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Welcome to our new newsletter  1-2-2013


Dear brothers, sisters, Yuva Shakti and children


We thank Mother for Her endless blessings and for our beautiful family.

Shri Mataji has responded to our desire to have our national newsletter again and it has manifested in a new format and medium which you can visit any time to see the latest news and announcements from around the country and around the world.  There will also be photos added on a regular basis.


If you are inspired to write a poem or story, have some nice photos or anything with nice vibrations suitable to share, please pass them to your state news 'collectors'. (A list is provded at the bottom of this page).


The year got under way with the very successful 2012/13 Yuva Shakti Camps and Tour bringing great depth and blessings as everything was arranged by Shri Mataji and based on vibrations.  A very big thank you to the Yuvas and helpers for this momentus Tour and Camps.  Parents and those attending are full of praise for the level and depth of vibrations the Yuvas returned home with.


The Children’s Camp up to 14 years was also very successful with 130 attending, including 70 children.  I would like to thank all the mums and dads and helpers who allowed Mother to make the get-together a most memorable event. (See story and pics below)


Canberra has a Multicultural Festival Fair stall on the 8-10 Feb which will attract tens of thousands. The Yuva Shakti have been asked to manage and look after the stall and Music of Joy will be providing music.  We are asking Yogis to seek out major accessible fairs and events suitable for Sahaja Yoga and CoolCheck throughout the year around the country, so please discuss potential opportunities with your Councillors


Mahasamadhi Day is on the 23rd of February.  We also have Mother’s 90th Birthday celebrations on the 21st of March and will be marking the significant occasion and making a special effort to cleanse our subtle instruments.


The next big event is our national annual get-together for Easter Puja at Balmoral, to be held over the weekend of Friday the 29th of March until Monday the 1st of April. Interstate and NZ yogis should now look for affordable airfares.   As our major national collective event each state will be assisting the running of the camp and providing sessions of music, learning, clearing, culture and other Sahaja related subjects.  Our national Yuva Shakti will also be invited to share their knowledge and vibrations with everyone.


On behalf of your Councillors I wish you all of Mother’s blessings.      


Jai Shri Mataji!



The scale of the Universe 1-2-2013


Click here to view a video showing the scale of humans, features on the earth, our local planetary system and the universe we can view and further afield.  It is a wonderful reminder of Mother's glorious creation.  Jai Shri Mataji!



Praising Adi Shakti in Ganapatipule 1-2-2013


Dear Family,

I would like to share with you the wonderful moments of the mini-tour took place in India started at Nirmal Dham, continued in Ganapatipule with Christmas Puja seminar and finally conluded at Vaitarna Academy.  The tour started with visiting Nirmal Dham, the resting place of Shri Mataji  in Delhi. Spending most of the day with meditating, praying and absorbing the Divine vibrations in the serenity provided us the nectar of our Spirit. From the moment we entered Nirmal Dham till our departure, we all felt the endless love and compasion of our Mother embracing us every single second.  Visiting Nirmal Nagari in Ganapatipule was the second stop of the tour.


As you may know that since last year, international seminars are started to be organized again at Nirmal Nagari in Ganapatipule. Our brothers and sisters all over Maharashtra have been doing a wonderful job and they are all very eager to welcome the foreign yogis.  Ganapatipule is the only location in the world where Ganesha meets the Father principle, the ocean.  Ganapatipule is an ancient pilgrim centre on the western coast of Maharashtra known for its serene beach and its Swayambhu Ganapati temple. Since the mid-1980s, Ganapatipule has become the location for annual Sahaj Yoga seminars.


The unique character of Ganapatipule has revealed by Shri Mataji: "And He (Shri Ganesha) becomes Mahaganesha in Ganapatipule. Here He’s surrounded by the Father Principle, the Guru Principle of the sea, the ocean – the Indian Ocean. That is, here He becomes a Guru."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 01/01/1986 -- Shri Mahaganesha Puja - Ganapatipule INDIA


Shri Mataji addressing the importance of visiting Ganapatipule. "I have seen people who come to Ganapatipule, now they are very matured. Otherwise in the beginning they used to say: “We don’t have water, we don’t have this facility, it’s very cold or hot...” or whatever. They were all the time talking as if they are on a holiday. It is something very different. You are here to develop your witness state. Did you see the sky, how beautiful it was? How orange, blue, all kinds of colours were there. The colour – it takes, automatically, and is enjoying it. It is not bothered that it should remain forever, that this will go away when there is darkness. Just watching. The sky is just watching. Whatever comes its way, it takes it. So, it’s so beautiful and it’s so joy giving."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 25/12/2000 -- Christmas Puja - Ganapatipule INDIA


