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With My attention I work out many things 1998-12 25


Highly recommended 10 minute talk extract for Yogis






2016 meditation program under way on the Gold Coast


On Sunday January 10, Sahaja Yoga Gold Coast started monthly meditation classes with an outdoors program.

Held at Evandale Parklands - behind the Arts Centre - this program was inaugurated in August last year. Designed to meditate outdoors and use clearing techniques provided by nature the classes are open and free to anyone with our without any prior experience in meditation.


Since August, dozens of new people have received Self-Realisation and experienced clearing techniques using natural elements like water, fire, air and earth.


Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been approved as part of the Active and Healthy Citywide Program organised by the Gold Coast City Council, and this program is being advertised throughout the year in the local publication.

We are thankful to Sean O'Donoghue for taking this initiative and successfully translating it into an on-going program that can benefit the community at large.


The location is specially created to enhance the meditative state in the middle of nature and is positioned near the lake at the back of the Arts Centre Gold Coast, near a structure called "Peace Pavilion".


In addition to an introduction in Sahaja Yoga followed by Self-Realisation, the meditation program also includes:


- a series of exercises/stretches to assist the flow of Kundalini in chakras and nadis - as taught by Shri Mataji.

- light form of exercise/stretches such as Pilates or Gyrotonics. This form of movement consists of exercise sequences intended to increase the functional capacity of the entire organism in a harmonious way. The continuous flowing movements are synchronized with corresponding breath patterns.


- clearing techniques for chakras and nadis


- Meditation


Details about outdoors monthly meditation classes:


WHEN: Second Sunday each month

WHERE: Evandale Parklands, Ouyan Street, Surfers Paradise (Peace Pavilion) behind the Arts Centre Building

STARTS: 8.00am

ENDS: 10.00am

CONTACT: Mireille - Mob: 0413 646 087; Sean - Mob: 0420 335 770




Recollections of the recent Yuva Shakti Tour in Vietnam


To all my dearest brothers and sisters


Weeee, weeee!!!


woaaa woaaaa!!!



I know most of you are now home sweet home. I hope you all have a long deep sleep to recover after the busy tour.


words always fail to express. but i can not dance here:) so I say xin cảm ơn in my mother language to each of beautiful YOU. Thank you for coming to Vietnam, to share us your energy, time, vibration, teach us how to love and grow deeply together in SY.


if you dont mind, Vietnam is your home now:) just swing by to dance, sing, meditate and be funky with us on motobike . we really love you and appreeciate soo much for what all you have done for Vietnam.



love you love you and love you


big hug nhé




We have lovely time with Yuva shakti tour in HCMC and we have enjoyed our time with beautiful Yuva shakti from Australia and Malaysia(5 of them). They are really strong, innocent, loving and having all the qualities of Shri Ganesha. The moment they came to Vietnam they lift up the vibration of our Ashram, collective. Everyone in our collective love them so much, our collective also learn a lots from them from their qualities, devotion in Sahaja Yoga. We have lovely New year Puja on the day they have arrived the Ashram, the vibration soooo strong that lots of us feel Shri Mataji is actually sitting on the chair. Then the vibrations was flowing nicely whole time during Puja, when the last Aarti start all the Yuva was conducting between Vietnam and Australia, the vibration really strong I feel so much happy and my heart fill lots of joys and it’s so cool.


The first day of the tour Yuva shakti perform in the park so beautiful and it’s like the rehearsal of the tour very spontaneous and nice. The program of Orphanage was significant of HCMC tour. We went with them yesterday to Mekong Delta tour and spend lovely time together.


We would like to thanks you for your support so the first Yuva tour in Vietnam could happen. Thanks Adel for his lovely attention and his love to Vietnam so that why the tour happened and of course with great blessing from Shri Mataji to allow us to be Her instruments to do Her work in Vietnam. Adel, Minh, Luan will continue the tour for Da Nang and Hanoi, I will support them if any help.


