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ARCHIVES  March to May 2013

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MOJ SE Asian Tour 2013



Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!


Plans are well advanced for this year's Music of Joy Tour of South East Asia, as part of Australia’s fulfillment of a request by Shri Mataji to assist in helping Sahaja Yoga get established in nearby countries.


The Tour this year includes Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam  and will be leaving Sydney for Taipei on the 19th of September and returning home from Vietnam on the 7th of October.


Should you be interested in travelling with the group, a very limited number of spaces are available to travel with the 35 member entourage.


As tickets and arrangements need to finalised soon, can you please contact Chris:  ckyriacou@gmail  Click here


Best regards,

Vishnu on behalf of MOJ

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Invitation to Indonesian Seminar



With great pleasure and joy, we humbly invite all brothers and sisters to attend Indonesia National Seminar which will be held

at Sahaja Yoga Bali Center, Denpasar at Saturday, March, 30th 2013.


We also invite brothers and sisters from other country to joint us at Bali. We will perform havan and Easter Puja during this seminar.


Detail program will be sent to you in March.


Sahaja Yoga Bali Center can accommodate up to 20 people (please bring your own sleeping bag, blanket, and other personal care)

There is also a room for rent at the house across our center which cost idr 150.000 (AUD 15) per room/night.


Please confirm your participant to this event at least March, 15th 2013.


For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With love,

Bali collective


Nyoman (  Click here      Anita (  Click here     Arya ( )  Click here


Invitation   Click here PDF,   Agenda  Click here PDF



New Sahaja Yoga Centre Opens in Denpasar


Sahaja Yogis in Bali recently opened their new centre in Denpasar to collective gatherings and public programs.

As the cost of the lease for this beautiful centre cannot be met through the limited resources of the Bali yogis, some Western Australian yogis chipped in and covered the lease costs for a year. The WA Collective has also provided some support for print and radio publicity.


The Bali yogis have also been doing some school based programs. They have asked for bandhans so these programs go smoothly.

The local yogis are inviting yogis from Australia and the South East Asian region to the Denpasar centre for their Easter Puja.

See above.


Jakarta and Singaporean yogis will be subtitling some of Shri Mataji’s talks in the local Basha Indonesian language. Currently, talks played at the Centre are translated verbally by yogis proficient in English and the local language.


If Australian yogis wish to support the Bali Centre or the subtitling project, please do not hesitate to contact:

 Chris Szydlowski on 0423881142 or via email:  Click here


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Beautiful Collectivity & Beautiful Mother Nature in the Coromandels - New Zealand


It was a very spontaneous and precious time for 9 extremely fortunate Sahaja Yogis who came together at  Riverglen Camp in early January, 5 kms from Coroglen in the Coromandels. Two large tents sheltered us so well. In typical Sahaja Yoga style, the ladies organised brilliant meals, the men enjoying and appreciating, plus helping out a bit ! But we all just cruised along: it was all so joyful- just being with Sahaja Yogis. We were able to join in with a fair at nearby Whitianga to give self Realization. Very spontaneous.


The great rolling waves at Hot Water Beach were glorious! We just watched in awe....taking in the beauty & majesty of Mother Earth, & Father sea. At the camp, by the river Karuna invited us for some collective singing exercises: these were great ! This was followed by, of course, some bhajans as night approached. Morning meditation was superb - under the trees, by the peaceful river, which served as the family playground. It was an idyllic camp. We had a very peaceful time, in a beautiful, spacious & still very green camp.


We took on the hour's trek over the cliff tops to the magnificent "Cathedral Cove". The sea, over eons, has miraculously carved out a huge, majestic cave. It is very aptly named, looking like and shaped like a huge cathedral. In this area are many amazing coves, pillars, & cliffs, all patiently sculptured, by Mother Nature. They are mainly white, being limestone, very majestic & awesome.


So, in conclusion, thanks for arranging this 3-day interlude of joy, and beauty, (4 days for some lucky yogis !) It stressed how we all need to enjoy both one another, & precious, so beautiful Mother Earth, here in Aotearoa.


JAI    SHRI    MATAJI    !!!

With love from David.


Clearing Weekend


A "clearing weekend" was held at The Auckland ashram over Auckland Anniversary weekend. The results were completely unexpected, & beyond what we could hope for. This was a pilot seminar - as unanimously, we felt we want to do this again, as it was so effective. It did demonstrate how if we are collective, with sincere intent, we can work wonders.


Personally, I felt that actually because of this - The Divine did it all for us ! At times it felt very much like being in India, & at Washi. In actual fact the precious time we were together was from (about) 6pm Friday evening, till Saturday afternoon: not even 24 hours !!! (It seemed like 2 days at least !)


