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Music of Joy European Tour 2017


23rd August – 10th September


Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain, France


Dear brothers and sisters


Jai Shri Mataji!


It is with great joy that we announce that Music Of Joy will embarking on their first ever European Tour in August - September!

The Tour Itinerary is as follows:


Annecy, France: 23 August

Athens, Greece: 28 - 30 August

Bucharest, Romania: 30 - 1 September

Budapest, Hungary: 1 - 3 September

Barcelona, Spain: 3 - 5 September

Nantes & Paris, France: 6 - 10 September


The Tour will integrate the pilgrimage to Cabella to worship Shri Mataji as Shri Krishna and Shri Ganesha.


We share with you a small clip and the poster being translated and used in the tour countries of Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain and France!     CLICK HERE


We ask that you please keep the Tour in your loving attention and pray for the complete success of the Tour.


The public programs are as follows:

1. 7:30pm, 23 August - Salle Pierre Lamy, 12 Rue De La Republique, Annecy

2. 9:00pm, 28 August -  Dora Stratou Theatre, Athens

3. 7:00pm, 31 August, Sala Patria, Bulebardul 15 Noiembrie 50A, Brasov, Romania

4. 6:00pm, Eromuvhaz Erzsebetvaros, 1077 Budapest, Wesselenyi u 17

5. 7:00pm, 4 September, Casal del Metge, Via Laietana, 31, 08003, Barcelona

6. 8:00pm, 8 September, Rom Nantes, Erdres, Nantes

7. 9 September, Paris



Yogis are welcome to attend and support the Tour but will have to arrange their own flights, transport and accommodation in the host cities.


Looking forward to meeting in Cabella and in Europe this year!


Lots of love


Lyn and Andre

National Coordinators - Australia







Mother talks about ‘Her’ children and Her vision for ISPS.


"Children are wonderful here, no doubt. Then another thing is that we have started a school in India with the idea that the amount you pay only for their food and clothes per month, that much is about to be charged for them. And they’ll have the best education of a private school, with all other facilities like horse-riding, swimming and every sort of thing. Music, dancing, everything can be taught to them. And the amount will be the same, practically as much as you’ll be spending on one child per month here, only for keeping them in the house. So it would be like going to a general school.


Of course, the transport and everything we’ll look after. Now for this – as it is, you have paid some money, and others have also paid – and we have made a good arrangement now. The school has started.


With this kind of a school the parents can go and see their children for a month, two months, whichever way you like, and stay there with them. Or if you want you can take them out to Himalayas, whichever way you want to do. But till the age of sixteen years I am thinking the children should not be exposed to this funny type of a country where they are just trying to destroy them. Because we have tried that also. When the children go back to parents, they come back with great problems, so it’s difficult.


So now to think, “They are my children.” If you really think they are your children, for their benevolence you must sacrifice. Maybe a little money you might have to sacrifice, but more this feeling that, “They are my children.” They’re actually Mine. And this will really help you a lot. You will be free here to do what you like, to have more time for meditation, spreading Sahaja Yoga. Because we are now on sort of a warpath. And we have to make these children so good that wherever they go they will not take to drugs, they will not take to bad things. On the contrary, they’ll be very great Sahaja Yogis. Maybe we might start a university later but just now, up to sixteen years, it’s guaranteed.




So now we have started for only, I think, seven year old children a school now near Himalayas and also now we are going to bring it down. But now after three years or so we’ll be starting school for all classes. For all classes we’ll be starting in a big way, and we’ll be having best teachers and best timings, and we’ll look after them. Only thing is that if the Cambridge University accepts then we’ll have the Cambridge University affiliation, because Indian standards are too high, very high and you have to work really very hard for that. I would prefer Cambridge, better. So they might agree to do that for us. That’s how our children can achieve a better understanding of things, and they have more time for other things to do.


So, so many things we are going to combine there. Basic education of Gandhiji I am going to introduce into that, where children know so much about the trees, about the plants, about animals, about fishes, about the surroundings in which they live, about the Mother Earth, about ecological problems and things like that. And we have to create really great leaders out of them.



So it is for you to decide now, the children that you want to send there. You can have children up to seven years here, or six years here for your primary classes, but not for your high schools. But primary classes also we have. If you want to send your children for primary classes we have that also, that we can look after those children who are for primary classes. And there will be leave for the children for two months or three months, I think, for which you can come there, or you can take them anywhere you feel like. But I would not advise you to bring them back here because it’s too much of an exposure, and you know what’s happening to your children.


They’ll have to learn how to respect parents, respect everything; and to get the intrinsic value of everything properly evaluated in their minds, so that they do not become stupid. I’m sure this will work out very well. I have seen some children in Rome, they have become so sensible, so developed, so beautiful.