We are now expecting and counting the day from now to welcome MOJ tour in July 2016. We will wait for the great moment with MOJ and receive strong vibrations, love, deep, happiness/joys from MOJ. MOJ and Yuva tour is quite different but we have one thing common from MOJ and Yuva tour is joys, happiness, vibrations, Sahaja love from the same family given by Shri Mataji between brothers and sisters.


Lots of love,



Cam on Minh ji!!! Vietnam is already my home haha but i really loved ho chi minh the most coz it's sooo alive

But thank you for your love and hospitality and to all the yogis :) We had such a blast and missing everyone alot (Got to work on our left side- lots of

candle treatments haha). HOpe everyone's well. I have uploaded all my photos in my folder 'rach' in google drive  if you click on the folder

then right click hit 'download' u can download all the pictures as a zip file


Hope to see you and everyone again soon, hope you can come to Shri Ram Puja in Singapore in April!!






Jai Shri Mataji!



Eternally Inspiring Recollections of Our Divine Mother,

Volume 1 - now on Kindle at $3.00


This is the first volume of personal experiences of people who were fortunate to spend time in the presence of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Through these stories one experiences the incredible outpouring of her divine love, and the tireless energy with which she spread this joy to the world. This volume deals mainly with the first ten years of her mission to give en masse self realisation, mostly in India, where she began this great work in 1970, and England, to where she moved in 1974. Over eighty people contributed to this volume, and their diverse voices show how she transformed their lives, and how they have attempted to honour her memory simply, sincerely and profoundly.



Eternally Inspiring Recollections of our Divine Mother, Volume 1: Early Days to 1980 (Black and White Edition)


Kindle Version:   CLICK HERE


Paperback Version:   CLICK HERE



Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Junior and Higher Schools

in Nagpur - Central India


Shri Mataji's Junior School in Nagpur





Shri Mataji's Higher School in Nagpur




Sahaja Yoga Health & Research Centre / Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram - Noida


Dear Sahaja Yogis,


We wish you all a very Happy New Year full of Divine blessings from HH Shri Mataji.


On the 30th of November 2010 Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi inauguarated the SAHAJA YOGA HEALTH & RESEARCH CENTRE in Greater Noida, close to Delhi as the last project blessed by Her before Her Samadhi.


Her Holiness created the Health Centre to fund the Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram - a home for destitute ladies and orphan girls established in 2003.  The Health and Research Centre and Ashram are located together on the same premises.


The Health Centre construction has now been finalised and the beautiful building resembles a white temple with its carved and decorated pillars, overlooking a large vibrant garden with seasonal flowers bringing an abundance of joyous colour.  The Centre can comfortably accommodate up to 75 Sahaja Yogis with 6 experienced doctors very happy to look after all guests who are warmly welcomed.


Regular Meditations and Pujas are held at the Centre which are enhanced by the ladies and girls from the Ashram singing bhajans.


Her Holiness has provided further blessings with a second home Day Care in Delhi “NIRMALA PREM ASHIANA”, a centre for small poorer children.


To inquire about staying at Health Centre or to make a donation to support HH Shri Mataji’s projects please visit our websites:




Jai Shri Mataji!


Gisela (Oma)

Executive Director





Enjoy your love

and you will be

rewarded by it.






The Power of My Love


I declare that I am the one who has to save humanity. I declare I am the one who is the Adi Shakti, who is the Mother of all the mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth to give its meaning to itself, to this creation, to human beings. And I’m sure, through My Love and patience and My powers, I am going to achieve it.

I was the One who was born again and again, but now, in My complete form and complete powers, I have come on this Earth, not only for the salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven, the joy, the bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you.

Guru Puja, 1979


In the Womb of My Love You All have Resided


My achievement is the complete manifestation of your divine power. It’s very simple, made so simple. I’m only pleased by people who are simple, innocent, who are not tricky, who are loving, affectionate to each other. It’s very easy to please Me. When I see you loving each other, talking good of each other, helping each other, respecting each other, laughing aloud together, enjoying together each other’s company, I get My first blessing, first joy. Try to love each other in dedication because you are all My children, created out of My Love.

