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Jai Shri Mataji!

Music of Joy’s Ode to Joy

Canberra Multicultural Festival – February 2016




Hi five! This was the fifth year MOJ has appeared at the Multicultural Festival in the nation’s capital with a total of five performances including a concert in Cabramatta on the way from Sydney. As luck would have it, the band opened the festival on Saturday morning with a stirring rendition of the European Union anthem, Ode to Joy.


Dignitaries present in the ‘European Village’ section of the festival for the opening included EU ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Sem Fabrizi and ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Yvette Berry. MOJ’s rendition of Ode to Joy included verses in the original German, as well as English – Musik der Freude!




The ‘Joy’ continued with performances at midday on the Saturday and then two on Sunday. Each performance was on a different stage, covering different areas of the festival, but each time it unfolded the same way. At the start, the band was welcomed on to the stage by a loyal entourage of supporters, some of whom had travelled from as far away as Vietnam and Canada.


Then, as the tempo ramped up and the vibes started flowing crowds gathered to occupy all available shaded areas in the hot summer sun. Everywhere, leafy Plane trees sheltering clutches of audience throbbed and swayed in the cool summer breeze like giant hearts… Indeed, as one heart… ein herz, un coeur, ek dil, qalb wahid, yixin, jedno serce…












Mother blessed us all with so many wonderful experiences at our family camp. She gave us everything from the mildest weather to  Her absolute Divine attention and many wonderful activites and treats put together by our Sahaja famliy.

The beauty of Our Mother in nature was felt every day . Uncle Patrick took us on a bush walk that focussed everyones attention on the creative power of Our Holy Mother, Aunty Jenny organised a program jam packed with actvities  ranging for creative arts to fun sports filled with pure joy .

The children guided the collective footsoaks each evening and other clearing sessions were held each day.

On the last day the children offered a puja to Shri Ganesha  with Aunty Celeste as pujari. We all soaked up the strong vibratons that we were blessed with.

One unforgettable experience was sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallow singing bajhans and best of all sharing stories of the experiences that Our Mother has blessed us with. Children drifted off to sleep and the rest od Our Sahaja Family sat and shared stories until after one in the morning.


How does Our Mother love us? In ways impossible to explain.


Here are some  recollections of the camp and photos of this heavenly time

Jai Shree Mataji



I would like to share the following memories my boy enjoyed in the camp


1. Chance to wash mother's feet and chance to stay close to mother for the pooja. He loved the special focus on kids

2. Chance for the kids to sing bhajans

3. Bush walking, collecting flowers and stones etc. while walking

4. Bon fire and sparkles, marshmallows etc.

5. Soccer

6. Craft activities

7. Sleeping in tent


Well he enjoyed everything about it, even simple things like running around the play area.



I loved that everyone was smiling and having fun. My favourite activity would probably playing soccer and ending the night off with toasting marshmallows.


Cheers Ishani :)




I loved the whole camp...

The treatments really made me feel good.  When we put the ghee and camphor on our face and arms it made me feel like so clear like never before, it was so great.



 (Parent)- I felt a real sense of collectivity and that was a fantastic, peaceful feeling, I felt close to all the Yogis. Of all the children's camps I felt

This one had a special feeling and it seemed that Shri Mataji had a lot of attention on us.

I felt a collective change.  I especially enjoyed every moment.



Jatin - "The best part I liked was craft work. The food was so delicious, and I enjoyed the pink falooda drink. I also liked playing in the sand pit. The yellow boat ride was fun and the bush walking was great too"





Photos altered to protect privacy of the children


Listening to Uncle Patrick  explain how an ecosystem is made up of many living

things working as one ,just as our collective is working as one.


 Everyone sat in silence and listened to the sounds of Mother Nature



 Uncle Patrick explaining how Shri Mataji created our native trees so that they can grow after fire


 Aunty Jenny and the children painting rainbow serpents. Everyone enjoyed creating a work of art.


We all had lots of laughs watching the children and uncles play tug of war.


The children enjoyed playing Lagori and other games with uncle Pradeep.


