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Jai Shri Mataji!





Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July 2016


We look forward to hosting our dearest brothers and sisters and sharing a wonderful weekend together, full of good vibrations, good food, love, joy and music.


Calling all Yogis. Come young, come old, and everyone in between.


There’s no need to feel the cold of winter. There is no other place where you can go other than to a beautiful place surrounded by the glory of Mother Nature. A place of welcome where we can all come and stay. A place Our Mother selected for us all. Where we are all sure you will find everything there to enjoy the joy of the spirit, and time spent with all the Yogis.

Let us gather together at Wamuran for an elevated purpose. Let us come to worship Our Mother.


 Guru Puja July 2016 is calling. Wamuran is calling us all.


Time to pack yourself and your family and head north to sunny Queensland and to enjoy the even warmer embrace and welcome of the Queensland Yogis. Perhaps a family road trip by car, come by plane, book early while fares are reasonable. Come by whichever way works, but come.

Guru Puja at Wamuaran has become a much loved tradition established for over 20 years.


 What do we want as Yogis? To help live and make real the dreams of Our Mother. Do we know Our Mother selected the Wamuran property Herself from the Courier Mail newspaper. Shri Mataji purchased the property in Her name. Shri Mataji designed the Ashram, directed that it be built and entrusted Her own funds to do so.


 Wamuran is unique in Sahaj with few properties having this level of Our Mother’s attention.


Collective discussions have also recently commenced about how to expand the collective meditation space and venue for workshops within the main Ashram. All our goodwill and support is keenly sought at this important time in this brave new expansion.

The Yogis of Queensland request all Yogis to come and support Guru Puja 2016 to be hosted at Wamuran.





Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July 2016

We look forward to hosting our dearest brothers and sisters and sharing a wonderful weekend together, full of good vibrations, good food, love, joy and music. Accommodation: There is a dormitory style sleeping arrangements and camping is also available. Bring sleeping bag and warm clothing as the nights can be cold. Days are very pleasant!


Cost for weekend

Adult local. $121 / Adult interstate. $108

Yuvas 19-25: $85 / Concession: $85

Children 13-18yo: $60 / Children 6-12yo $40,

Children under 6yo: Free

Cost for Puja day only.

Adult $60 / Yuva 19-25yo: $45

Concession: $45 / Children 13-18 yrs. $30

Children 6-12yrs $25 / Children under 6yo. Free


Program Details

Friday: Arrival


Morning Meditation




Relaxing, bush walks etc

Evening Music Entertainment and dinner


Morning Meditation


Guru Puja setup

Guru Puja 11.30 – 2pm

Puja meal and farewell to our departing guests

Enjoying time with any of guests staying on

To confirm your attendance and registration please email us at   CLICK HERE


Please advise names and numbers of adults and children Yogis with Special Diet requirements. Please let us know when registering.

Wamuran contact details are 07 5496 6716 or mobile 0438 781 413


Transport: Everyone flying to Brisbane please catch the Air Train to Eagle Junction, then change trains for the Caboolture line which will take you to Caboolture station where local yogis can pick up our visitors. Airport pickups are available for the elderly.

Could all those travelling who will require transport pick-ups and assistance, please contact Suhas Bhasale by email at CLICK HERE or mobile phone 0406 037 524.


To Register:

Phone: Wamuran 07 5496 6716 or mobile 0438 781 413


To be there with us all, and to help support the birth of a bright new future, full of new promise.


With Love

Queensland Council and Collective



Written in letters of fire on the gate He unlocked are these words:

'Whoever would enter here, must first of all forgive.'


To open that gate of forgiveness within us is why Lord Jesus came among us.

Forgiveness undoes the small self.  It unravels our conditioning.

It overcomes the domination of those institution.  It is the key of the gate He unlocked.  Of the New Jerusalem itself, it forms the ground.


But forgiveness is not acquiescence.  It does not compromise with evil.

When Jesus went forth to the Temple to evict the usurers, He did not pause on the threshold and say to Himself: 'No, wait, I must forgive them: so I shall leave them alone.'

He did forgive them, no doubt - but He fell upon them also, like a lion upon it's prey.


He did what it was requisite to do, but did not weigh Himself down with anger, or a brooding disquiet, or a wish for revenge. He did whatever it was right to do, and He forgave.


He forgave, but not once did He bow down.  He did not say to Caiaphas, 'I submit to you.'

He did not cry out for mercy to Pilate or renounce His self-knowledge.

He forgave, but such forgiveness is a mark of strength and not of cowardice or powerlessness.


So, caring nothing for their law of punishments, He went forth to his crucifixion in all pride of truth.