In the womb of My Love you all have resided. From My heart I have given you these blessings.

I get disturbed, My hands shake and you fall back into the mire again when I see you quarrelling among yourselves. Jealousies and petty things belong to your past life. The help is not so much gross that it’s felt, but it is a very deeper sense of security that is given to your brothers and sisters.

A deep love should exist. Selfishness has no place in Sahaja Yoga.

31 July 1982


Recognition of My Love


It’s not that Mother is only happy if there are people of higher qualification or higher calibre. It’s not that. I have very great concern for those who are lost, who are left out. But sometimes, through My experience, I think such people get spoiled.

My Love is not for spoiling you. It is not for ruining you. It is for your emancipation. It’s for you to enjoy the beauty of God’s blessings on you.

Even now, if there are people who are not righteous, who are not truthful, who are not virtuous at the dharma stage, then what can I say to them? And then, if they’re not even the spirit, then what am I to do with them?

The ideologies, the talking, the discussions and the arguments do not lead you there. No – they do not. It is meditation.

What is meditation? It is actually facing yourself and correcting yourself with the full understanding as to what you are.

4 May 1985

There are some who get into doubts.... With all My Love I engulf them. But I would request you not to slow your progress like that. “What are you doubting?” is the question.

24 July 1979

If you have faith in My Love, you should not doubt anything. Now we are here to judge ourselves and not to judge others.... All the individuals now have to enter into My being. You have to all become part and parcel of the Virat. The microcosm has to become the macrocosm. For that, you have to give up your small, limited personalities. You have to become very large, big. But what do you have to surrender is your ego? That’s the stupid thing which covers you up completely in the head and doesn’t allow you to grow.

17 August 1987

If you have faith in My Love, you should not doubt anything. Now we are here to judge ourselves and not to judge others.... All the individuals now have to enter into My being. You have to all become part and parcel of the Virat. The microcosm has to become the macrocosm. For that, you have to give up your small, limited personalities. You have to become very large, big. But what do you have to surrender is your ego? That’s the stupid thing which covers you up completely in the head and doesn’t allow you to grow.

17 August 1987

Without recognition you cannot see the play. Without the play, you cannot have confidence within yourself. Without confidence, you cannot become a guru. Without becoming a guru you cannot help others. And without helping others, you are not going to be in any way happy.

So to break the chain is very easy, but to build the chain one after another is what you have to do. This is what you were all wanting to be. So be confident and be joyous and be happy that all My powers will protect you, My Love will nourish you and My nature will fill you

with peace and joy.

 Guru Puja 1979



Correction through My Love


The brain must be used to understand clearly what are the ideals

of a Sahaja Yogi, what are the things that a Sahaja Yogi should do, how he should behave in life, what methods he should follow. And then he has to bring it to his heart, through the meditative processes, through surrendering. How I give you second birth you know very well. I conceive you in My Heart, otherwise I cannot do it. Because My Heart is so pure, it cleanses you. By compassion, My Love cleanses you and then I can take you out of My Sahasrara.... And when that has happened, you have become a new personality.

Diwali Puja 1983

Let us establish within ourself, on a subtler level, the desire to be pure and to be cleansed out – all the barriers and unclean things that are within us – to desire to be great Sahaja Yogis, desire to be responsible Sahaja Yogis and desire to be surrendered to your Mother. It’s not difficult.

The last one is the easiest because ... I don’t want anything from you, except that you accept My Love. Surrendering just means you open your heart to accept My Love. Give up this ego – that’s all – and it will work out. I’m sure it’s going to work out. I am trying to push Myself into your hearts and I’ll definitely settle down there.

