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An ex-students comments on ISPS










Dear Yogis

Jai Shri Mataji!

There have been some recent discussions around Shri Mataji’s school in the Sahasrara of the world in Dharmsala in India.

The following is a comment from an ex-student which I felt should be shared.

Best regards





Jai Shri Mataji


There is no place on earth as blessed by the attention of the Adi Shakti in her physical form as the school She made in India. We are not the children of our biological parents, of our collective, of our nations. We are the children of the Goddess and we belong to Her. Our Mothers concern for her children is absolute, there is nothing she does not do for us. Every action of Hers is for the benevolence of Her children, for the benevolence of their Spirit. This is the feeling i get as i recall my childhood spent at that school at the foothills of the Himalayas. It was a blessed childhood as most old students would agree.


From my experience working on the dorm staff of the school after being away from it for four years it was clear that the 'wild and chaotic' (what i feel were the glory) days when i studied there had completely disappeared (no doubt all the parents are very happy about that!). The school has come such a long way since its first days and will continue to improve. What ever problems may have existed then, and i am sure there were plenty, i can hardly recall any of them. To me those childhood days were the best days of my life and i would not swap them for anything. Not for better food or more hot water or anything.


I feel that the school was created for the benevolence of sahaja children. As yogis, every sahaja child is our responsibility. Each and every one of them. It is difficult to raise a child so that they become beautiful yogis, who have faith in their vibrations, who meditate because they want to not because they are forced.  We, whether present at the school or not, whether biologically related to the children or not, have a duty to ensure that they have a school environment that is full of love and respect.


The Principal of the school, gave up a good job, better pay (and probably more obedient students). She gave up being near her children, her family, to work in the school of Shri Mataji because she cares about these yogi children. How many among us have the courage to do such a thing? She has taken her responsibility as a yogi seriously and is investing in the future of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.


As a ex-student and an ex- staff member my first reaction to complaints about the school is: if you feel about it so passionately why not go over there and fix it or help out at least? They desperately need more people. The school wants to be able to accommodate any sahaja child who desires to be there (and that is a great thing) but they also need massive staff support.


One cannot gauge what the school is or where it is at in a few days or weeks. Nor can we fathom the deeper divine workings that happen through the school, we know nothing! Only that that school is a blessed place. When i was a young student there i had many dreams where Mother visited the school and we would all be waiting for her at the gates throwing petals.


Mother was always so young in those dreams smiling at all of us and laughing. So many students of the school had similar dreams. And when i was working as a dorm aunty, in the night when the children were sleeping, i would get this feeling that Mother was there in the dorm, sitting by the bedside of each of the children.i could really feel that she was there.


ISPS is such a special place, it is foolishness to feel that any human being can be in charge of it. There is one Power that knows everything and is involved in everything to do with our school and She is the Ultimate organizer and knows exactly what She is doing.


It may seem improper of me to say anything, but ISPS is my school and there are few schools in the world where the ex students are still concerned for its welfare long after they have left it. The thing is that ISPS will never leave us. It is an integral part of who we are and we love that place and we want it to be there for generations to come.


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Tassie news


Writing from Canberra;

Thank you to the Sydney/Burwood yogis for a delightful stay there;  and congratulations to Brian Bell for reaching 80 years.  Also a thank you to the yogis in Canberra for a lovely time, a beautiful reminder of what Shri Nirmala Ma has given us all


Sarah and I return to Tasmania today to start another 2 months serie of programs in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.  Bandans please for many good seekers to attend.   Catherine from Launceston  is moving in with us in Hobart and is planning to reside permanently somewhere in Hobart.  Looking forward to the auspicious Easter celebrations and joining up with you all from around Australia.


Keep well within Her love,  Jai Shri Mary Mahalaxshmi;

Phillip and Sarah                                                                                             Back to top



Birthday Celebrations – 2013 at Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India)


Jai Shri Mataji.


