention retain the joy within our hearts to guide those who attend the follow up programs to establish themselves in Sahaja Yoga.


Best regards,  Chris, Lyn and Paul

Councillors for the Canberra Collective & National Councillor for Canberra








Meditate to Regenerate Japan Project 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunties,


The Yuva Shakti from Meditate to Regenerate are proud to announce the Japan Project 2014. We will send approximately 21 Yuva Shakti to Japan for two weeks in April to give realisation in Tokyo and Kyoto. We plan to conduct continuing meditation and self-development workshops sessions, and multi-cultural concerts with both schools and businesses.


We are hoping to be able to reach many seekers in Japan, who have yet to get their realisation. The Japanese collective is at present only about 10 yogis strong, so their ability to reach the 130 million or so people who live across the country is not so easy. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to bring vibrations to Japan and purify the collective right heart.


To make the tour a success we would like to ask all the yogis from around the world to please be part of the Japan project by putting their pure attention on it, so that the divine will remove any obstacles that may hinder it's success.


During the two Jordan tours last year we received gracious support in both vibrations and in funding. Thank you, as we could not have done it without that support!

Please support the upcoming Japan Project with a donation of any size. Donations can be made through our website at:


You can see photos of our Jordan Tour on our Facebook Page, a video of the tour on our YouTube page and you can support us on Twitter. Please like and share our photos, videos and messages, and please spread the word!


Thank you,

Eternally bow down to our Mother’s lotus Feet.

The Japan Project 2014 team




International Easter Puja - Invitation

United Kingdom April 18th/19th/20th/21st


Dear brothers & sisters,


We are delighted, once again, to be able to invite you all to the United Kingdom, to celebrate the 2014 International Easter Puja. It is our

heartfelt desire that you are able to attend in great numbers so that we might come together in an atmosphere of Sahaj love and nourishing vibrations to offer our prayers and pranams to Shri Adi Shakti, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in Her aspect of Shri Jesus Mary, expressing the quality of Forgiveness.


With the blessings of the Divine we have four days exclusive use of a large, captivatingly beautiful, coastal campsite venue with soft, quiet vibrations. It is near Dover Port and the famous White Cliffs and has direct access to the beach enabling us to foot-soak, shoebeat and to enjoy the beautiful springtime sea air. In the Heart of the Universe we can share in the joy of a wonderful gathering of our Sahaj family from all over the world.



Kingsdown International Camping Centre, The Avenue, Kingsdown, Kent CT14 8DU.



Tentative Weekend Schedule:


Friday afternoon: Lunch & meditation/video session.

Friday evening:  Dinner & Video/collective meditation/performances


Saturday Morning:  Breakfast & Collective Havan

Saturday afternoon: Collective Meditation/shoe-beat/Ocean foot soak/bhajans

International ‘Open Mic’ Seminar Session

Seminar Sessions:

"Fulfilling the vision of the Adi Shakti";

"Spreading SY";  "Use of the Internet in SY"

"Children's education in Sahaja Yoga";

"Raising awareness of the benefits of visiting Cabella"


Saturday evening:  Collective entertainment programme


Sunday:   International Easter Puja Celebrations


Monday morning  Possible Seminar Session: To be confirmed

Monday afternoon Lunch & free time



Friday 18th, 19th & 20th & 21st April 2014 - (21st is Easter Monday)

We have the facilities until Tuesday so you can stay overnight on Easter

Monday too.


Puja Registration

It would be most helpful if you would register as soon as possible. Please register at


Registration Charges:

The contribution for attending the Puja weekend is an open-hearted voluntary donation. Your open hearted contribution to the Event includes accommodation in the heated collective Marquees. This same arrangement applies at all UK Pujas, where our brothers and sisters give according to their means, with an understanding that there is always a collective responsibility to raise enough to cover costs.


(For those who would like a suggested guideline for this International Event – shall we say from £7 to £108!)  Any surplus generated from the event will be donated to the World Foundation.



Accommodation costs are according to personal choices and are separate

from the Puja contribution and are modest on the campsite.


Sleeping facilities at the venue itself will consist of:

A.) Sleeping in a mens and ladies collective heated marquees (Cabella

style) Incl.

B.) Camping in your personal tent/campervan (Cabella style) £10 per night.

C.) Bed in a collective dormitory wooden huts £40 (whole event) limited



Other options include

D.) Bed in Scandinavian-style lodge nearby  - £50 (whole event) limited


E.) Local B&B’s in Kent

F.) Local Hotel’s in Kent

You can indicate your choice/requests via the registration web site.


Staying Longer

If you are staying longer and would wish to stay with Yogis, please send details to Lyn at:, who will try and offer help.


Food & Refreshments

Just as in Cabella there will be a separate charge for meals - you will pre-register and receive meal vouchers on arrival.  Collective breakfast lunch and evening meals will be served at the venue and we intend that this food will be prepared by Yogis.

Please pre-register for meals on:


Light snacks and refreshments will be available on site - herbal tea, chai, real tea and hopefully kokum.