Shri Mahakali Puja 1982

A certain amount of understanding should be there and you must feel My Love in your heart, that’s all. I don’t want to make anybody unhappy. Sahaja Yoga has come to make you extremely happy, joyous and peaceful. That’s the purpose, not to disturb you by any chance, not to, in any way, irritate you or make you miserable.

17 December 1988

I’ve been sometimes very, very sharp with you. Sometimes I had to goad you. Sometimes I had to love you, express My love in that way that you could feel that Mother is very kind. Sometimes I had to be very critical, sometimes also angry. Behind all these aspects of your Mother, She’s nothing but love.

23 November 1980


Carry My Love


Only a single person like Me has done so much work. So why not you people? In your country have you worked it out all over? Just think about it. And that’s why, unless and until you do it, you are not sampoorna, you are not complete and the Adi Shakti’s power you have not understood in its full form. That’s why I’m telling you today it’s a very important day that you worship Me as the Adi Shakti. But you should know that the Adi Shakti has to be a complete form. It cannot be only half....

All My blessings, all My Love, all my powers I give you. But try to understand.

Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2002

You understand that this is the reality that has come into you people. Actually, you have felt the reality. Actually, you know the reality. You are in the reality. Then why not talk about it? Why should we not? Is it not the most important thing that we have to do? If you realize it, I am sure it will work out. With all My blessings, with all My Love, I really command you to do that now.

Easter Puja 1985



Enjoy My Love


My Love is not mental. It is not emotional. It’s existence itself. I exist with it. It’s My innate nature, which I could not enjoy unless and until it is reflected. It has to be reflected and today I felt the reflection in you people. I was so overjoyed, so very overjoyed. Everything seems so beautiful.

All these petty problems that trouble you, and sometimes try to bother Me also, just disappeared. You just felt that everybody is so cleansed and so beautiful, everybody’s ego washed off and the nectar of the beauty of love is just pouring into them. It’s not easy to describe.  That was nirananda I felt today – complete nirananda. To feel your own joy reflected is something so boundless that you cannot put it into the limita-tions of words.

Hamsa Puja 1988

I think it’s so great to have been born as a woman Myself because I can enjoy the heart, the emotions – the emotions of My Love, the working and the play of My Love. It’s so great that no incarnation can enjoy that as I can. So the women should not feel degraded if they have to look after the heart, but they are in a higher aspect.

You can do without thinking, but you cannot do without the heart.

Sahasrara Puja 1986


My love is not mental.

It is not emotional.

It's existence itself.

I exist with it.

It's my innate nature.



Establish your love


You have to establish your love.

You should feel a hankering for others.

Now the competition has to change,

the style of competition among Sahaja Yogis.

The competition should be how much you love.

Who loves more? Let there be a competition who obliges more.

Who shares more? Who loves others more?

Let there be a competition in loving,

not in hating, not in finding faults,

in the rationalizing of everything.

Love cannot be rationalized.

People can’t understand why I am so mad about you people.

There are so many people in India who ...

can’t understand that this woman has everything.

“Is She mad? She is going to the villages and wasting Her life.

Why doesn’t She enjoy Herself?”

See, they can’t understand that I enjoy My love.

This is what you must know to enjoy your virtues.

Enjoy your love and you will be rewarded by it.

It is not hard. It is the easiest thing. 

8 March 1980


from The Divine Cool Breeze volume 20 number 3




Mother's beautiful Creations



Enjoying this special time as we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of His Holy Mother, Mary.




Wishing all our Sahaja Yogi family a very joyful Christmas and all the blessings of our Mother for the New Year ahead.


Lyn and Andre, Your Councilors, and Trustees




Report on Cabella Castle


Jay Shri Mataji


We write to you in regards to the developments of the projects on our Mother' holy castle in Cabella.  In the last month we gathered a team of highly qualified Sahaj expertise that will work in tight collaboration with the Italian Belle Arti authorities on the maintenance of the castle.

This group is composed by sahaj architects, technical engineers, archeologists, photographers, geologists and conservation experts. We are already working on preliminary phases of a general layout project.