Please go through the brief information given in attached invitation circular on Birthday Celebrations Seminar - 2013, being organized at Nirmal Dham, the most Sacred Shrine (Teerath Sthala) for all the Sahaja Yogis from 20th to 21st March, 2013.  All of you are requested to please bring it to the kind notice of all Sahaja Yogis in each and every centre / village / city to enable them to attend and enjoy the “Birthday Celebrations – 2013” at Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India).


Transport will be available for Nirmal Dham from Dwarka, Sector-21 Metro Station on 20th and 21st March 2013. You may please use Metro to reach Dwarka, Sector-21 Metro Station. Sahaja Yogis are welcome to contact the following yogis for any clarification & further assistance please:


(1)  N.P. Singh - 9654103002,    (2)  Vikaash  Chaturvedi - 9810088740,    (3)  A.K. Mahajan - 9968316746,    (4)   Dr. S. C. Nigam - 93124 30744 <tel:93124%2030744>    (5)  S. C. Rai - 90138 23095 <tel:90138%2023095>    (6)  Vishal Chaturvedi - 9811056745  (7)  Gaurav Srivastava – 9958243999        (8)  Puru Gupta - 9582100781


Looking forward to your angelic participation,


With Nirmal Love and Regards!


Desraj Kaundal                                                                      Suresh Bansal

Managing Trustee, The Life Eternal Trust                 Delhi State Co-ordinator  & Trustee

17, Qutab Insititutional Area,                                           The Life Eternal Trust, Delhi (India)

New Delhi-110016 (India)


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Exotic bird plumage display


Please use this link to open a Powerpoint Presentation here feauturing photos of amazing birds in all their splendour, accompanied by some nice with music.


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SA Happenings


Our current records show 47 in our collective, including yuvas and children. We seem to be slowly expanding over the years! Unfortunately we still don't have an ashram but all our collective programs are held at at local school where we have quite a lot of access and freedom.


Christmas is such a busy time for the Lakshmis so it was a great delight to have our Christmas puja organized ( with a little help from a couple of Mums) by our yuvas and children. They certainly added beautiful dimension to the puja. It hardly seemed any time before it was New Year. In recent years we have held a family night at our centre, with mediation to start, followed by fun , games, dancing, concert items and finished off with sparklers. This year we snuck upstairs at the school and had a great view of the city fireworks and thought maybe that maybe next year we will go to see them after the meditation.  Programs through the summer have included some beach meditations, shoebeats and  foot soaks-absolutely heavenly of a hot evening.


After a short summer break our 6 local new peoples programs have begun again. They are spaced throughout the metropolitan areas at Burnside, Cheltenham, Mawson Lakes, Mitchell Park, Payneham and Woodcroft. Generally they support small numbers but have been bringing new yogis to our collective.


We are planning a new way of running Mental Stillness programs this year with more online support and from the wonderful new book " Silence Your Mind". Our number of yogis who work has limited the schools we can cover but in this manner we should be able to help many more children experience the benefits of mental silence.


We are looking forward to Easter with 4 yogis booked to go Balmoral already. Hopefully the number will grow and we will have a good representation at our national puja and again for Diwali.   We wish all the collectives throughout Australia a productive and  peaceful year full of beautiful vibrations.


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Mozart For Meditation


As part of the Fremantle Festival Sahaja Yoga presented a concert titled 'Mozart for Meditation.' Sahaja Yoga is fortunate to have many great artists and one such artist is Natalia Turkovskaya who lives in Perth. Natalia is a concert pianist and now full-time music teacher.


Natalia welcomed the opportunity to perform to a bunch of music loving seekers and so Natalia selected some of Mozart's most beautiful musical creations for the concert.


One of her students 11 year old William Hu also performed his own composition which came 2nd in a national composition competition. The concert went very well and over 250 people received their self-realisation.


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Brisbane Yogis take Sahaja to Byron Bay


The Brisbane collective ventured to Byron Bay over a period of two weekends and did some programs.  Our main form of advertisment was leafletting at the popular markets in the morning and then sprooking outside the program to the many people passing by.  The sound of the music and the vibrations attracted people to come up to the program and some people even didn't wait for an invite!


