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Jai Shri Mataji!


Commemorating Shri Mataji’s Name



Dear Yogis, Yuvas and children


Jai Shri Mataji!


We can never even begin to adequately express our deep appreciation and love to Our Beloved Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for all She has given us, with our Self-Realisation, a wonderful world-wide family, and the great joy of Sahaja Yoga in its many manifestations.


An initiative has begun in some parts of the world where in some small way we can pay our respects and acknowledge Her Incarnation by including Her Divine name with Her properties.


To commence this process in Australia we will begin by rededicating Shri Mataji’s name to Her properties in New South Wales at our National Sahaja Yoga Centre at No 10 Clarence Street in Burwood, and at Mother’s National Country property of Balmoral.  Other states blessed to have Mother’s centres or properties may also consider this unique opportunity.


I’m sure all yogis will be delighted by this initiative and opportunity to show further respect and acknowledgement of the Divine.


Dedicating the properties will not only generate vibrations though the words in Her name, but will also enhance Mother’s strong presence within the properties being blessed by Her.    The official naming, inauguration and presentation of the commemorative dedication will occur at our major National Collective meeting at Easter Puja.


The names will be:


“H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Burwood Centre”          And                 "H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Balmoral Centre”


With very best regards and love to all family members.


The Australian Councillors and Trustees.

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Canberra weekend a big success



Report from a Music of Joy member

Canberra Ashram welcomed the yogis who had traveled there for the Multicultural Festival with a delicious dinner and we were all very happy to be together again. Such beautiful collective meditations and we were all one.


On Saturday morning we were blessed with a perfect position in a spectacular shopping centre and set ourselves up to sing to the passing crowd of shoppers. A spiral staircase behind us reminded us of the kundalini and in front of us two curved tiers of mezzanine balconies meant that people could look down to us from above and the sound carried throughout the shopping centre. Little children danced or came closer and stared in wonder as their parents watched the performance and our allotted 40 minutes grew to a couple of hours thanks to a supportive shopping centre manager.


We returned to the sanctuary of the ashram, foot soaks, more gorgeous food and a rest and then in the afternoon we headed for the Festival.


The Sahaja Yoga stall felt like a sweet sanctuary of peace in the midst of a colourful seething mass of people, food, music and an amazing assortment of stalls displaying beautiful crafts.There was so much happening! Everywhere one looked there were people of every description singing, dancing, sitting talking or just walking around enjoying the atmosphere.


Soon we were on the stage feeling the exhilaration and joy of sharing our special kind of music to the crowd, who obviously enjoyed it as much as we did.


We returned to the ashram for an amazingly delicious dinner, refreshing foot soaks and meditation with our hearts absolutely full of joy.


Sunday was just as wonderful with a beautiful morning collective meditation and a healthy sustaining breakfast. Music of Joy returned to the Festival. This time the atmosphere was lighter, not as frenetic as the previous evening and we sat down on the soft grass in front of the Sahaja Yoga tent to sing a few bhajans to the crowd. The stall across the way had some lovely South African people selling beautiful beaded jewellry and we noticed they enjoyed our music very much.


We headed for the stage where we were going to perform. There was a little cleansing shower of soft rain and at first it appeared to be quiet and sparsely populated. But not for long! As soon as MOJ started to perform people arrived from every direction and before long were dancing, moving and clapping to the music.


The compere of the show was dancing right from the start as he watched from the side and ended up dancing at the front. He asked us to perform an extra song and it was Haida, so the whole crowd was dancing and twirling to the music. Performers and audience alike felt great joy.


We returned to the Sahaja Yoga stall and visited the South African stall to buy colourful beaded jewelery and to sing some African songs.They all stood up to sing with us and soon we were all singing and dancing together in the utmost joy. This sharing was a truely heart opening experience.


On the return journey to Sydney in various cars we spontaneously came together at a road stop and then a beautiful rainbow and showers of rain and lightning lit the way home and cleansed the whole atmosphere.


Visit Music of Joy on Facebook here






Report from Canberra



Over the weekend of 8-10 February, the yogis of Canberra with help from our brothers and sisters from Sydney and Melbourne promoted Sahaja Yoga through Canberra's annual multicultrual Festival. Over 200,000 people attend the festival and we had a stronger presence than ever through the help of Music of Joy and Yuvas from Sydney and Melbourne.


Yuvas helped staff our large, comfortable stall and gave realisation to over 60 people during the weekend as well as exposing Shri Mataji to thousands of curious Canberrans through our visible presence.  The Music of Joy ensemble performed three concerts - two at the festival and one at a local shooping mall and gave realisation to an estimated 150 people who had their kundalnis awakened through their participation in songs designed to raise the kundalini.  They brought their A-frame as normal and the place was buzzing whenever they performed.


A highlight of the weekend was when MOJ sang a South African song to the South African representatives opposite our stall.  It's these kind of spontaneous events which open the hear and make Sri Mataji's message of love and fraternity real.


The small Canberra collective was delighted to host around 60 visiting yogis over the weekend.  Our Ashram was bursting at the seams!