So money-wise also we might have to cut down little expenses of yours, doesn’t matter. For your children you have to do something. That’s the minimum they have worked it out. They said that per month it will be about three hundred dollars for a child, inclusive of clothes, food, transport, everything, books, everything. You don’t have to worry for their expenses at all. You could give them some other clothes, but they’ll have all their uniforms done by them. Books, shoes, everything will be done in that amount, and education of every kind. All kinds of arts, crafts, depending on the aptitude of the child. And you’ll see, they will be something very unique children.


So think it over. In that there is a lot of work entailed, and some people are working it out. I’ll be getting some people from here also. And the whole process will be under My control, so you don’t have to worry."


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 20 March 1990, Burwood Ashram








Some very nice articles and quotes from HH Shri Mataji you might enjoy in the following four Yuva Shakti Journals.


Links to each full PDF edition are placed below the photos.



AKASHWANI - 2016 - Christmas Puja.pdf     CLICK HERE



AKASHWANI - 2016 - Krishna _ Ganesha Puja issue.pdf    CLICK HERE



AKASHWANI - 2016 - Diwali Puja.pdf    CLICK HERE



AKASHWANI - 2016 - Navaratri Puja.pdf   CLICK HERE





HH Shri Mataji & Sir CP 's  70th Wedding Engagement Anniversary


February 18th 1947



Engagement 18th of February 1947



Marriage 7th of April 1947


Shri Mataji about meeting Sir CP Srivastava 1946


“So, thank you very much for the greetings on this day.  It was a Easter Monday when I got married that day, and also My baptism took place on Easter Monday. But you know our Easter Monday always changes according to the Monday it comes. So it was quite a big venture for Me to marry.


Actually, I did not need it at all. But as you know in India, they won’t spare any girl from marriage, and they have been after My life since I was about eighteen years of age. So somehow I managed.  But I was in the medical college Lahore, and suddenly the disturbances broke out there, of a very serious nature.  And I came back, and there was no possibility of My going back. Then the whole thing – planned,  I think Divine planned it for My marriage, because I had to accept them.


And as My husband was there, there were many proposals also, which they chose this one, and I was married.  In a way arranged, because I had never talked to him about it, he had not talked to Me, but he had seen Me once before.  So, for Me it was all right because everybody’s so much worried in My family about My marriage all the time."


Farewell Talk, Burwood Ashram, Sydney, Australia 04-07-1994



Sir C.P. Srivastava about meeting HH Shri Mataji (Dec 3rd 1946)


“That I first came face to face with this Divinity. That was the day of my transformation. That was the day when a Divine veil enveloped my being, from then on a Divine force, emanating from the source that you know, has been constantly with me, helping me, guiding me.


And that is the secret of whatever you may have heard today. After 3rd December, I did not lose much time. And I am sure you agree I shouldn’t have. We got engaged on the 18th of February 1947, and we got married of the 7th of April 1947. And then events began to move very rapidly. Events which might have seem impossible in normal circumstances.”


1994-1203 Sir CP release of Book




Shri Mataji Wedding Anniversary 2003


"I just want to thank you all from My heart for coming to celebrate this anniversary with your love. I can’t do more than to thank you really how you people have appreciated My humble work. Moreover, it’s a work of just love.


Love is the greatest quality of human beings. And if you have developed that then you will forget all other things. Because love has its own reward and the reward is here, I can see it. ..."


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Wedding Anniversary, Mumbai India, 7th April 2003



On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Shri Mataji and Sir CP's engagement at their Genoa Villa.

(21/02/2010 Genova)



Inner Peace Day

Dearest brothers and sisters,


Last weekend  in Madrid, hundreds of yogis from all over the world joyfully gathered together as one to participate in the Inner Peace Day event with a single aim - that of spreading our Mother's love throughout the city to as many of Her children as possible.


Over 10,000 children ranging from nursery to high school age got their Realisation on that day and the feedback from both students and teachers has been incredible.


The following are just a few of the many beautiful messages of love written by the children of one of Madrid's international schools:


"Use your peace to help the world. Use it to help other people and make the world a better place. Use it to help yourself and your family. Don't let it go, leave it in your heart."


"Hello!   Please meditate and spread your love to people.  You will find it on your heart. I wish some day I'll find you."


"Peace is inside of everyone but you need to find it from inside."


"Be peaceful so the world can calm down."


"Use your inner peace to make the world a better place to live with no violence or fighting or bad things."


"You must believe in your self, doesn't matter who you are, what matters is that you care and always have inner peace.


Jai Shri Mataji


The Inner Peace Team


A There is also a short youtube clip of the day's events:  CLICK HERE






National Shivaratri Puja 24th, 25th, 26th February 2017 – Birrigai ACT



Jai Shri Mataji!


By the Divine Grace and Blessings of Her Holiness Shri Mataji, you are invited to celebrate National Shivaratri Puja at Birrigai, Tidbinbilla


from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February, 2017


142 Tidbinbilla Rd, Paddys River ACT 2620


The Puja will take place on the evening of Saturday the 25th February, 2017.