Transport will be available for our brothers and sisters arriving at the london airports.  If flying please attempt to arrive at Gatwick airport which is the nearest airport. As soon as you have made your flight booking -  you can register these details on:



There is free car parking space on site for plenty of cars



If you require a Visa please contact Mr. Justyn Tiptaft on:  -  on the Puja registration website there is a list of

details you will need to provide.


General Enquiries:

Contact Easter Puja Team on:


Jai Shri Mataji!


The Sahaja Yogis of the United Kingdom & Ireland




Sahaja Yoga Shri Buddha Puja Thailand 2014


Jai Shri Mataji


It is with great joy that the hosting countries of Asia invite our brothers and sisters worldwide to join us on the worship of Sri Budddha Mattreya Sakshat Sri Adi Shakti Mataji Nirmala Devi for the auspicious occasion of the International Sri Buddha Puja 2014.


Let us gather on the shores of the gulf of Siam to pray to the Doer of all Deeds to enlighten our Buddhi, so that we continue to spread the message of love, wisdom and unity that our Divine Mother envisaged us to deliver to Mankind.

Let us renew the bonds of brotherly and sisterly love at the Holy Feet of Sri Mattreya, She who is the Three Mothers in One.


As in the previous years in Malaysia and Philippines, we have chosen an enchanting place by the sea and prepared a rich program comprising of Havan and renowned artists to lift us spiritually before finishing with a deep Puja to unite us all in Her heart.


With love and respects from

Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand





Key information for 2014 International Buddha Puja


Dates: Friday 9th May afternoon till Sunday 11th May at noon



Thailand: the Puja hall is at the end of Jomtien Beach, 20 KM from Pattaya on a private beach. 3 hotels adjacent to each other, Ravindra, Bottany and Dor Shada will be used.

The main hotel is Ravindra Beach Resort and Spa with 150 rooms, 90 rooms are in  Dor Shada and 80 at  Bottany. Puja, lunch, and dinner will be at Ravindra. All hotels are in near walking distance.

Pictures and details of the hotels can be found at:

Distance from Bangkok airport:

Foreign yogis need to take a flight to Bangkok, either to Don Muang International Airport or Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

 Don Muang mostly caters to regional budget flights such as Air Asia or Nok Air, while Suvarnabhumi caters to main airlines companies.

Suvarnabhumi is nearest to the destination: 120 KM from the hotel while Don Muang is 150 KM,

Driving time:  1.5 to 2.00 hours depending on traffic and arrival airport





Accommodation details

Accommodation will be mostly in Twin room with beds large enough for young  children to sleep with their parents.

 In any case 10% of rooms have extra bed and about the same number have long sofas (140 cm) that can accommodate children. Extra-beds and rooms with sofas will be allocated in priority to family with children; however we cannot guarantee to meet all demands

For adults, price per person is the same for extra bed rooms and twin rooms.



Adult               5,500 THB per person including food but not transportation

Children with extra beds 4 to 12    4,000THB

Children no extra beds 4 to 12     2,200THB

Amount of Guru Dakshina / Support to Sahaja Yoga activities donation will be up to yogis

Payment will be in Thai Baht. As a reference, as of January 13th, 1 USD = 33 Thai Baht. Cost for accommodation and food without transportation of 5,500 per adult is roughly 167 USD.

While all hotels are great, some differences in rooms quality between hotels and even within the same hotel are to be expected with some “superior rooms” and some “deluxe”, some “sea-view” and some “garden view”. Therefore, room allocation is on first come – first serve basis, using registration and online payment.



Vans and bus can be arranged for a cost of maximum 450 THB (14 to 15 USD) from airport to hotel. Return from hotel to airport will be the same price.

To book transportation, assigned “group leaders” will be requested to fill a form in advance through the website, once it is up and running.

For yogis wanting to take a taxi, cost is estimated around 1,500 to 2,000 THB maximum. Cost can be divided by the number of people sharing the taxis (2 to 3 people) depending on luggage and size of taxi. Thai Yogis at arrival hall will help find a taxi for foreign yogis not wanting to wait for collective transportation.


Registrations and payment

As hotels want 100% confirmation one month before the event, we request yogis to register and pay within 7th April 2014.

For countries with more than 20 participants, we encourage payment through one assigned “group leader” to organize a collective Bank transfer, with details indicated in a dedicated website to be launched within the next few days. .

For smaller group a “PayPal” option will be provided through the same website.


All details of costs, transportations and registrations will be provided within our website:

This website is still under test but will be fully operational within January 19th


“Buddha Sharanam Gachami, Dhamam Sharanam Gachami, Sangham Sharanam Gachami, Sri Maa Sharanam Gachami, Sakshat Sri Adi Shakti Mataji, Sri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha”


Shri Buddha Puja 2014 Team






What an amazing world?  Thank You Mother



Re: “International Birthday Seminar & Puja -2014”


At Nirmal Dham – Delhi (India)


From March 20th to March 21st, 2014


By the grace of our Divine Mother, “International Birthday Seminar & Puja -2014” is being organized at Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India) from March 20th to March 21st, 2014. The detailed information of the programme is given in the attached invitation circular.