Uncle Danilo  asking for a show of hands for to decide who would blow the conch


A  magical moment around the campfire toasting marshmallows


Sharing love and memories of Our Mother around the fire


This was an unforgettable experience to have all

our Sahaja family united by Our Mother’s love sharing experiences of time spent with our Divine Mother







HH Shri Mataji - 1st Shri Ganesha Puja - Sydney, Australia



Param Chaitanya Puja Seminar – 2016 -Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Shri Mata Ji.


Please go through the brief information given in attached invitation circular on “Param Chaitanya Puja Seminar – 2016”, being organized at Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India) from 21st  to 23rd February, 2016.


All of you are requested to please bring it to the kind notice of all Sahaja Yogis in each and every city/village to enable them to attend the “Param Chaitanya Puja Seminar– 2016” at Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India).


You must be knowing that, the name “Nirmal Dham” and the sacred land at “Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham” were chosen by our Divine Mother, Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, Herself. Shri Mataji had been kind enough to grace Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham on the occasion of many International Pujas from 2000 onwards.  On 4th December 2010, before leaving for Cabella, Shri Mataji in Her Sakar form, blessed as many as 6000 Sahaja Yogis waiting for Her Darshan at Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham and that was Her last public appearance.


It is well known that there are fifty two Shakti Peethaas of Mother Sati’s Pindas, spread all over Asian sub continent, but “Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham” is the only Sampuran Adi Shakti Peethaa in the whole universe. Purna Avtar Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, has chosen this Ashram for Her Sakar Form to rest here forever and ever. The Divine vibrations flowing from the Holy Peetha inundate the whole atmosphere and make all Sahaja Yogis relive Her Fragrant Memories. “Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham” is now the most Sacred Shrine (Teerth Sthala) for all Sahaj Yogis. The Divine vibrations of Shri Adi Shakti shall continue to bless humanity for ever and ever.


To express heartfelt gratitude to the Divine Mother, please do encourage all, especially those Sahaja Yogis who have not been to Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham so far, to participate and solemnise “Param Chaitanya Puja Seminar – 2016”.


Transport will be available for Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham from Dwarka, Sector-21 Metro Station from 21st to 23rd February 2016. You may please use Metro to reach Dwarka, Sector-21 Metro Station.  Sahaja Yogis are welcome to contact the following yogis for any clarification & further assistance please:-


Mr. Puru Gupta: 95821 00781

Mr. Rajesh: 98688 58096

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gund: 99900 35266

Ms Nitasha Chadha: 98713 12869

Mr Gaurav Srivastava: 99582 43999


PS: Please visit our website at for any information, announcements, live webcast of events from  Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Route Directions and ‘How to reach Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham’ etc.


Looking forward to your ethereal participation,


With Warm Regards!


NP Singh

Delhi State Coordinator & Trustee,

The Life Eternal Trust

Delhi (India)                                                                               


C-17, Qutab institutional Area, New Delhi-110 016.  Tel: 26966652  Fax: 26866801

e-mail: <delhiashram@rediffmail. Com> and <>




Annexure_1_Staying_Information_Param  Chaitanya_Puja-2016.xls

Annexure_2_Non Staying_Information_Param  Chaitanya_Puja-2016.xls



Google Ads working well


Paid ads area


Jai Shri Mataji!


By Shri Mataji’s Grace, Sahaja Yoga Australia was awarded a Google AdWords Grant last August. The Grant entitles us to USD$120,000 (AUD$171,100) per year worth of free advertising on Google’s search engine platform.


We’ve been using Google’s advertising service for over 5 months and felt its a good time to provide you with an update on how our advertising is going and what we’ve learnt so far.


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes (lots of!) money from searches.


How does it work?

In essences, whenever someone searches Google and their ‘search’ words or phrases match any of our predefined keywords then one of our ads may appear at the top, or right side, of their Google search results page.  If you’re not familiar with Google’s search results page then pls see page 1 of the attached document.


There’s limited space allocated for paid advertising on Google’s search results page so Google uses an automated  ‘auction bidding’ system amongst its advertisers. Based on the popularity of a keyword and number of other bidders, Google allocates a cost for the ads to appear. If a visitor clicks on the ad then that cost is charged to the advertiser. Google caps our ‘auction bid’ to $2.00 maximum per click  so that way we’re not competing against their other commercial advertisers who could over $10 per click.