It would be great if you could put the event in your diary.  Online registration will be opening shortly!


Birrigai is located adjacent to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve where you are immersed in natural surrounds.

A 40 min drive from Canberra Airport.


Accommodation is dormitory style sleeping on bunk beds and camping is also available.


We look forward to welcoming lots of our brothers and sisters and sharing a wonderful weekend together.


With love,

ACT State Council

On behalf of your ACT family


Please use this link to register :   CLICK HERE



Mahashivaratri Puja, Terme, Italy 16 February 1991


“So to enjoy Sahaja Yoga you must know that it’s not dry vibrations only, but it is bhakti.  That is the joy of Shiva’s quality, the quality of joy that He adds to our life.”


“That’s the real knowledge, is to know what is God.  It’s God Almighty, which knows everything, which does everything, which enjoys everything.  That is the one you should say is the gyana, is the knowledge, is the true knowledge, the pure knowledge.  It’s not the knowledge of chakras, not the knowledge of vibrations, not the knowledge of kundalini, but the knowledge of God Almighty.


And the knowledge of God Almighty is not mental.  Again I tell you, it starts from your heart and goes to your brain, something that comes out of your experience of joy and covers your brain.  So your brain cannot deny it any more.


Like the – sometimes when you have your mother, little mother, you know the love of your mother.  But you cannot explain, it comes from your heart and you say, no, that’s my mother, she won’t do like that.  I know my mother, she won’t do like that.  I know my mother very well.  The knowledge about your mother, the one who has given you birth; may not be, mother may not be very good or whatever it is.  But knowledge about God, that He’s love, that He’s truth, that He knows everything, that just become part and parcel of your being, absolutely, and that’s the time we say is the nirvana.


So it’s important, specially for the people of the West, now open your hearts, because it starts from the heart, not from your brain.


Do not judge people on vibrations.  Judge yourself, all the time.


I had told that Shiva Puja means more explanation, more understanding, more this thing; because in other pujas we do all these mantras, this, that, but in this puja is to know the knowledge, its God.  And to know that you know God itself is so great.  Whatever it is – She may be Mahamaya, She may be anything, but I know Her.


It cannot be described in one book, it cannot be described in hundred books.  It cannot be described in words, but know that’s God – after all, that’s God, God Almighty.  And that gives you that beautiful surrender, where you just feel absolutely secured in that ocean of love.


I wish you all to achieve that state.”




Music of Joy India Tour Video


Highlights of the recent extensive 2016-2017 Music of Joy Tour which visited five States, twelve Cities, where 30,000 seekers received their self realision are now available to enjoy on a video.   CLICK HERE


Shri Mataji could not visit all the corners of the Earth, but perhaps we  can work to take Sahaja Yoga to all these places..

This is one our contributions.



Over the last eight years Australian Yogis are helping to build a school in Jambut . This is featured in the Video and where we held a very successful Public Program and Opening Ceremony.


Our  school is 50% completed.    As you can see this a great Project benefiting so many people.  With all the goodwill the opening generated it is good time to try to get more momentum with the building work.


 if you would like to help details for how to donate are below:  CLICK HERE




Mother's bandhan over Shri Ganesha



Mother washes Shri Ganesha   26th December 2016




HH Shri Mataji’s New Jersey, USA, Home Photos - Set 2











Great results from vibrated water

and request to share the project internationally


Jai Shri Mataji


Vibrations are a living thing as Shri Majaji Nirmala Devi explains, “they think and act”. the action of vibrations can be compared to the action of a magnetic field on iron. just as iron atoms react to a magnetic field, in the same way earth. water, flora and fauna- including human beings – react to the vibrations that flow from shri mataji nirmala devi. it has been scientifically proved and accepted that this vibrations radiate from shri majaji nirmala devi herself as well as from her photograph.


As Shri Mataji told that there is power behind all functioning of this world and this primordial power is named as Adishakti. When this all-pervading power gets connected with its own form Kundalini, sitting in dormant condition in the sacrum bone, at the lower end of backbone of human, in three and half coils, this power starts flowing from the human body in the form of Vibrations.  These vibrations have a positive effect on living and non-living beings of the world.


These effects have been checked and tested on water, vegetation and animals.


We used the vibrations in other living thing like agriculture, horticulture, animal, poultry, fisheries etc.


Remarkable increase was observed in vibrated things over non-vibrated at farmers fields as well as ICAR research institutes.


A numbers of farmers from different states have shown following improvements by practicing Sahaja Agriculture technique.

These include:


Higher production

Better growth of plants

Protection against natural calamities

Improved quality of cattle feed

Robust health of cattle

Increased milk production and egg laying


Shri Mataji experimented with sunflowers in her farmhouse in Pune, in the late 1980’s, and produced tremendously big ones, more than 12 inches in diameter. They were very heavy and gave on the average 250ml. of oil. This was reported in the newspaper.