And even on the cross He was forgiving.  He looked upon the soldiers, and those sanctimonious hypocrites, the priests of the Sanhedrin who had engineered His execution and those cruel and frivolous bystanders who for no other reason than they wished to be entertained, cried out for His death.


He looked down on the city below Him where the Romans - who, when all is said and done, had sanctioned His crucifixion - had already turned their backs on what was being done to the Son of Man and were feasting, and planning, and thinking of the morrow, and He said,

'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.'


He forgave them and likewise He forgives all men who each day take the principle of truth and sacrifice it to their arrogance and slavishness, their greed and lust.


For the moment He forgives all things except the sin against the Holy Ghost.

And when He wished is that we also should forgive.  He wished us to forgive ourselves and others, and - out of courtesy - to ask our Father for forgiveness of our sins.


For: "There is no greater weapon than forgiveness,' said Lord Jesus.


Through forgiving you release yourselves from both the past and future and surrender your concerns into the hands of God.'


From the book Sophia by Christopher Greaves.






The Comforter


For the Comforter will love, but not add to our conditioning.

She will love, but not pamper our small self.

She will love, but not spoil us.

She will love and transform us.


And She will awaken within us that power by which all we need to know

of what is true and what is false, of who we are and

of what the Spirit is, will be taught to us.


She will lead us in the path of virtue which is the narrow way,

the lawful path, the royal road to heaven's Kingdom.


She will protect us from all evil.

She will not measure out Her compassion, but unstintingly pour it upon us.

She will establish the New Jerusalem.


And She will take hold of our habits of mind and our small, small-minded,

finite selves and will cast them to the winds.

And we shall be soothed in Her presence and be joyful

and silent.


And in Her Holy presence we shall feel the Holy Spirit's Holy Breath,

the pneuma on our heads and our hands.


That is how we shall know the Comforter when She comes.


by Christopher Greaves from the book Sophia.




Announcing the Sahaja Yoga India Tour 2016-2017

 - Book Now !!


Jai Shri Mataji!


Dear Yogis,


We wish to announce the Sahaja Yoga India Tour 2016-2017 and opening up the invitation to all Yogis.


We  have negotiated a very good fare of $1600 departing Sydney December 23rd to KL, then Delhi returning from Mumbai January 14th.


The Tour will start with a few days based at the Nirmal Prem Health Centre in Delhi.  The note below and the photos from Swapnil give you a view of the plans underway for the Tour. It is will  be on a large scale travelling through India hosting major public programs along the way.


The projected Ground Fare for the Tour would be around $1200, plus any additional Internal Flights we have to book.


To book your place, take a photo of the ID Page of your Passport and send this to .  CLICK HERE


The fare is only available for a limited time given this is peak season and Malaysian Airlines cannot hold our seats open for too long.  So book now!!


A deposit of around $150 will be needed a few weeks’ time after booking, with the balance a month or so later.


This is the work Our Mother always wished us to take up.  To go out to all the places where the seekers are. To do our part following Our Mothers Will. To take up Her work to transform Her world.


How many joyous years did we enjoy Touring India with Our Mother.


We Tour still, but in a different form.



India Tour Team





11,500 appearances on Google for UN World Yoga Day


We used our Free Google advertising package to promote our UN World Yoga Day events around Australia.


Our ads appeared 11,500 times in Google searches.


310 people clicked on our ads and were taken to


We ran 20 different ads using different headings and wording.


These 3 ads attracted the most clicks.


The second ad is Shri Mataji's quote.





The UN World Yoga day held at Bondi was very successful

with Her Holiness pouring vibrations on everyone.


The program started with Shri Ganesha Atharvashirsha, Vinati Suniye

and Jai Jagadumba mantra ghosh.  Some describing it as just like a Puja.


Hopefully the attention and vibrations will benefit Bondi and the surrounding areas.


It was a very pleasant atmosphere and around 400 people received their self realisation.





Cosmic Eye: Video by Perth astrophysicist Danail Obreschkow


An amazing journey out into the Wider Cosmos and then down into the Inner Cosmos    CLICK HERE




Glimpses of Shri Mataji's beautiful creations on the Earth



The Andes Mountains, Chile/Bolivia


Dagze Lake, Tibet


Lena River, Russia


Gosse Bluff, Australia


The junctions of the Amazon and the Rio Negro Rivers at Manaus, Brazil


Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia


Eruption of Mount Etna, Italy



Shri Ganesha Island - Heimaey in Iceland








A Wellness Week with Dr. Madur Rai - Cabella, Italy


Week from 9th to 15th May 2016


Weekend from 13th to 15th May


Dear Family


Jai Shri Mataji


We are happy to announce that this year Dr. Madhur Rai from India is going to visit Cabella as our guest for the Sahastrara Puja. After the Puja, from May 9th to May 15th she will join the Wellness camp to provide hervaluable guidance to the Yogis.