"...Today we came to Ganapatipule, it has a great significance, among the Asthavinayaka – eight Swayambhus of Shri Ganesha). It is the place of Mahaganesha. Mahaganesha is Pithadhish (Governor of all pithas) and sitting on this pitha, he looks after (protects) all the Ganesha Swayambhus. He has the knowledge of all the Omkaras, as he has attained the Guru Tatwa (Guru Principle)."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 01/01/1986 -- Shri Mahaganesha Puja - Ganapatipule INDIA


"...I bless you all, that here at Ganapatipule, the place of Mahaganesha, with his special grace, you all can attain your Guru Principle as soon as possible."  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 01/01/1986 -- Shri Mahaganesha Puja - Ganapatipule INDIA


The experience in Ganapatipule is beyond words. The Christmas Puja seminar started with the Havan on the 23rd December. The 23rd and the 24th December were dedicated to seminars and evening programs. During these 2 days, 8000 Sahaja Yogis have witnessed the great performances such as Indian classical music, Katak and Kuchipudi dances, joyful bhajans..On the 25th December the Christmas Puja was offered with full dedication and love. Everything from the stage decoration to music was just heart-opening. The last day of the seminar was for Haldi and Marriages.


Shri P. K. Salve Kala Pratisthan - Vaitarna Academy

The last stop of the tour was Vaitarna Sahaja Yoga Academy, surrounded by Dams and Lakes in the vicinity of scenic greenery, and about 100 kms from Mumbai. Shri Mataji has inaugurated Shri P. K. Salve Kala Pratisthan, an academy of Indian Classical Music and Fine Arts at Vaitarna on the 1st of Jan 2003. Since then many yogis have the opportunity to learn the Indian classical dance, music and painting and spread the vibrations through art. Please spread the word and encourage the yogis in your collectivities to visit Vaitarna Academy and learn the Divine arts in the unique vibrational atmosphere.

Please enjoy the dedicated video of this tour! here Password: jaishrimataji


Maharashtra Tour 2013!

Finally an exciting news for all of us. Next year during Christmas, a Maharashtra tour will be organized in India. We will all have chance of visiting the Swayambus and holy places of Maharashtra.:)

With love and respect.  Jai Shri Mataji!      



Easter Puja - Balmoral NSW - 29th March - 2nd April 2013  1-2-2013


Our main National Puja is being held again this year over the Easter long weekend at the country property of Balmoral in News South Wales.   Those who attended last year will confirm it is a wonderful opportunity to meet new brothers and sisters, catch up with friends, and enjoy the bliss of being drenched in Mother's vibrations in a beautiful natural setting.


Interstate and overseas yogis should purchase airline tickets ASAP if not done so already.  The program, transport and other details are being arranged and we will be sending updates on a regular basis.



A couple of beautiful songs from live radio program in 2001   1-2-2013


Beauty - Vimala & Peter Doherty 12.7.2001 (live).mp3


The Source - Kate Henshaw & Peter Doherty (live).mp3






Silence your mind update


Dear Yogis


As you know, 'Silence Your Mind' is now out in mainstream bookstores all over Australia.  You can now (or very soon) get the book from your local yogi representative:



Sydney- Pushpa and the team at the Burwood resources room for $25 (cheaper than bookstores!)

Melbourne- Andrei Ratiu                 ACT- John Fisher                     Adelaide- Tony Esposito

Perth- Kitty Armstron                        Cairns- Vishnu Bonneau       Brisbane- David Flesser

New Zealand- Chris Marshall



Booktopia, Dymocks, Angus and Robertson, Bookworld all stock the paperback



It’s a bit of a problem with getting paperback versions outside of australia because the publisher is trying to find a distributor in the USA. Until then only the eBook will be available on places like


HOWEVER, to help people outside of australia to get hold of the paperback (softcover) I have set up a secure payment facility on the book’s website here  Just click on the “get the book” link and then click on the “international” option. This is the best way for people outside of Autralia to get the book for now!


Please put some bhandans and post lots of positive reviews on the book websites as this will encourage overseas distributors to pick it up and get it to the public in other countries



It is getting a very positive reception from both yogis and non-yogis. Below are reviews and comments from both, to help you get an idea of the impact it is beginning to have:


Review from a non-yogi (member of the public)

Silence Your Mind showcases something marvellous.   I cannot recommend it highly enough -for EVERYONE.    It is not often you find a book, in particular a 'self-help' book, based on world-leading research - especially one from an Australian.    In this way, the book stands out. However, there are many more reasons this book is something special.