Professor (Dr.) Felix Kreisler from the University of Hannover, Germany and Professor Kurt Zuckriegel from University of Agriculture in Vienna, Austria have worked on the contamination of barley fields between Hannover and Vienna. The most successful increase in yield was about 5-7% at Vienna.


The vibrated water also has shown changes in the molecular structure in a way by which more absorption is possible by water. Vibrated water doesn't get spoiled when stored for a very long time, like several months. When this vibrated water is provided to plants, it gives additional effect on plants and animals if applied along with the direct Vibrations.


Vibrated plants remain greener, more vital and show significance lead in their growth over the non-vibrated plants, as researched by Lyudmila Tkachenko, Dr. of Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine and Dr. Humid Mehrani-Mylany, Austria.


The synopsis of whole text related to Vibrated Water is published in proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Moral, Health, peace: East-West”, St. Petersburg, 19-20 September 1995, page 119 (Novgorod, Publishing Center of Economics College).


Field experimentation at Rahuri Agriculture University, Maharastra Sahaja Krishi Prakalp produced very encouraging results as follows.


Mean increased growth in plants in different crops ranged from 0- 42.9 % due to  vibrations.

ncrease in germination % due to vibration was 0 to 20.

Different product characters due to vibrations improved by 4 to 80%

Yield of crops due to vibrations increased from 14.3% to 50%

Improved in body weight gain in Birds.

Improved in egg laying.


The Effect of Vibrated Water on the Growth of Plants, Dr. Humid MYLANY. Vienna/Austria. (1986)


Different stages of development (sun flower/maize) the vibrated plants were greener. More vital and showed significant lead in their growth over the non-vibrated plants. The vibrated water not only activates the growth of the plants. it also enlarges and improves the sprouting-potential of the seeds. For example the sprouting ratio of sunflowers rates normally between 75 and 80%. Through the use of vibrated water the ratio was increased to 95 – 100%.


Because of the high germination ratio and the strong growth of the plants in the vibrated part of the test area you can well imagine that this caused a severe competition for space, water and light. Such strong competition normally inhibits the growth of plants, but despite the mentioned density in the vibrated area, its harvest was 20-25% better than the control plots.


The Effect of Vibrated Water on Animals

Dr. Humid MYLANY, Vienna/Austria 1988


The test group of pigs being supplied with vibrated water shows about 15% weight gain compared to the other two control groups.


3. MAHARANA PRATAP UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE & TECHNOLOGY UDAIPUR (RAJASTHAN) India conducted experiment on ground nut by adopting sahaja agriculture technique during 2002. It was concluded that vibrated plot gave 73% higher yield over control plot.


India is a pioneer in Sahaja agriculture by conducting 5 National level workshop/seminars on SAHAJ AGICULTURE PROJECT [SAP] by training more than 780 sahajis.


Later on every state organized workshop on SAP about more than one lacs sahajis farmer trained and about 3 Lac adopting sahaj agriculture techniques in 20 states of India.   SAP work is going on.


SAP is headed by chairman at National level and supported by more than 100 state and district coordinators in every state of India willing to do SAP promotional activities time to time as per Action Plan discussed in NATIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP and its monitoring.


To fulfill the vision and mission of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi sahaja agriculture is most important component to spread sahaja yoga  and sahaja krishi in rural community of India as well as abroad by achieving target of 40% sahaja yogis as per speech shrimataji [shahastra Puja  Italy 6.5.2001]


You are, therefore, requested to promote and achieve the mission and vision of Shri Mataji in your country you may please arrange Mass awareness  campaign in rural area, one presentation / session on SAP along with Exhibition showing achievements and practical Demo how to do Sahaja agriculture in field by requesting letter to National Trust, India [ ] in advance and copy to undersigned  so that necessary arrangement may be done.


Please ensure to provide logistic support etc will be borne by respective  country.


 With warm love and kind regards.


Yours Sahaji





MOB. 9828451514







80 Sahaja Yogis from around the world are joining hands to tour all of India


We are pleased to announce the public program details of the landmark spiritual Indian Tour during December 2016 to January 2017.


Music of Joy group


80 Sahaja Yogis from around the world are joining hands to tour India with the hope of being instruments for Our Mother and Her work in the world. The Tour is ambitious in its scope and vision covering India from north to south. The Music of Joy group will be part of the tour and will be presenting their music at all the public programs to prepare the audience for the awakening of their Kundalini.


Help God change the world


One of the aspects of India tours that Our Mother spoke of in the past, was to show us how to become better Yogis, learning how we can rise in spiritual stature to become Her instruments. To help God change the world, we pray to find inspiration from our tour experiences and to go back to our countries invigorated, inspired and motivated to use our talents to change our world.


The local teams in India are working tirelessly and have been inspirational in leading the change we want to see in the world.


Below are the 12 public programs that the Tour will by visiting.