We have also had a meeting with the officer of Belle Arti in Turin, Mr. Petrini, who we previously met during the first official inspection in the castle. We are pleased to say the meeting was very positive and he remains gentle and understanding. The collaboration has officially begun.


So now the Sahaj team will proceed in two parallel directions: one, studying and putting together all historical material and data about the castle's chronology in order to have a complete technical data base; two, developing a general organic proposal that sees the castle shine like the most auspicious of museums and temples in the Sahaj world, aiming to fulfill our Mother's great vision.


We will officially ask to change the name of the Castle from Palazzo Doria to “Palazzo Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi”.


Much love from Italy




Dear Family,


Jai Shri Mataji!



We are pleased to inform you that the year 2015 was blessed for all of us as hundreds of Sahaja Yogis from all around the world visited the holy land of the Borbera Valley and were accommodated in the premises of Cabella World Center.


Our facilities were enjoyed by thousands of Yogis and Yoginis coming from all over the world during events like four international Pujas including Wedding Celebrations, as well as local Pujas, ten weeks of Wellness Camp, two weeks of Nirmala Arts Accademy, the Culture of the Spirit Festival, preparation for EXPO, two weeks of Daglio Children Camp, hosting of the Yuva Expo Tour, and last but not the least the wonderful celebration of Nine Nights of Navaratri.


These events have been held at the places vibrated by our beloved Mother in Her physical form.


When a Sahaja Yogi returns back from Cabella, he reaches his home fully drenched in this divine vibrations that helps him in carrying on Mother’s work in a more energetic way.


As we know, the Cabella World Center was created by Shri Mataji in the Borbera Valley and every year Sahaja Yogis from different countries gather together to experience unlimited pure joy and ocean of collective love.


We wholeheartedly invite all our Sahaja Family to visit Cabella and take part in these events dedicated to you.


We have tried to design them in order to involve specific segments of people.

For example - the newcomers who have the need to establish themselves better in meditation; Camp for the Shaktis, Family Wellness Campin which the children, (especially from the Cabella School) along with their parents can take part together; Wellness Camp for established Yogis; and moreover the Nirmal Arts Academy “ Winter Edition”  organised by the Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) for all those Yogis who wants to learn a wide range of art forms from masters and trained performers in Indian classical music, flamenco, jazz, pop and soul music, Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Kuchipudi as well as Fusion dance, Visual arts and crafts, theatre, communication and Public speaking.


Calendar of Activities


December 5th  to 12th (Sunday to Sunday)

Shakti Wellness Camp for Sahaja Yoginis to deepen of their Lakshmi  principle


December  17th to 19th (Thursday to Sunday)

Flamenco Music organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)


December 27th to January 3rd 2016 (Sunday to Sunday)

‘Family Children Camp’  organized by the Cabella School Staff

Welcome to 2016! New Year celebration!


Here are some of the events we have in store for you and we soon announce others.

January 15th to 17th (Friday to Sunday)

Jazz, Pop and Soul Music organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)


February 5th to 7th (Friday to Sunday)

Visual arts and Crafts organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)


March 25th to 27th (Friday to Sunday)

Theatre and Felderkrais organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)


April 8th to 10th (Friday to Sunday)

Communication and Public Speaking organised by Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV)


As you have noticed the ‘Stay in Heaven’ Seminar is nearing.

This Seminar is  specially designed to help and guide the newcomers on personal basis so that they are provided essential handholding in order to tell them about Shri Mataji.


Post our observation and feedback from this particular Seminar, we shall propose it to various collectivities (perhaps single country or some regions).

Those who are interested may contact us at

Since this news comes a bit late, we request respective Coordinators and Leaders to circulate this information in their respective collectivities at the earliest.


Note: For further information, kindly visit the following websites:


Please enjoy these videos…



With love,



Cabella World Centre Staff and Theatre of Eternal Values.