It introduced to me the idea that there is more than one type of meditation. Who knew?    And the book proved to me - using established, conventional and rigorous research methods and standards - that one particular type, one that facilitates the experience of mental silence, has made significant differences to the lives of many of those who have practised it. it is compelling and exciting without being evangelistic.

Importantly, the book gives easy-to-understand instructions about how to achieve mental silence. It is even within reach of children!

Benefits flow from just 10mins meditation per day. Remarkable.


This book is 10/10.       Warning: Do not ever lend your copy to anyone; you will never get it back.


Letter from a non-yogi (member of the public)

On the day we went to the airport I dropped into one of the airport bookstores to look for something new to read....something to give me space to clear my head and yet reflect on how to improve all aspects of my life...low and behold I came across a new book by Ramesh Manocha MD entitled 'Silence Your Mind'...a more than appropriate title for what I was indeed looking for so I bought the book with much joy and anticipation.  It has not disappointed me in the least and relaxing on a beach in Fiji was the perfect backdrop for learning how to stop the often uninvited incessant chatter in my head.  I want to thank you on my behalf and that of my partner's who is now joyfully reading it and we are looking to practice meditation together.  Many thanks offering such an important piece of writing to the masses...also my congratulations....the book is a great read and I will be looking to endorse it whenever and wherever I can...I think all teachers and parents should have a copy and it will certainly be on my list of suggested readings for all those I speak to when the opportunity presents itself.


Review from a yogi


In my own lowly opinion this is exactly the type of thing Shri Mataji meant when She talked about science proving Sahaja Yoga.

"It is predicted by an astrologer, Bujandar, that after the birth of a great Mahayogi, that science will establish the existence of God, that the Divine Knowledge and the Science will become one." Shri Durga Puja, Sholapur.

This is an absolutely fabulous first step on that road. 15 long years of dedicated research into the powerful and beneficial effects of Sahaja meditation, delivered in a nice easy to read format.

As far as I can tell it's the first book of its type anywhere in the world, and the fact that it's written by an eminent Australian doctor makes it even more delicious.

Buy it for the sceptic in your life! :)


Love   Nigel Powell


Review from a yogi

This is a very important and profound tool which will gradually permeate the collective mass consciousness because of its truth and honesty, because it clearly explains what we need to do, and because it is coming from Mother.   Just the fact that it exists has a great power, and its placement in the 'real world' will reach many.


 Vishnu Bonneau


You may care to visit here to become familiar with the website associated with the book if you are recommending it to people.


Purchase the book at Angus and Robertson  here     Back to top


Inspiring Recollections by Yuva Shakti published  1-2-2013


Dear Yogis and Yuva Shakti,

We are pleased to announce a year long project has resulted in the first historical and significant Yuva book - Inspiring Recollections told by Yuva Shakti.  This project involved Yuvas from around the world and is a treasured collection of stories from our young people and their experiences with Shri Mataji.


The book provides an insight into the special relationship Mother has with our younger members and an opportunity for others to share in their experiences.   You can preview the book and purchase it on line.

Go to here   or visit and search for Recollections by Yuva Shakti


Thank you again everyone for make this collective dream become a reality!


Wishing everyone a very happy new year!



Divine Cool Breeze 2013 Subscriptions  1-2-2013


Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!  Subscriptions for the ‘Divine Cool Breeze’ 2013 magazine and E Book are now available.  Please see the attached PDF for further information and visit here to arrange your subscription for this much loved compilation of Mother’s talks and advice with delightful photographs.  'The Journey Within’ book is also available and there is a gallery of 2000+ photographs of Shri Mataji.

Please support this important work and enjoy the beautiful Vibrations, Images, and Divine Words of Our Holy Mother.

Best regards,  Vishnu     




2013  MOJ  SE Asian Tour  1-2-2013


As agreed to previously, following the Christmas Puja at Our Mother's Temple at Burwood in Sydney, the names of all the countries who had  expressed an interest in the 2013 MOJ Tour were placed in envelopes on the altar before Shri Mataji and the question was asked:  "Shri Mataji is it pleasing and your Will that we visit this country as part of the MOJ 2013 Tour".


There were a number of countries for which the vibrations were cool.  These were Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. and Sri Lanka.

The MOJ musicians have received tremendous love and care from all the countries they have previously visited, and there was a sadness that some had missed out this time around.