Tuesday 27th Dec 2016, 6pm

Utsav (Maheshwari Bhavan),

Sector No: 2, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur

Contact: Mr Ramesh Gupta – 9829051262



Wednesday 28th Dec 2016, 6pm

MLB College Sports Ground,

(Katora Tal), Gwalior.

Contact: Mr. Abhinav Srivastav – 9826317409



Friday 30th Dec 2016, 4pm

Vishwa Nirmala Premashram,

Plot No: 9, knowledge Park I,

Gautam Buddha Nagar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Contact: Mr. Rajkumar Singh – 9990802370



Sunday 1st Jan 2017, 6pm

Vidyasagar School, Bicholi Mardana,

Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Contact: 9981380283/9926800041



Wednesday 4th Jan 2017, 5:30pm

Pola Ground, Near Shrine,

Chhindwada, Madhya Pradesh.

Contact: 8982148495



Saturday 7th Jan 2017, 6:30pm

Pratishthan, NDA Road,

Pune, Maharashtra.

Contact: Col. Y D Mane – 9881131393



Sunday 8th Jan 2017, 6pm

PWD Ground, Navi Sanghvi,

Pune, Maharashtra.

Contact: Nilesh Gaikwad – 9850944999



Monday 9th Jan 2017, 3pm

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi School,

Jambut, Tal: Sangamner, Dist:

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Contact: Principal Paradhi – 9730465683



Tuesday 10th Jan 2017, 6pm

Dadasaheb Gaikwad Sabha Gruha,

Mumbai Naka, Nashik.

Contact: Mr. Hrishikesh Summanwar – 9822503031



Thursday 12th Jan 2017, 6pm

Contact: Mrs. Seema (Gujrat State Coordinator) – 9925617623


Navi Mumbai

Friday 13th Jan 2017, 6pm

Reliance Corporate Park,

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Contact: Mr. Kishor Patil – 7738124009


Navi Mumbai

Sunday 15th Jan 2017, 6pm

Utsav Chowk, Kharghar,

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Contact: Mr. Anand – 9820174321



Jai Shri Mataji!




Param Chaitanya & Mahashivratri Puja Seminar - 2017

At Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India)


21st February to 23rd February, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


 Jai Shri Mataji,


Please go through the brief information given in attached invitation circular on Param Chaitanya & Mahashivratri Puja  Seminar - 2017, being organized At Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India) from 21st February to 23rd February ,2017.


All the country/state/city/centre Co-ordinators are requested to please bring it to the kind notice of all Sahaja Yogis in each and every centre to enable them to attend this seminar and puja at Nirmal Dham,Delhi (India).


All of us know that there are fifty two Shakti Peethas of Mother Sati’s Pindas, spread all over Asian sub continents, but “Nirmal Dham” is the only Sampuran Adi Shakti Peetha in the whole universe. Purna Avtar Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi has chosen this Ashram for Her Sakar Form to rest here forever and ever. The Divine vibrations flowing from the Holy Shrine fulfill the whole atmosphere and make all Sahaja Yogis relive in Her Fragrant Memories. “Nirmal Dham” is now the most Sacred Shrine (Teerth Sthala) for all Sahaja Yogis.


Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation,


With Warm Regards!


N P Singh,

Delhi State Coordinator & Trustee,

The Life Eternal Trust

Delhi (India)




Annexure 1  CLICK HERE

Annexure 2  CLICK HERE




International Birthday Puja Seminar - 2017, At Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India)


19th March to 21st March, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Jai Shri Mataji,


Please go through the brief information given in attached invitation circular on International Birthday Puja Seminar - 2017, being organized At Shri Adishakti Peetha Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India) from 19th March to 21st March, 2017.


All the country/state/city/centre Co-ordinators are requested to please bring it to the kind notice of all Sahaja Yogis in each and every centre to enable them to attend this seminar and puja at Nirmal Dham,Delhi (India).


All of us know that there are fifty two Shakti Peethas of Mother Sati’s Pindas, spread all over Asian sub continents, but “Nirmal Dham” is the only Sampuran Adi Shakti Peetha in the whole universe. Purna Avtar Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi has chosen this Ashram for Her Sakar Form to rest here forever and ever. The Divine vibrations flowing from the Holy Shrine fulfill the whole atmosphere and make all Sahaja Yogis relive in Her Fragrant Memories. “Nirmal Dham” is now the most Sacred Shrine (Teerth Sthala) for all Sahaja Yogis.


Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation,


With Warm Regards!


N P Singh,

Delhi State Coordinator & Trustee,

The Life Eternal Trust

Delhi (India)




Birthday Puja Seminar CLICK HERE

Annexure 1 .xls  CLICK HERE

Annexure 2 .xls   CLICK HERE





We were recently contacted by Bupa Insurance and the Taronga Function Centre to submit articles about our meditation for their website and newsletter.


These organisations realise the benefit of meditation so wanted to share our services with their clients.


Both articles are now live...