Jai Shri Mataji!







 ‘One People’ Gathering

Sunday 22nd November, 2016 at Fitzroy Hall, 22 Church St., Burwood


Mother blessed us all by allowing us to present Life Eternal Trust Australia as sponsors to mainstream communities through the One People Gathering that was held at Fitzroy Hall, Burwood . At a time when globally people need to come together Mother arranged this event.


The hall was filled to capacity with as many non-yogis as yogis in the audience. Muslims, Aboriginal people , Christians, Jews, Sahaja Yogis and other spiritual people shared their stories, poems and music that were all bound by a single thread-the vision of a truly united and peaceful future.


Mother spoke through every guest. Lyn Vasudeva and Chris Kyriakou shared the MC job.

Warren Roberts the Aboriginal speaker spoke about finding wisdom and answers in silence. He spoke of going to his elders to learn something and then just sitting with them in silence. He spoke of ringing them for advice and them telling him to ring back in two days. He said in that time of silence he found the answer and did not need to call again.


Shayk Zreika sang the Koran and showered everyone in vibrations. Personally I could feel the kundalini on my spine and my Sahasrara open more than ever.


Maha Abda spoke of the heart and about the world needing to listen to one another’s hearts. She spoke of the” reclaim Australia movement” as Mother had arranged this event to be held on the same day as some of these ugly protests were held. She asked how people can reclaim something they have never owned and will never own. She spoke with great love.


Shayk Soner Coruhlu wrote this amazing poem about Mother’s enabling our futures especially for our event. His Mother was present and she shone with love and pride. The link to his poem recital is below.


Joseph Tawadros played pure magic on his oud. A link to his performance is also below.


Some of our yuvas under the guidance of Lyndon and Vishwamber performed a Qawalli. The Muslim organisation was thrilled with our Yuva Qawali singers and extended an invitation to attend their functions.


Best of all Phillip Francombe gave everyone their realisation, in front of two large banners with Mother’s loving face beaming at everyone.

These are just a few of the amazing people that made this event.


It was a dream come true to see yogis, aboriginal leaders, Muslims, Christian, Jews, Aboriginals and yogis all sharing and truly listening with all their hearts!!!. Everyone stayed back eating and talking together with open hearts and vibrations flowing. At times I had tears of sheer joy. I spoke with local Muslim women and the women that had come with the Shayks and of course Maha . They were so grateful that this event was held at a time when they were having such a hard time. We all shared stories of God’s miracles openly and joyfully.


Who knows what Shri Mataji worked out on the subtle level at this gathering .


Jai Shri Mataji! Our Mothers: Future Enablers   CLICK HERE Joseph Tawadros - Oud   CLICK HERE


With love and respect, Lisa











"Among you, there are people who have still not been able to recognize.


My announcement will work it out within them – the recognition.


Without recognition, you cannot see the play. Without play, you cannot have confidence within yourself.


Without confidence, you cannot become a guru. Without becoming a guru, you cannot help others.


And without helping others, you are not going to be in any way happy.


So to break the chain is very easy, but to build the chain one after another is what you have to do.


This is what you were all wanting to be, so be confident and be joyous and be happy that all My powers

will protect you, My love will nourish you and My nature will fill you with peace and joy."


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 2nd Dec 1979







Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Marg, Nirmal Dham, New Delhi


Dear Sahaja Yogi Brothers and Sisters,


It gives immense pleasure to inform you that the road infront of Nirmal Dham in New Delhi is being named as "Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Marg" by Delhi Government to honour our Divine Mother.


The Road Naming ceremony was held on 6th December at Nirmal Dham.




Maha Laxmi Puja In Greece


Dear Yogis,


I would like to share with you my experience of the Maha Laxmi Puja in Greece last weekend and also share with you some amazing miracle photos which were taken at the Puja and Havan.