It is pleasing to be fulfilling Mother’s specific request to visit and help establish Sahaja Yoga in our neighbouring countries, and on your behalf I would like to offer our great appreciation to all those doing this important work.  The musicians pay for their own travel and other costs and it would be appreciated if we can all assist the tour financially when requested  With Mother indicating Her suggestions work can now begin on itineraries and travel plans.


Visit the MOJ site here to enjoy photos, stories and video of previous tours



guidelinesGuidelines for Sahaja Yoga and the Internet  1-2-2013


Dear Yogis,

A group of professional yogis consisting of Graphics Designers, Internet security specialists, Internet Usability experts, Social Media specialists, Search Engine Optimisation experts, Online Reputation Management consultants, Content managers, Editors, and Representatives from NIPC & Nirmala Vidya llc have compiled a set of suggestions as to how best present Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga on the internet, and generally in various media.


The guidelines are provided attached for your information. "In this generation of virtual media, the time has come for us to be responsible in how we publicize Sahaja knowledge. It is our common desire to spread Mother’s message of love and to generate curiosity and desire in people to know Her and inspire them to try meditation.” Please take the time to read the guidelines and use them where appropriate.

Best regards, Jai Shri Mataji!  Vishnu


Please see attached file:     AUM .pdf



Invitation to Birthday Puja - Chhindwara  1-2-2013


Dear Sahaja Family, with folded hands and open hearts, with the

Grace of our Holy Mother, the Indian Collectivity invites you to join us at Chhindwara near Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh, for celebrating our Beloved Mothers 90th Birthday. Your presence will add beauty, charm, and vibrations to the World Collective which gathers at Chhindwara to dance to the tune of our Holy Mothers Love.

Please click here for more information.



Inspiring Italian Yuvas video  1-2-2013


 The Yuva Shakti of Naples in Italy have created a video showing how they are spreading Sahaja Yoga in their city.


 Jay Shri Mataji!


Click here to see the video.





Impressions from the Children's Balmoral Camp


Jai Shri Mataji


We really had a lovely time at the children's camp at Balmoral.  Thanks to all those who helped organise the camp. Apart from the creative activities, yummy food and beautiful meditations the SHRI RAMA Puja done by children was very powerful.  There was pin drop silence after the aarti and the children were completely drenched in HER Divine Love.   Photos of the angelic clouds which followed the Puja revealed the presence of SHRI MATAJI and SHRI GANESHA.  It was a big blessing.  The children also made prasad for the Puja and a garland for Shri Mataji.


All of the children really worked hard for the concert which was the attraction of the camp. They did a play on Ramayana, sang lovely Bhajans and girls did a dance on Ganesha Stuti. They just filled our hearts with JOY.


The children were very excited to see the birthday cake with Shri Ganesha on it.  They blew the candles and received a card, from Shri Mataji which said, " My dear child, You are a very special child as you stay in my heart every moment of everyday. Lots of Love and Blessings from Shri Mataji."


The camp was really a bliss for the children and the parents.


Jai Shri Mataji,

Manpreet and Sukhwinder.


We had envisaged about 35 children turning up and we ended up with 68 children and 180 people including children registered and were there for at least some of the time. The camp really took on a life of its own. We had a theme The Ramayana – which introduced the children to Shri Rama, Shri Sita, Hanuaman and Lakshman and of course the great battle where he defeated the demon Ravana. The 3 age groups did activities around this such as a play, painting the backdrops, making props and costumes. They also had lots of fun doing sport, water games and dance and music.


The amazing thing about the camp was how spontaneously it grew and developed. So many people came forward with talents and ideas of their own to contribute to the whole. In this way the camp felt quite fluid and organic in the way it grew and evolved with everyone equally offering their heart filled desire to contribute and their offering being joyously received by one and all.  It was also brilliant to have so many dads and uncles there as it really felt like a family camp.  The camp was beautifully summed up by one of the  parents in a poem below.




A yogini's impression of the Children's Summer Camp at Balmoral


Thank You Mother ; for allowing Your children to gather in the aim of providing a special time and space for the youngest of Your children so they could feel the joy of being with You in different forms (pure, practical and playful).


Thank You Mother ; for this precious (no) time in a precious (no) place where there is no pressure, just the flow of You pure Love going from one to another, everyone finding its own place in whatever was happening, only pure desire in every heart.


Thank You Mother ; with no one overpowering for a total expression of Your many qualities, Attention only to Your vibrant Love in whatever action and non action.


Thank You Mother ; with a minimum planning and a maximum of joyful spontaneity showing us Who is really doing it All.


Thank You Mother

Thank you to all of Your children

to all of us for accepting to be a small part of You

so we can feel All of You when we are truly together

as one at Your Holy Lotus Feet.











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