Bupa Insurance website

Go to the 'Try Meditation' section at:


Taronga Function Centre newsletter

Go to the Sydney - Out & About section... Learn to Meditate at:


Hopefully, we'll receive more requests like these where other organisations are independently recognising and promoting us :)


Jai Shri Mataji... She does everything!





How to Stay Calm: Wellness Experts Share Their Tips


How often do you feel at peace during your morning commute, act with grace and poise during a stressful work meeting, or stay calm and serene while ushering the kids to school? Take a deep breath and visualise your life without the stress many of us accept as an inevitable part of life – now you’re already part way there!


To help stay calm and savour life, we’ve put together top tips from some leading wellness experts in Australia on how you could achieve peace of mind.


Try Meditation


Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a meditation technique that aims to help users go beyond their thoughts to reach a state of calm. The Sahaja Yoga public program offers free meditation classes around Australia both in person and online, to help people experience the present moment and live a calmer, more fulfilling life.


Once you’ve learned the technique, simply find a quiet spot to practise it for 10 minutes each day. You may find yourself enjoying a peaceful state of thoughtless awareness, and maybe even notice improvements in mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in a calmer life.




















Universal Music of Peace


On Sunday November 12th a World Music event “Universal Music of Peace’ was organised by Sahaja Yoga

and Life Eternal Trust Australia at The Ashfield Town Hall.


The evening featured International Music and Recitals including Aboriginal, Celtic, Chinese, Indian,

Jewsish, Muslim, Pacific Islander, Russian, Sahaja Music and more.






Earthquakes on the Earth over 15 years clearly showing the Continental plates.


See the video at:      CLICK HERE




Advice from Her Holiness

07-07-1982 Brighton, UK


“Now a Sahaja Yogi who is been discarded by the collective being is nothing of yours.   Is just finished for you, for the time being.   Because that is the time you are not to support. How much are you going to support? What can you do about? Just forget him.   By forgetting him you have been kind to him, you have been kind to yourself.  But by trying to be nice to him and be good to him and trying to share it with him, you are sharing nothing but bhoots and you are including his bhoots also.   He becomes a medium.   Next time you'll find the same fellow will become medium.”



"Sahaja Yoga is such a light that you start seeing things so clearly. You understand who is the person, who is the positive, who is the person who is negative. The other day as we were discussing the writers we could feel those people who were positive, who were realized souls and those who were now not and how some of the people were affected. We are not impressed by how many books they have printed or how much popularity they have got or how much money they have earned or how much intellectual acrobats it gives us.


What we feel is the - even not without vibrations, without feeling the vibrations, the light is such that you start understanding that this person is negative and whatever he wrote was negative or he was trying to do something absurd and [Aside: Maybe some other time. That's all.] or whether he was influenced by someone or he was himself a very bad man. Everything becomes so clear-cut. You start understanding every sort of an action in a proper light and by that you understand what, what is the problem and how it should be attacked.


Now, you see, how people are identified with wrong type of people and how they start acting with that identification becomes very obvious. For example, there is Mr. X who is a negative person. Now there are some people who are identified with that person. They are more identified with negativity than with their own emancipation, their own Realization.


So suddenly you find that if you ask that negative person not to come in you find all the rest who are attached to them are missing. Actually, they should come very much for the Puja; is very important. They should work it out; that's so essential. They have nothing to do with the third person who has not given them any Realization, has nothing to do, has nothing common.


And if he is stopped from coming it is because there is some problem with him. But suddenly what you find that some people who are attached to that, that negativity of that person, just stop coming. Now, suddenly then what you discover that in that light you see that how some people whom we thought were very good, were very good Sahaja Yogis, were deeper Sahaja Yogis, are not. They are still impressed by the negative persons.


So we can see that Sahaja Yogis get their light. Now they are not much impressed by the outward things like money or any position or any appearance, superficial things as they call it. I mean, they go definitely deeper. But then there is another subtler type of attraction they have and that is this negative force for which we should be very careful.


If somebody is negative, you find him a negative, if it is said that such a negative person has to not to come. He has to go away from the organization for the time being. He has to keep away, to keep the organization healthy and allow that person to recover. Like the tuberculosis. You see, when somebody has tuberculosis what do we do?


We tell the people who have tuberculosis to separate themselves from the rest of the people, get well and then they can come back. In the same way if somebody is told like that, "You are just now in the negative force and if you come more you will become a medium," that person may be sensible enough not to come but the people who are negative will get attached to that person and this is a very subtle attraction that Sahaja Yogis have among themselves, which so subtle that you can't imagine.


For example, one A person gives you Realization. You are a B person. Now he's not your guru. He has given you Realization because he becomes the instrument of God but he is not your guru in any way. Now the same person who has given you Realization might be a negative person, might turn out to be negative, later on may get spoilt.


But doesn't mean that even if he gets spoilt again still you continue with him. But these are such subtle things, you know, that bind you to another person. So this is the best way to judge, that whether anybody drops out or not, anybody comes in or not, on your own how far you are going to benefit, what is your interest in this matter and this is how you should judge yourself.