So the program was adapted to a Woodford style going over a few hours with bhajans and revolving Self Realisations.  People were dancing and enjoying the vibrations. Byron Bay and Northern NSW are areas we will definitely come back to.

Jai Shri Mataji

Leanne                                       Back to top



22 Yuvas vibrate Newcastle


Well the last of the yuvas went back home Sunday around six pm after a very enjoyable and productive Australia Day festival weekend. Overall about 22 yuvas came of which half arrived late fFriday night. we got ourselves together and went down to the lake for a mosquito biting foot-soak  before bed.


7.30am setup in the park and a collective meditation to settle the atmosphere.  We had a lot of flyers made up to promote the local programs and make the people of Newcastle aware of Sahaja Yoga.  These got well distributed throughout the crowds.  So hopefully our programs will be well attended.  The weather was fine most of the day with people steadily coming into the tent to get their realization. Everyone mucked in and helped out to make it all work beautifully.  Late afternoon we packed up and everyone hit the surf close by just a short walk in fact. Anyone who knows the location will tell you that its such lovely place, beautiful park on the mouth of the hunter river with Nobies beach just a stones throw away abutting the park.


Half of the yogis went home after their swim while the other half came back to the Beaven’s for another day. Sunday morning was very wet as some found out waking up soaked in tents.  Started the day with Shri Mataji's talk then breakfast and swimming at Blacksmiths beach in the pouring rain. As you can imagine we were the only ones out there accept a few diehard surfers. a lot of fun though. And then the standard Sunday roast dinner followed by a movie and some ripping yarns.


The Newcastle yogis would like to thank all those of you who made the effort to come for this needed vibrational push to our town and making the weekend a highlight of our year, their contribution was priceless. Ps: Yuvas might like to consider the Townsville Cutural Fest in August.  One of the most enjoyable events of the year.  A lot to see and do. Much like Newcastle, it's set in a park on the ocean which you can swim in that time of the year.  You always get a lot of people getting their realization, its a real event for young people.

Many, Many thanks to you all.

All our love

Jai Shri Mataji

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Maha Shivratri Puja 2013 - England


Dear Brothers & Sisters,


By the blessings of Shri Adi Shakti the celebrations of the International Maha Shivratri Puja 2013 will take place in the 'Heart of The Universe'.

The Sahaja Yogis of the United Kingdom and Ireland are delighted to wholeheartedly invite our universal Sahaja Family to the Land of Shiva for this most auspicious occasion to worship Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in her aspect of Shri Sada Shiva.


We have been blessed in finding an auspicious venue at Dover Port situated by the famous White Cliffs, an iconic landmark recognised throughout the world. There is a pebble beach adjacent to our Puja Hall where we will be able to foot-soak, shoebeat and enjoy the sea air.


We have created a NEW dedicated web page to facilitate registering for this Mahashivaratri Puja.


Please enter the site via this new link here


There are three main tabs:        Home - general detail         Register - to registe        Accommodation - options


Jai Shri Mataji!

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Rearranged and expanded

Recollections of our Holy Mother books

Now available on Amazon.



Many of these stories were originally published in eight volumes by NITL. I have now arranged them chronologically, in seven volumes, and the main title is now Recollections of our Divine Mother.  There are some new stories and quite a lot more photos, which put up the cost of the printing, so if anyone wants them but finds them too expensive we have done a black and white version of some of the volumes.


Over the years Shri Mataji repeatedly asked the editor to collect and publish these stories, and to use her discretion as to which stories should be included and how. Obviously, as humans, we have made mistakes and our memories are not perfect, but when Shri Mataji saw the drafts of the earlier versions, She was nevertheless full of encouragement for their publication.


The stories are much more powerful when presented in chronological order and give an extraordinarily compelling and moving insight and oral history of the forty years of Shri Mataji’s mission to humanity. So far the first two volumes, Early Days to 1980, and 1981 - 1983, are available and the others will follow shortly.