The whole weekend had very strong vibrations, I personally have not had such a clear and tangible experience of the presence of Shri Mataji for a long time. Everything was arranged very sweetly, in all details and without any fuss by the Greek collective. The Collective itself is the biggest it has ever been,

They all worked together with great respect for each other



One hundred and fifty yogis attended the puja from around the world and the venue, the weather, the food and music was all wonderful. We had a trip to the Acropolis in the very center of Athens and mediated  and said mantras to Shri Athena outside her temple. We were also taken to Delphi which is the navel of the universe where we also mediated and experienced very peaceful vibrations.


The collective also did everything as if Shri Mataji was present in her physical form. They took a hotel room in her name, decorated it with all her things and then took her her meals etc. before the yogis ate. By Monday the vibrations in that room made it clear She was present.


The following link is to Miracle photos which were take at the Havan, in which Shri Ganesha can be seen in the smoke, and during and after the puja as well as some photos of the puja place and the yogis meditating on the Acroplois


If there was a Divine purpose for this Puja to happen I have no doubt that it was achieved.




with love Brendan




 Laid back Ganesha - Mother is looking after everything.



Diwali Puja celebrations at Hiawatha














Meeting with our Yuvas


Jai Shri Mataji!


Diwali Puja at Hiawatha was beautiful. The whole weekend was a reaffirmation of why it is so important for us to come together as an Australian Collective to worship Our Divine Mother. Thank you to our Victorian and South Australian brothers and sisters for all your efforts and attention.


On the Sunday, at the request of the Yuvas, a meeting was held between the National Councillors and the Yuva Shakti. Yuva Shakti were present from four different states.


Here is a summary of the discussion:

- Yuvas do not see themselves as separate from the Collective and do not want to and cannot imagine being separate from their family which is their Uncles, Aunties and Parents.

- Yuvas acknowledge that there is benefit in attending local public programs to develop a thorough understanding of how to spread Sahaja Yoga.

- Yuvas are interested in localised (ie State based) tours in which the focus is on spreading Sahaja Yoga. Examples provided were the Multicultural festival in Canbera in February 2016 and the Townsville Festival in August 2016

- Yuvas support the concept of gaining experience supporting State based programs, realisation stalls and national events and then progressing to a bigger tour at a later date.

- Yuvas see the value in meetings with the Councillors as it gives them a different perspective on their ideas and initiatives.

- Yuvas recognise that as you progress as adults (ie above 25 or get married) there is a natural shift in your development and role.

- Yuvas would like to have seminars in which they deepen their knowledge of Sahaja Yoga and spreading Sahaja Yoga and Balmoral 2015 was raised in the meeting.

- The brain continues to develop up until around 25 years of age. What is learnt during  the 17 - 25 period will have a significant impact on the future development of a person.

- Yuvas are using the Internet to have collective meditations and feel that this is an important way of supporting each other vibrationally.

- A Yuva contact in each state to disperse information is useful.


We are so fortunate as a Collective to have such wonderful Yuva Shakti and we are looking forward to see how their desire to please Mother and spread Sahaja Yoga manifests in 2016.


Jai Shri Mataji!

Lyn and Andre on behalf of the National Council




My Mother's face is more beautiful now

than when I could see Her in front of me.

Her wisdom is dearer to me now

than when I could ask Her questions.

Her answers are more miraculous now

than when my questions could be heard.

Her presence is greater now

than when She was here.


Holy Mother

every day I am overwhelmed

by Your wisdom.

Every day my heart adores

Your existence.

Despite the world

which falls apart around me

and the people who

fall, but do not touch Your feet,

my heart is completely Yours

and I love You even more

than I ever did before.









Meteor caught over skies of Saskatchewan, Canada at Diwali



Photos from the first India Tour (1980/1981) with Her Holiness ShrI Mataji Nirmala Devi














Sahaja Yogi artists from around the country have contributed their work to help make a special Calendar for 2016.

Following are a few sample pages.



For enquiries regarding the Calendar please contact Lorisa at:   CLICK HERE



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