To judge yourself, as I have told you, relationship should be of perfection that you should perfect yourself because if you have to offer something to God, if you have get something connected to God that instrument should be perfect. So the attitude towards yourself has to be of perfection. But on the contrary the imperfections of others are more attractive. You run to that person because he's imperfect. You start sort of thinking [the same], you must help, how can you get it out.


That's not your job. That's My look-out. I can work it out Myself. You don't have to run after a person who has been discarded just now by Sahaja Yoga. I'm looking after him much more than I'm looking after you. So you don't have to bother but you keep to the collectivity, you keep to the sangha, you keep with the collective personality because he will be lost with that person as he is lost.


And apart from that My attention will be diverted because I'll think this person has such negativity that he's attracting other people to himself so I'll just forget it. So in any way you are not helping that person and you are not helping yourself.


Now, one must understand as you get subtler and subtler there is always an attack of negativity in you which is subtler and which you can feel it also. So always keep yourself detaching yourself from negativity. People are very busy detaching the negativity of other people. Never bother about their own negative things. You always give explanations. Now you have to perfect yourself.


I hope you understand this simple statement that the attitude towards yourself should be of perfection. Now I've told you also that your attitude towards others should be of ideal nature or purity nature. Like whatever relationship you have another person you must keep it in complete purity. Like a wife is a wife, husband is a husband, Sahaja Yogi is a Sahaja Yogi.


Now a Sahaja Yogi who is been discarded by the collective being is nothing of yours. Is just finished for you, for the time being. Because that is the time you are not to support. How much are you going to support? What can you do about? Just forget him. By forgetting him you have been kind to him, you have been kind to yourself.  But by trying to be nice to him and be good to him and trying to share it with him, you are sharing nothing but bhoots and you are including his bhoots also. He becomes a medium. Next time you'll find the same fellow will become medium.


Now those people who have not come today, you better go and wonder. This you should not do because you'll make a medium out of that person and ruin all chances of his coming up and this is not the way to oblige a Sahaja Yogi who is left out.


Now the third thing I would say that our relationship with the sangha, with the collectivity, how should it be? How should we deal with the society of Sahaja Yogis? I deal it that way and you should deal the same way. And that is a very simple way, is pragmatic. If you remember when I started Sahaja Yoga in this country I was doing one some sort of a thing, another type of meditation. If you ask Gavin he might be able give you the history of My changing positions. First I said, "Try this." Then it worked out. Then I said, "Try that." Then that worked out. I said, "Try this." All kinds of things I have tried with you people.


In the same way a society is not bound by any roots and regulations at all. It is how much it has achieved by one. Try vegetarianism. All right, works out well and good. Otherwise forget it. Try liver treatment. Done, finished. Nothing you should get attached to, in any system for the society. This is what is pragmatic. Means attachment for what? It is for after all achieving something in you. What do you achieve by any attachment you should see. Rules, regulations, all right, up to a point.


Otherwise, throw them away. If they are anti-God better throw them away. So one should develop that much adjustment that's I would say is the best way. You can call a Sahaja Yogi administrator who knows at what to adjust back. When it is necessary all right we can be very strict. When it is necessary we can be very joyous. When it is necessary we can be absolutely loose, no rules and regulations. That's how we should be, because that has to be pragmatic.


Now, I hope it is clear-cut to you and tell all the people who have not come today also that you, they have, if they have stayed back because of some sort of a sympathy it's very wrong. That shows that they have not understood the essence of Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga nobody is discarded. Those who are discarded are also for the good of the whole and for the good of an individual. Once the individual gets all right again he comes back as a good person.


So nobody is discarded by your Mother. Once you are My child, you are My child. But you don't worry about the people like that. Otherwise is going to be very dangerous for you and very dangerous for the other person. I think for today that's one of the essential things one has to know and even if you have come from any source to Sahaja Yoga, makes no difference - it can cleanse you - but you must work it out yourself to perfect yourself.


Now you put yourself in juxtaposition to your being and say that, "I have to correct myself. I have to perfect myself. I have to do it. Who am I to ask others to correct me? Why shouldn't I correct myself? I should correct myself." But it is the other way round. If somebody says, "This is wrong with you," you sit there, get angry, isn't it? "All right, I'm all right, nothing wrong with me." It doesn't mean you can't correct yourself. It doesn't mean that others can't correct you. It doesn't mean that.


You see, each is not similar. What it means that you should assert yourself fully to correct yourself and somebody helps you, you should thank that person. I mean, supposing I'm trying to take a load somewhere and somebody helps you to take that load, why should you be angry? It's something very simple.

So one should not be angry with somebody who wants to help. But in all wisdom I think it's better not to help much because you'll be boxed in your nose, you see. It's better to allow them to correct themselves. It's not easy in this world to correct anyone. It's rather a cunning world, you know.