The other book which has now been republished and is available on Amazon is the book of Sahaja miracles, at least a very small sample of them, and Shri Mataji again and again asked for this book to be done. It is called The Breeze of Sahasrara and has been presented as an introductory book on Sahaja Yoga, although a lot of the stories are so amazing and even bizarre it may be more suitable for Sahaja Yogis, unless the new people are very determined seekers. A senior Indian Sahaja Yogi described it as unputdownable.


Many thanks to the 725 yogis who contributed stories and photos, and if anyone has any more, please send them to here and we can add them to future editions. After we have covered our costs we intend to give the profits of all the books to a good Sahaja cause.

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Praise and a request for “Silence Your Mind”


About  "Silence your mind".


This book is wonderful. I felt a flow of cool from it even when I just first picked it up. After reading it I can say - we have to spread it around, and help Ramesh if we can to get it published overseas by the big book publishers. It's the book that can bring Self-Realization to the masses.


It's a ground-breaking book.  It has the power to permeate into every country, into all the people from all walks of life who are to get it; all the seekers and all those who are potentially seekers but don't know it yet.


How can it do that? It's easy and enjoyable to read while also being rigorous in its scientific approach. Thus it can appeal to all Western minds. It proves beyond all argument the effectiveness of mental silence to improve people's lives, while also pointing the way to further research. It makes no assertions without evidence to back them up. It's explanations are clear, easily understood. Everything is beautifully expressed. It even has suspense, the kind that entices you to read  on, and to try the methods that are given so simply and invitingly.


This book has the breadth of coverage to reach to the many and the depth to reach to the few. The spiritual seekers will find themselves, will find the truth, will find Sahaja Yoga.


from Katie Cartmel




Please put some bhandans and post lots of positive reviews on the book websites as this will encourage overseas distributors to pick it up and get it to the public in other countries.

A list of websites follows:


Silence Your Mind is a paperback book and is available from all good bookstores or from Australian online book-sellers such as

(Please copy and paste these addresses into your browser).

booktopia, <http://http/>

dymocks, <http://http/>

angus&robertson, <http://http/>

bookworld, <http://http/>

the co-op bookshop, <http://http/>

doubleday, <http://http/>

boffins (in perth) <http://http/>  and many others

As an eBook from <http://http/>

and similar outlets anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection.


If you are outside of Australia and want to get the paperback, the best option is to order it directly from the author via the

book’s website. <http://http/>

All author royalties from sales of this book will be used for further education and research into meditation.        Back to top



Daglio Camp 2013 - Cabella Italy


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


This year, the International Sahaja Yoga Youth Camp in Daglio will take place after the Guru Puja, from Monday 22nd July till Saturday 3rd August. We will have a mixed camp this time, boys and girls together.


For the first time, we will also organize a preparatory camp the week before, Saturday 13th July to Saturday 20th July. The pre-camp will be open to adults and yuvas, with the purpose of preparing the place properly before the children's arrival. As well as general cleaning, there are also small renovation works that need to be done. The adults who will join the Youth camp as activity givers are also welcome to join this pre-camp, to make sure everything will be ready for the start of the activity at the beginning of the camp.


The Daglio website will open for registration some time in the coming weeks, but we wanted to send this announcement in advance, so that parents and volunteers interested to attend any of the two camps, can already start planning their holidays for the summer. If you have any questions for the organizers, don't hesitate to contact us:  here


Jai Shri Mataji!

Daglio organizers                                                                                                                             Back to top



Divine creations in space










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New State Councillors



Dear Sahaja family,


Jai Shri Mataji!


It is with pleasure that we announce the selection on vibrations of a number of new State Councillors.  A very big thank you to our brothers and sisters in Western Australia who carried out the extensive selection process with names placed in envelopes and checked to determine whom Mother wishes to be Her new State Councillors for the coming period for Victoria and the ACT.


For the ACT we welcome Lyn Vasudeva and Chris Lee who are joining John Fisher as Coordinator.