We request you all to please go through the contents of this circular and be kind enough to bring it to the notice of all Sahaja families/ collectives in each and every centre of all the countries/cities/villages etc to enable them to be a part of the Birthday Celebrations at The Sacred Land of Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India).


Though all information about the event has already been given in the said circular, our website  might also be visited to have other needful information and also to know about ‘How to reach Nirmal Dham’ etc.


Transport will be available for Nirmal Dham from Dwarka Sector – 21 Metro Station on 20th March and 21st March, 2014. Hence, you may please use Metro services from IGI Airport, New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi Railway Station (Old), ISBT Kashmere Gate Bus Stand and ISBT Anand Vihar Bus Stand to reach Dwarka, Sector – 21 Metro Station.


You are welcome to contact the following yogis/yoginis for any clarification and assistance:


Mr. Puru Gupta: 95821 00781

Mr. Rajesh: 98688 58096

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gund: 99900 35266

Ms. Nitasha Chadha: 98713 12869

Mr. Gaurav Srivastava: 99582 43999


Looking forward to your ethereal participation,


With Love & Respect!


Suresh Bansal

Delhi State Coordinator &

Trustee, The Life Eternal Trust

C-17, Qutab Institutional Area,

New Delhi-110016 (India)

Email:“DelhiAshram” <>;

“Delhi Ashram” <>

Website: “”


Important Note: As it would be slightly cool weather during those days and there won’t be any arrangement to provide bedding/quilts etc at site, all yogis intending to stay here are advised to bring their own sleeping bags, quilts or blankets etc together with woolens as per their individual need.However, Living Space would be made available in the newly constructed ‘Hangar’ to all of them.


For further information please Click Here  and  Here




“International Birthday Puja and Seminar –2014”


at Chhindwara (M.P)   (19th – 21st March, 2014)




In the year 1923, on 21 March at 12 noon, Shri Mataji, our most Beloved and Divine Mother and Guru, was born in Chhindwara, in Central India. Looking with awe at the smiling and radiant Baby, her Grandmother exclaimed , She is NISHKALANKA i.e. without any blemish. But Nishkalanka is a boy’s name so the girl was named NIRMALA, meaning the Pure and the Immaculate.  Her incarnation is the single most important event in the evolution and spiritual history of mankind because it marked the advent of the Supreme Goddess (the Adi Shakti) on this earth. The significance of the advent of Adi Shakti, is far more profound because it has set into motion the transition of human beings to the next stage of evolution- the Fourth Dimension or the “Turya” state.


Our Divine Mother, gave us, through self realisation, the understanding that the ultimate goal of our evolution, is to become the spirit, the reflection of God Almighty in our hearts. She made us experience HER Divine Love within us through which she nourished and nurtured us and continues to do so, so that we establish ourselves in the Kingdom of God and take this glorious movement of Sahaja Yoga forward so as to establish Satya Yuga (Age of Truth) on earth.


Dear Sahaja Family, with folded hands and open hearts, by the Grace of our Holy Mother, the Indian Collective invites you to join us at Chhindwara near Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh, for celebrating our Beloved Mothers 91st Birthday. Your presence will add beauty, charm, and vibrations to the World Collective which gathers at Chhindwara to dance to the tune of our Holy Mothers Love.


By the Grace of Her Holiness, we have acquired adequate land measuring about 35 acres at Linga (Chhindwara) where we will be making the entire arrangement for the Seminar and Puja.


Lt Gen (Retd) V K Kapoor

Executive Secretary

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust

C-17 Qutab Institutional Area

New Delhi-110016


For further information please Click Here   Here  and Here






Welcome to 2014.


The past year has seen a number of events, including the passing of our respected Sir CP, the selection of new State Councillors using vibrations, a new Yuva Shakti program format, collective get-togethers to celebrate Pujas at Balmoral, Wamuran, Gidgegannup and Hiawatha and hosting the International celebration of Shri Ganesha Puja and the weddings at Cabella in Italy.


Parents and children have also enjoyed Camps at Balmoral and braved the cold winter weather to enjoy a lovely time at Hiawatha mid year.


Book Puja air tickets early to save


We have recently received the dates for Pujas for 2014 (above) which will allow us all to plan for events we would like to attend during the year.  Easter time is particularly busy for airlines with prices structured accordingly so the sooner you book the better.  Easter puja will again be held at our Balmoral property and this year will occur from the 18th April (Good Friday) until the 21st April (Easter Monday).


I would like to personally thank all those yogis giving their time, energy and attention to providing programs and all the other activities you participate in as part of Mother's work to spread Her message.  Particular thanks to Sydney Yogis who have arranged a significant number of public events in recent months.


Mother has created such a beautiful family in Australia and around the world to enjoy, and we should take every opportunity to bathe in Her love reflected through our Brothers and Sisters, Yuva Shakti and Children.


May Mother bless and keep us all together in Her Heart and help us grow deeper in the Spirit beyond all conditionings.


With love and very best wishes for a wonderful New Year.


Vishnu on behalf of your Councillors and Trustees.




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