What do we advertise on Google?

We use Google advertising to promote our classes around Australia also national and local workshops, music concerts plus online Self-Realisation and guided meditations. The main site we promote is . In the past 5 months, our ads have appeared over 2 million times in Google search results so we also display the words ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’ and ‘Sahaja Yoga’ in the ads to further enhance the vibrations.  Page 2 of the attached document has samples of the ads we’re currently running on Google.


Our advertising Stats since August 2015…

Ad Impressions: 2,220,070

* ‘Ad Impressions’ are the number of times our ads have appeared in Google’s search results. Impressions do not use any on our Grant allocation… they appear free if we are one of the highest bidders for the keyword search, so you can see it's also a great way to promote the awareness (consciously or unconsciously) of ‘Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’ and ‘Sahaja Yoga' in our ads to everyone who is searching for our keywords.

Clicks: 28,900 times

* ‘Clicks’ are the number of times people have clicked on one of our ads. If someone clicks on our ad then they are directed to our website or any other website we might be promoting for special events. The Click costs goes towards our Grant allocation and can range from $0.50 to $2.00 per click (depending on the particular keyword and number of other competing  bidders)  but are typically around $1.50 per click.

Total Cost to date: USD$42,828 (AUD$62,100)

* ‘Cost’ is funded from our Grant allocation. Google caps our daily spend to USD$328 per day (which is the $120,000 grant divided by 365 days).  Please note that all the Google advertising is free for the Collective, we have not incurred any costs. Google has effectively supported our organisation with this 'donation' ...pretty amazing ...  Jai Shri Mataji!

Click Thru Rate (CTR): 1.3%

* CTR is the ‘Ad Impressions’ divided by ‘Clicks’ in percentage. We’ve been advised that a CTR of greater than 1% is regarded as a good performance.

Website Traffic

* Since August, traffic to our websites (in particular for have almost tripled. Prior to the introduction of Google AdWords, we had typically 2,100 visitors per month who visited 5,800 pages/mth on our website. Since introducing Google Adwords, we typically have 6,300 visitors per month who visit 14,200 pages/mth on our website.

How effective is Google advertising?

It's always difficult to quantify the effectiveness of any advertising in Sahaja Yoga as ultimately it comes down to the subtle state of ourselves and the collective to attract seekers to public programs, no matter what form of advertising we use, but feedback from yogis is that people are attending programs who found us via "Google".  Hopefully, the Google advertising is supporting all our other forms of advertising such as Meetup, local newspapers, online community notices, word of mouth etc etc to ensure we have done our best to promote Shri Mataji's work to all seekers. Ultimately, the results of our collective efforts are in Hands of our Divine Mother.



With love


The Australian Councillors, Web Team, and Universal Promotions Team.




Other countries interested in applying for the Grant can learn more and review the eligibility criteria at


Sample Ads.






Sahaja Yoga is a precious diamond


“So, with discretion you must have common sense, practical sense. I have seen people suddenly talking to anybody about Sahaja Yoga. No, It’s not practical. Sahaja Yoga is a precious diamond, you cannot give it to every person. I have seen people at the airport raising Kundalini of everyone. No, it’s not meant, they have to come to Sahaja Yoga, they have to ask for it, they have to beg for it, then only they can get their realization.

We don’t want quantity, we want quality. All my lectures if you see n that I have been insisting on quality of sahaja yogis and the quality of the seekers. But when we start thinking of getting majority for a vote for Shri mataji I Have to say I am not standing for any election. Whether you elect Me or not ,I am elected. You don’t have to do that. I don’t take many people for them.


And when you fail in discretion you find some problems develop. Now, it is for you to find out what Indiscrete things you have done, where have you gone wrong in which way have you done a mistake. It is for you to find out, then rectify it. Otherwise in Sahaja yoga there should be no problems, there should be no ....   There should be all joy and joy.”


H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi-Hamsa Puja-July 10th 1988,Germany





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