In Victoria Shri Mataji has chosen three new Councillors, Liman Biswas, Denise Berry, and Mary Gelagotis.  We welcome the new Councillors and look forward to their contribution in assisting in all the necessary arrangements and activities which provide for the collective’s enjoyment, spiritual growth and nourishment.


It is apparent the workload for some State Councillors is substantial and they have chosen to resign at or around the 3 year period. We offer them our sincere appreciation for the time given, personal sacrifices made, and their usually unseen work on behalf of their brothers and sisters.


Those resigning include Beverley Budgen from Cairns.  Beverley has made a positive and much appreciated contribution to the Cairns/Ingham/Townsville collective as Coordinator, and to the Queensland State Council. She is presently busy building a new home in Cairns.


Dolly Singh from the ACT has also resigned. Dolly has been a significant contributor to the Canberra collective as a Councillor and Treasurer over the last three years.  Rishi Nicolai resigned some time ago, and his contribution is much appreciated. He is now directing his energy to spreading vibrations via MOJ.


In Victoria Chris Clear has been a very active Council member, organising new people’s seminars and national Diwali Pujas at Hiawatha as well as coordinating the Mental Stillness program in Victoria.


Amar Bensaud from Victoria has recently moved to the UK. During his short tenure on the Victorian Council, Amar worked with the Yuvas and initiated the recent successful Yuva Tour and camp at Hiawatha in January.


Due to her workload as a National Councillor and other growing commitments, Astrid Fleay has elected to resign from her State Councillor position and will concentrate instead on her National Councillor role for Victoria.


I would like to offer my personal thanks to all of the resigning and incoming Councillors who provide their support to ensure the success of our collective activities and all other necessary administration tasks are looked after.  A big thank you also to your families who quietly share the load in subtle ways.


Best regards,


Vishnu on behalf of all the Australian Councillors

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Jordan Tour - April 2013



Dear aunties, uncles and yuvas,


As many of you might already know, a group of yuvas have been working on putting together a tour in Jordan. We are now happy to announce that the Jordan Tour will be taking place from the 1st to the 14th of April this year! It is so nice to observe how this event is filling so many yogis with excitement and motivation. Lately we have seen many pictures in the news and other media showing the suffering, the fear and the anger of the people in the Middle East. Especially after the anew tension between Israel and Palestine we again felt how important it is to support them by collectively putting our loving attention towards their nations.


Throughout the Jordan Tour we will be performing concerts and workshops for different youth and women organizations, NGO’s, schools, and we are currently trying to get permission to work with Palestinian refugees, a great opportunity we got during the Lebanon Tour 2011 and wish to have again this year. This is once again an amazing opportunity to reach out to many people that are ready for a change.


We also want to mention how motivating it is not only to have the support of the yogis but also of the many organizations we have contacted, who are very inspired by what we offer.


Now to the part you were probably all waiting for :-) To make this vision a reality we really need your financial support. We are trying to organize the tour using as little money as possible and most of our expenses will cover accommodation and transportation costs. Our estimated budget needed to host 21 yuvas for 2 weeks including possible hall rentals, sound equipment and printing info materials, is US $12,000. Due to the generosity of the Austrian collective, we have already raised $3,700!!!

Meaning there is $8,300 still to go :-)


Any contribution, big or small, will make the world of difference to us! We have posted a link below where you can donate through our PayPal account. We will keep you updated with the progress of the fundraising and would really appreciate if you could share this post with as many people as possible! <>


Thank you verrryyy much for your support!!!!!


Lots of love,

The Jordan Tour team

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Collective Meditation in Cabella - February 23rd



Dear Yogis,


As February 23rd approaches we, the Italian Collective and the World Foundation, would like to renew our invitation to join us in Cabella to pay homage to our Divine Mother and to express our gratitude for Her all-encompassing vision and heritage of eternal, pure love.


Shri Mataji’s private apartments in Palazzo Doria will be open all day from 10:00 am to midnight. During that time anyone who wishes to may come and express their love and gratitude to our Beloved Mother, offering Her flowers, performing a small puja, meditating quietly and absorbing Her Holy Vibrations.