We all wrote the negativities on pieces of paper, which were offered to Shri Agni Devata, near the end of havan. The havan was limited to about an hour, with 2 sets of names: e.g. Shri Ganesha's 12 names & Shri Bhairava's 21 Names ( rather than 108 Names). Afterwards dinner was served, followed by bhajans. Being together was so special that and it was so lovely catching up with our brothers & sisters after. After going to bed after midnight, I had no difficulty getting up at 5.45 AM....


The meditation & small puja were just beautiful, as we watched the reflection of the sun bathe our Mother in its welcoming golden-red glow. Still early, we went to the rear garden for collective "Allah Hu Akbars", a collective shoe-beat, then reclined briefly on Mother Earth- itself very comforting !  After breakfast, we listened to a very early Talks by Shri Mataji in U.K. Before lunch, camphor or candle treatments were exchanged. Meals were very wisely arranged to keep preparation & cooking simple. Besides, we all really enjoyed the pizzas for the main evening meal  - Fantastic !


JAI    SHRI    MATAJI    !!!!



Bhajan Concert Group


Our very own Bhajan Concert Group performed with much joy (there are some recordings) at the festival in Albany, Auckland on Saturday 9th February.


Many yogis came to support our 'stall', and many seekers came to get their realisation and to sit and meditate quietly away from the heat of the day and all the new-age choices out there. The beautiful forested setting seemed miles from the city yet was just across the road from the Albany mall.


One Maori lady (with her sister) who got Realisation comes to mind - after sitting for some time in the stall she followed us to the concert hall, then came back with us. She spoke of the tiny coastal Northland community where she and her whanau live and was so happy she could take something back there that she felt she could share with others.


A few have also started coming to North Shore programmes.   The organiser has already booked us into the festival for 2014 !


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Sahaja School programs in Indonesia



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Photographs of Shri Mataji


A yogi in the UK, Colin Heinsen, has collected a lovely selection of photographs of Shri Mataji, and has offered them to share.


Please enjoy them at:



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A new Shiva song


In my heart and in yours pure love

In my heart and in yours pure joy

In all the world pure love

In all the world pure joy


With love the sunshine glistens on the leaf

With joy the raindrop cools the Earth

Shiva hum

We are one


Angela Page



News from Greece



We have 2 good things to share.


1) We just shifted to bigger center in Athens. By the grace of Mother, we found a big and most affordable center in a busy market area which gives easy access to many seekers. We have the ability to put big banners and create some real publicity.  This change has created a good atmosphere in the collective.   All of these changes happened so spontaneous and in a Sahaja way which showed Mothers blessing in every aspect of it.


2) On 16 th March, we have public program arranged in one of the important city called Lariasa. Larisa is close to Volos where we have had a Sahaja center from many years. The Volos yogis wants to expand themselves to Larisa.


Please ask your collective to  give bandhans for Larias PP and Volos yogis for their desires to work out.


We are very happy from the love and attention from your collective.


All our greetings and love to the Australian collective


Best Wishes

Vaibhav Khopade

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News from England


Dear Brothers & Sisters,


After last year’s celebration of the International Maha Shivaratri Puja in Brasilia, Brazil, the United Kingdom was invited to host the occasion in 2013.


We have all been blessed by the grace of Shri Mataji to be Her instruments in the joyful task of preparing and offering a Puja to Lord Shiva, in the country of Lord Shiva, in the historical setting of the Port of Dover where it may be that many years ago Shri Mataji passed through the very cruise terminal we were in, on Her way to Europe to spread Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji guided us to what turned out to be a marvellous Puja venue which offered all kinds of ready made useful infrastructure for the event to become most enjoyable for all.


Friday evening was marked with a collective meal, meditation followed by entertainments and bhajans, we floated out of the venue sometime after midnight. The meals throughout were delicious and surprise therefore to be reminded that our head chef’s name is…… Joy!


Collective meditation on Saturday morning followed by a video talk from Shri Mataji transported many into a deep state of profound bliss and silence. The vibrations were most enjoyable and Shri Mataji’s presence could be felt through the Paramchaintanya. During the weekend there were several collective meditation sessions, open mic workshops on International News & Spreading Sahaja Yoga,  two entertainment programmes, lots of breaks for meals, tea and cakes.


On Saturday late afternoon we performed a Collective Havan followed by a presentation on the iconography & symbolism of Lord Shiva as depicted in Indian art and architecture. Again the vibrations could be readily felt blowing on the palms.