A big thank you to all of those who travelled to Canberra to participate in the festival, including John and Patrick who organised the MOJ participation and Kim who brought along a group of dynamic Yuvas.


Thanks also to the local yogis for backing up after hosting a similar number of yuvas during the yuva tour in late December.  It was a fantastic event.  We look forward to promoting Sri Mataji's message and gift next year and to sharing Her with our fellow Canberrans.


John Fisher (Canberra)





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Impressions from the Children's Balmoral Camp


Jai Shri Mataji


We really had a lovely time at the children's camp at Balmoral.  Thanks to all those who helped organise the camp. Apart from the creative activities, yummy food and beautiful meditations the SHRI RAMA Puja done by children was very powerful.  There was pin drop silence after the aarti and the children were completely drenched in HER Divine Love.   Photos of the angelic clouds which followed the Puja revealed the presence of SHRI MATAJI and SHRI GANESHA.  It was a big blessing.  The children also made prasad for the Puja and a garland for Shri Mataji.


All of the children really worked hard for the concert which was the attraction of the camp. They did a play on Ramayana, sang lovely Bhajans and girls did a dance on Ganesha Stuti. They just filled our hearts with JOY.


The children were very excited to see the birthday cake with Shri Ganesha on it.  They blew the candles and received a card, from Shri Mataji which said, " My dear child, You are a very special child as you stay in my heart every moment of everyday. Lots of Love and Blessings from Shri Mataji."


The camp was really a bliss for the children and the parents.


Jai Shri Mataji,

Manpreet and Sukhwinder.


We had envisaged about 35 children turning up and we ended up with 68 children and 180 people including children registered and were there for at least some of the time. The camp really took on a life of its own. We had a theme The Ramayana – which introduced the children to Shri Rama, Shri Sita, Hanuaman and Lakshman and of course the great battle where he defeated the demon Ravana. The 3 age groups did activities around this such as a play, painting the backdrops, making props and costumes. They also had lots of fun doing sport, water games and dance and music.


The amazing thing about the camp was how spontaneously it grew and developed. So many people came forward with talents and ideas of their own to contribute to the whole. In this way the camp felt quite fluid and organic in the way it grew and evolved with everyone equally offering their heart filled desire to contribute and their offering being joyously received by one and all.  It was also brilliant to have so many dads and uncles there as it really felt like a family camp.  The camp was beautifully summed up by one of the  parents in a poem below.




A yogini's impression of the Children's Summer Camp at Balmoral


Thank You Mother ; for allowing Your children to gather in the aim of providing a special time and space for the youngest of Your children so they could feel the joy of being with You in different forms (pure, practical and playful).


Thank You Mother ; for this precious (no) time in a precious (no) place where there is no pressure, just the flow of You pure Love going from one to another, everyone finding its own place in whatever was happening, only pure desire in every heart.


Thank You Mother ; with no one overpowering for a total expression of Your many qualities, Attention only to Your vibrant Love in whatever action and non action.


Thank You Mother ; with a minimum planning and a maximum of joyful spontaneity showing us Who is really doing it All.


Thank You Mother

Thank you to all of Your children

to all of us for accepting to be a small part of You

so we can feel All of You when we are truly together

as one at Your Holy Lotus Feet.











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Yuva Shakti Tour and Camp


This years Yuva trip and camp started in Balmoral, after which we went to Canberra, then Melbourne and finished in Hiawatha.   We could detail the sessions and give you our movements over the two weeks but that could convey nothing of the love that grew between us nor the silence that developed within over the time we spent together.


Suffice to say that there were a lot of clearing sessions, art, games, discussions, laughter and meditation.   There was something different about this camp.   All the kids who came wanted to be there and were eager to enjoy the collective and experience meditation.   Most people who came said that the vibrations of the whole trip were the best of any of our camps held so far and it definitely felt that something big was working out through the whole thing.


Everywhere we went we were looked after so beautifully, we really felt the love of our collective, love that desired our benevolence.   For a lot of the kids who came, the camp was the one time in a year where they could be with the larger Yuva collective.   Many find it difficult to be disciplined in their meditation, to be connected with Mother, so the Yuva camps are an excellent means for them to reconnect with their friends and themselves.


It was such a pleasure to be among people who wanted to go deep, who wanted to become the Spirit, and in whom one can find solace and sincerity.


With love from the Yuva Shakti

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A poem written by Shri Mataji in Cabella

watching the mountain from Her room


I see a mountain from my window

Standing like an ancient sage

Desireless, full of love.

So many trees and so many flowers

They plunder the mountain all the time.

Its attention is not disturbed

And when the rain pours like

Many pitchers of clouds bursting

And it fills the mountain with greenery.

The storms may come soaring,

Filling the lake with compassion

And the rivers flow running down

Towards the calling sea.

The sun will create clouds and

Wind carries on its feathery wings

The rain on to the mountain.

This is the eternal play

The mountain sees

Without desires.

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Diwali Puja - Hiawatha 2012



For those who didn't make it to Hiawatha last year.  A few photos to enjoy.