So unless and until you have the tact of your Mother, better don't try such tricks. I don't want your black eyes. It's a funny situation. So let them bear their own load, take it out, let them clear out. It's better. But I'm rather amazed that there are some people about whom I was expecting them to be here, they are not here. All right, let us now have the Havana, finish it off; then we can have our lunch. Can you take these things?


"You are your Self and you must see yourself as your Self, as your Spirit;


and Spirit is a Universal Being, is the innocence, is the virgin within you.


This body is a palace and it is the House of God.


Within it God kept the Infinite Flame."


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella 2017


Dear brothers and sisters,


Jai Shri Mataji!


With great joy we forward to you our invitation to Worship our Divine Mother as Shri Ganesha in Cabella Ligure in Italy, where we will have the great privilege to host our family together with New Zealand, Italy and all the Yuva Shakti of the world.


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20th National Shri Guru Puja - Wamuran


Dear Australian Collective,


Jai Shri Mataji!!


We the Queensland Collective would love to share with you all the wonderful and joyous weekend, well actually four days (so we guess that is a double weekend) with our brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, yuvas and young ones last weekend at our Holy Mother's home at Wamuran.


The weekend began with so many yogis arriving on the Thursday and bringing with them their rays of sunshine, love and joyfulness. The vibrations had begun to flow with each new greeting, hug and chats over cups of tea and food to share.


Friday dawned with a beautiful morning meditation that bought stillness and depth within ourselves. The day then proceeded to include a class of body balance which bought bursts of laughter as we tried to physically match our inner balance (not always successful as we tried to 'fly' whilst remaining on one leg!). Well done to Astrid for taking us through the class. We were also blessed with light cleansing showers throughout the day that made us huddle together and enjoy each other's company even more.


The yuvas organised and lead the havan and wow what a terrific blast that was. If there was any negativity around it would not have been there after that havan, no doubt it would have packed its' bags and cleared out very quickly.


The amazing vibrations from the havan were obvious through the spontaneous and incredible singing by the Yuvas afterwards. People were already dancing from the joy that was being spread. The night was still young and so to the puja hall we went to be entertained by talented musicians and poets. How blessed we are in Sahaja Yoga to have so many people sharing their Divine's gifts with us and to develop this Sahaj culture of the arts.


Saturday came and again we were able to be taken deeper in our morning meditation. So beautiful, so peaceful. Puja Day had arrived and all tasks were done in such a beautiful and calm manner that continued to allow the vibrations to build. From the moment we began the puja the vibrations were incredible and then they grew stronger and stronger throughout the puja. At the end of the puja we all sat in absolute silence, no-one moved, not a twitch, not a sound and this lasted for at least 10 minutes then came a second wave of Shri Mataji's blessings and we all continued to sit silently absorbing Shri Mataji's blessings in the form of vibrations.


Then the puja hall ERUPTED with dancing and such joyful music. Everyone in that hall danced, we have never seen so many yogis dancing at once! We danced with such open hearts and laughter that the love was truly flowing around the hall. It will be a sight that will forever be in our memories.


Early Sunday morning (5am) many yogis went up to the Glasshouse Mountains for morning meditation at the lookout and spread the vibrations further afield. It was then back to Wamuran for our usual famous hearty scrambled eggs by Atul. This gave us all a chance to share our stories and reflect on the puja. The smiles on yogis faces were like a thousand suns together, our spirits were reflecting the Divinity within us all.


So we would love to thank all that were able to attend and to thank everyone for their attention on the weekend even if you were only able to be there in spirit.


With all our love


Queensland Collective



Mother's Wonderful Creation






Shri Maha Mary Jesus Easter Puja, Australia

Wellness and Clearing Camp


The Australian Collective invites all our Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters from around the world to worship Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her Form of Shri Maha Mary Jesus on the occasion of Easter Puja 2017 at Her Balmoral Property in Sydney, Australia from 14th to 17th April, 2017.


A Wellness and Clearing Camp will also be held at the property from 11th to 20th April, 2017.


For further information please go to:    CLICK HERE


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN:  Please register now at the link below.   CLICK HERE


With love from Australia




As you read this Devi Mahatmyam, you will feel the joy, the power and the wonder of the Divine Mother. At its simplest level, the Devi Mahatmyam is the battle between good and evil. But on that battlefield, the majesty of the Mother Goddess should not be underestimated. She does not wage wars with the aid of grand armies or divine allies. She alone is the source and the strength.


In a new translation of this sacred text, Lyndal Vercoe offers a direct and devotional rendering.   This is not just a description of Divine Power. It is a worship and a praise of God as the Mother of the Universe.   Say those words to yourself and feel their meaning: the Mother of the Universe.


This is not just a historical text.   This is a prayer to be read aloud. It is an epic poem, a true song of praise that should echo through the days of our lives. Listen carefully and you will feel the spirit within.   This is a Devi Mahatmyam for our time.


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HH Shri Mataji’s New Jersey, USA, Home Photos - Set 1





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