Surrendered to our Mother’s Will, we witnessed all the potential impediments melt away and the weekend flowed effortlessly, whilst of course in the background, many were enjoying being Mother dynamic instruments. The aspect of generosity of the Nabhi was reassuringly worked out in a Sahaja way, with everyone arranging their own accommodation costs and Puja registration being a voluntary donation. Even the Coffee & Hot Snacks Bar was donations only. The generous spirit of our family ensured that all the costs of the weekend were nicely covered. The surplus generated will be passed on to our international projects.


The attendance was impressive, with brothers and sisters from India, Russia, Ukraine, China, Middle East, the Americas & Europe. Managing the venue and all those who wished to attend became a leelah beyond our control especially as we had expected maybe 500-700 hundred, yet in the final few days it was nearer to 1100. The solution came to us in the principle of surrender and prayer which played a big part in our preparations. Step by step we were guided to hire a separate overflow pendal to be a back up release valve and insurance; however through Shri Mataji’s grace we were able to stay together and enjoy the Puja as one big collective.


The stage was fittingly decorated with a white mountain representing Shiva’s abode on Mount Kailash, with Shri Ganga flowing down one side.


Following the Shri Ganesha and Shri Gauri Pujas, it was here that eventually the sacred photograph of Shri Mataji as Lord Shiva appeared, adorned by Crescent Moon, Cobra, and auspiciously all the offerings were made, including Sacred ashes, Bilva leaves, Tiger skins, Damaru drum, Trident, Coconuts, Rudraksha Beads kindly sent from Nepal by our brothers & sisters there, fruits and nuts. As the conch shells sounded & the Aarti was offered the intensity of the moment strengthened, heightened only by the voices of all those in attendance singing Shri Mataji’s three Maha Mantras filling every particle of air in the pendal. Finally voices reached to the heavens as we sang William Blake’s poem Jerusalem.


The Puja became complete with silent meditation and a classical instrumental recital that followed, after which Prasad was offered and shared.


The Puja was performed on Sunday March 10th 2013, which normally would be English springtime, however we awoke on Monday March 11th to a light dusting of snow which quickly developed through the day as we packed away the venue, into a full blown snow storm cum blizzard bathing the entire Port of Dover and parts of Kent in Southern England in a Himalayan cloak of white which was sublime to behold. It seemed Shri Shiva was indeed pleased and Mount Kailash had itself come to Britain’s shores momentarily.


Thanks go to all the Yogis who made everything possible, especially the noble transport & meet & greet teams in the airports and indeed all those who joined in and attended, yet the amazing thing is, that it truly felt as if Shri Mataji & Shri Shiva gently supported and looked after all of us as we gathered to bow down at their Divine Lotus feet.


Jai Shri Shiva, Jai Shri Mataji

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The commemoration and celebration of Shri Mataji's Life and Legacy 16th March



Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Over 120 guests and 100 yogis came to Burwood to enjoy the commemoration and celebration of Shri Mataji's Life and Legacy last Saturday. We would like to thank everyone who helped create and support this very successful event.


The seekers, yogis (and yuvas) thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. There was a very relaxed mood throughout the entire afternoon.


Some of the seekers had some exposure to Sahaja Yoga already, but some were new. Overall these seekers came because they wanted to know more about Shri Mataji. This could be felt, as they were so full of respect.


Our guests enjoyed the way the program was run, and many felt very touched by the beautiful gift that was given as they were leaving, two pictures of Shri Mataji in a folded frame with gold trim. Some of them opened the envelope and asked very respectfully the purpose of a particular picture. One frame per family (including the Yogis) was given. So if you could not make it on Saturday, come and get your gift pack on Thursday after Birthday Puja.


The new seekers received the "new persons pack" with all the information and programs details so they could continue their practice at home and attend classes in their local area.


Here are some of the informal comments from our guests:  "We want more events like this one" "That was a real Happening"


"I want the picture the lady talked about in her presentation, the studio picture in black and white"   "I can feel Shri Mataji pouring love on us".


One complete new seeker of Asian background could not feel vibrations at the beginning of the program. We reassured him that by the end of the program he would have a different experience. While leaving he let us know that what worked the best for him was the slokas that were performed, in particular the 2nd sloka for the Swadhistan. He felt emotional and added that Lene was reminding him of his mother who used to sing to him.


Please Click here to see the photos.    Thank you again and again for all your help and loving support.


Jai Shri Mataji!   Love and Best wishes       The Birthday team


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Ganesha in the sky


Mid North coast and Newcastle collective saw a spectacular Ganesha in the sky above our house before a beautiful Shiva puja today!


Jai Shri Mataji



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