Two other rooms will also be available on the lower floors where, after paying your respects in Shri Mataji’s apartments, you can listen to a selection of Shri Mataji’s speeches.


For those people who book online, here we can offer accommodation and also lunch, dinner and breakfast the next morning. Accommodation will be simple and spartan. Hot water and heating will be available, but temperatures fall well below zero at night so you should bring a good sleeping bag and warm clothing.


Please view the Calendar of Events to see what else is going on in Cabella this year. here


We look forward to seeing you in Cabella.


With all our love,


The Italian Collective

World Foundation

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Shri Buddha Puja Invitation



The Sahaja Yogis of the Philippines and the Hosting countries would like to invite the Sahaja Yoga collectivity of Australia and New Zealand for the “International Shri Buddha Puja - 2013” which will be held in the Philippines between 24th to 26th May 2013.


We will be hosting for the first time in East Asia Sahaja Yoga Marriages and we would like to invite all those Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis who want to get married during the seminar event.


Click here for further information.


More information and online registration are available from the Shri Buddha website .

The user ID is “member” and password is “coolvibes”.


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The Palace of Art



“From shape to shape at first within the womb


 The brain is modelled,”  She began;


“And thro' all phases of all thought I come


  Into the perfect man.”



“All nature widens upward, evermore


 The simpler essence lower lies:


  More complex is more perfect, owing more


 Discourse, more widely wise.'



“I take possession of men's minds and heads,


 I live in all things great and small,


 I dwell apart holding no forms or creed,


 But contemplating all.”



(extract from “The Palace of Art” by Alfred Lord Tennyson)



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Children's Camp at Hiawatha - Invitation



Jai Shri Mataji


The July school holidays are coming again and have presented us with another opportunity for a winter tour and camp. This time we're traveling to Hiawatha, Victoria.   The invitation is open to families all around Australia.


The camp at Hiawatha will run from Wed 3rd July - Mon 8th July.    A group from NSW will travel by train from Sydney on Tues 2nd July - Tues 9th July.


It reminds us of going on India tour and seems a great way to spread vibrations, grow and be collective.  It is a winter camp and people need to be prepared for the weather.  We will be out and about in the cold.  It would be great to do some fundraising to help subsidise the trip for anyone who needs it.  If anyone has any ideas and/or can do fundraising let us know.  (I'm going to make 10 Banana Breads and sell them for $10 each).


We are booking the trip from Sydney to Hiawatha as a group. If you are interested in being part of this please contact Ruth Cross (details below). This booking will happen in March sometime.  Please register your desire to come as soon as possible.


For any queries, questions or to register please contact:

Ruth Cross    NSW

Click here to email

(02) 4369 3065       0420 762 628


Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

The Hiawatha Winter Tour and Camp Team

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Winter in Cabella



A few photos of Cabella from our sister Madhuri - Mara



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Cabella School - Teachers required



Cabella International Sahaja School is looking to appoint two Primary School Teachers to start in August 2013.   The candidates will be established sahaja yogis or yoginis, possess experience and qualifications in primary-school education, have native or near-native command of English and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.    The candidates should also have the right to work in the European Union.


The Cabella School was very close to the heart of our Beloved Mother. She inaugurated the school in person and subsequently blessed children and staff with Her presence on several occasions. Working for the school in this role is a unique opportunity to contribute to the unfolding vision of Shri Mataji of Cabella as a hub of Sahaja education.


It also offers a working environment that is overflowing with vibrations, a place of astonishing natural beauty to live in, and membership of a team of joyful, dedicated and dynamic professionals.   Successful candidates will be offered a full-time contract, a salary based on the national contract for private schools in Italy (ANINSEI), and holidays at Christmas, Easter, and in the summer.


Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter by e-mail to the Antonio Palma:    Click here  by the 30th March 2013.


World Foundation News Team


 A local newspaper made up this advertisment for some programs.

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