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Welcome to our new newsletter


Dear brothers, sisters, Yuva Shakti and children


We thank Mother for Her endless blessings and for our beautiful family.

Shri Mataji has responded to our desire to have our national newsletter again and it has manifested in a new format and medium which you can visit any time to see the latest news and announcements from around the country and around the world.  There will also be photos added on a regular basis.


If you are inspired to write a poem or story, have some nice photos or anything with nice vibrations suitable to share, please pass them to your state news 'collectors'. (A list is provided at the bottom of this page).


The year got under way with the very successful 2012/13 Yuva Shakti Camps and Tour bringing great depth and blessings as everything was arranged by Shri Mataji and based on vibrations.  A very big thank you to the Yuvas and helpers for this momentus Tour and Camps.  Parents and those attending are full of praise for the level and depth of vibrations the Yuvas returned home with. (Photos below)


The Children’s Camp up to 14 years was also very successful with 130 attending, including 70 children.  I would like to thank all the mums and dads and helpers who allowed Mother to make the get-together a most memorable event. (See story and photos below)


Canberra has a Multicultural Festival Fair stall on the 8-10 Feb which will attract tens of thousands. The Yuva Shakti have been asked to manage and look after the stall and Music of Joy will be providing music.  We are asking Yogis to seek out major accessible fairs and events suitable for Sahaja Yoga and CoolCheck throughout the year around the country, so please discuss potential opportunities with your Councillors


Mahasamadhi Day is on the 23rd of February. We also have Mother’s 90th Birthday celebrations on the 21st of March and will be marking the significant occasion and making a special effort to cleanse our subtle instruments.


The next big event is our national annual get-together for Easter Puja at Balmoral, to be held over the weekend of Friday the 29th of March until Monday the 1st of April. Interstate and NZ yogis should now look for affordable airfares.   As our major national collective event each state will be assisting the running of the camp and providing sessions of music, learning, clearing, culture and other Sahaja related subjects.  Our national Yuva Shakti will also be invited to share their knowledge and vibrations with everyone.


On behalf of your Councillors I wish you all of Mother’s blessings.      


Jai Shri Mataji!

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Canberra Festival 8th to 10th February


Dear All,


Once again Canberra’s biggest, wholly national outdoor event (attendance figures last year 260,000) is ready to take off in just over three days time – the National Multicultural Festival for 2013 - for which the Sahaja Yogis in Canberra - is quickly becoming the annual premier public event in this city at which to give self realisation.  Naturally all Yogis are very welcome to attend to add their vibrations.


As with last year we have once again an information stall at the National Multicultural Festival site. This time we have a stall for the entire festival. Friday afternoon thru to Sunday evening.


Festival operating hours are : Friday 8 Feb 2013 – 4 pm to 12 midnight, Saturday 9 Feb 2013 – 11 am to 12 midnight, and Sunday 10 Feb 2013 – 11 am to 5pm


The SY Information Stalls are E39/E40 (6 metres by 3 metres in all – double the size of the one we had last year) located in Ainslie Avenue off London Circuit amidst the so called African Village in what appears to be a display of many and varied information/ maybe food stalls representing the diverse cultures from that part of the world.


Getting There: For interstate visitors (and locals) if it helps - Ainslie Avenue is between Petrie Plaza and Akuna Street – so far as the Festival stall layout is concerned.  All of which run off London Circuit which dissects Northbourne Avenue just before the elevated City Circle roundabout.  However due to the scale of the festival site and various parking restrictions ad influx of visitors you may, if arriving later in the morning, have to park some distance away from the festival activities.


Music of Joy in Canberra for the National Multicultural Festival - 2013


Music of Joy will be performing on Saturday morning at (for around 40 minutes and possibly longer if all goes well) MOJ will perform at the Westfield Belconnen Mall – on the second level in the vicinity of the public breakout space near Kmart.


On Saturday evening Music of Joy will perform from 6.20pm to 6.45pm on Stage 6 – located in Akuna Street near the Cnr of London Circuit and on Sunday afternoon they will perform from 2.05pm to 3.05pm on Stage 6 located in Akuna Street near the Cnr of London Circuit.


Additionally we are advertising our SY programs to be held at the Hughes Community Centre, (six weeks every Wednesday evening – 7.30 pm commencing 13 Feb 2013); Woden Library (Saturday mornings 11.15am for four weeks – commencing 16 Feb 2013); and at Scullin – SY Local Centre - (Thursday evenings – ongoing - commencing 7.30pm).


Yuva Shakti Support


This year we are blessed to have additional support from the yuvas (about 12) from both Melbourne and Sydney. Ten of which our arriving from Sydney with Auntie Kim at the helm. They will, in all probability, bring a ‘Cool Check’ roll up banner so they can do their thing of self realisation at the Festival particularly with the younger folk. Perhaps mingle with the crowds and give the awakening process informally/spontaneously on the spot.


Best wishes to all for a wonderful weekend in Canberra.


Jai Shri Mataji


Chris Lee and the Canberra Collective

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