Dr. Madhur Rai  has offered her services at the Vashi Health Center for around 15 years. Through her vast knowledge and experience, she has helped several Sahaja Yogis from all across the world for their spiritual wellbeing. She has been a great instrument of our beloved Mother in the field of Sahaja Yoga Medical Research.


It’s a great opportunity for everyone to join this session of Wellness camp happening under the guidance of such a highly experienced doctor. We invite our brothers and sisters to participate in the Cabella Wellness Camp and grab this unique opportunity.


“ ...When this cleansing starts, man, in a way, assumes a special form. He gets special powers and with those powers he can do many things. This happens not to boost his ego, but so that he gets cleansed. When we start getting cleansed like this, we have achieved our goal. Therefore, by looking at our own defects, we start cleansing ourselves and leave the defects behind. Now how to do this? Because seeing the defect is not a hard thing but to let go of it, is the hard part. That is why the way to see the defect has to be subtle and minute, and our attention should be towards it. A lot can be cleansed like this." - Shri Krishna Puja, Pune (India), 9 August 2003...".


To register for the week please click on the following link: registration week 9th - 15th May    CLICK HERE


To register for the weekend please click on the following link: registration weekend 13th - 15th May   CLICK HERE


For any information:


Tel.: 0039 0143 919805

Fax: 0039 0143 919602


Con Amore,


The Wellness Team



Shri Ganesha Puja. Perth (Australia), 1 March 1983


"But after realisation the first thing you have to do is to worship Shri Ganesha because that’s the base on which you got your realisation. He’s the One first who got His crucifixion then His resurrection and it is the One who opened the path of realisation for you, So you have to worship Him before any other Deity with the greatest sacrifices."



“I think it is the quality of wisdom which is still manifesting in many Australians, which many have lost because they have taken to the gross side of materialism. Shri Ganesha is the tremendous purifying power, because it cannot be contaminated by anyone, whatever you may try, it cannot be contaminated. Only thing is, it may recede back, it may not manifest, but whatever it is, it is in its Absolute Form.


If you know how to use it, you can purify everyone. So the responsibility of Australians, one must understand is very clear, because they are living in a country which is ruled by Shri Ganesha, so first they have to maintain their purity. Purity of their being. Many people sometimes think that purity is only limited to the gross side, that purity of their sex life is sufficient, it is not so. That is why Christ has said “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”, meaning. your eyes should be clear, and as you know, eyes represent both your ego and super-ego. So when He said that your eyes should be clear, He meant that your thoughts should be clear.


Now, what is the generator of your power, we have to go deep into it and see how thoughts are created. The brain of human beings as you know, is like a pyramid. It’s elevated through a central point in a conical way, it’s the epitome, it’s the Brahmarandhra, and when this mind elevates to that stage in human beings it goes into a tremendous change of its reactions to its environment.


For example, an animal, if it sees a thing, it doesn’t think about it, there’s no reaction created. But only in human beings this reaction takes place because of its conical brain, we can say that this attention that’s coming in, goes into a parallelogram of forces, because we have two types of densities in our brain. There is also refraction, and because of refraction this parallelogram of forces acts in such a way that your attention goes out, and the attention that goes out, reacts. And when it reacts, the thought waves start coming in to us. You must have seen a lake. If you drop a stone in a lake, the waves start and they come to the shores of the lake, and then it is the shore that gives it another wave which goes back. In the same way, when human beings look at anything they put attention to it, there is always a reaction that comes to you.


Now according to Christ we have to have non-adulterous eyes, there should be no adultery. The word adultery in the pure sense is not so bad. Adultery means there should not be any mixture of what it exists, simple as that. When we say there is adulteration in the milk, we mean that it’s not purely milk but there’s something else in it.


So when you look at things, say this is a wall, a wall is a wall that’s all, what is there to think about ? But a person who is not a realised soul will immediately start thinking about a wall even. Now depending upon the conditioning of a person, if a person is a very perverted soul, I don’t know what he would think of the wall because I can’t go to every limit of thinking also-I’m sorry I have certain limitations. But a person who is say a normal person, also may start thinking about the wall, how much it will cost and what will happen and this and that and all sorts of conditionings according to the money point of view, if he is money oriented. If he is ego oriented, then his thoughts would go reacting that same way. This is the adulteration, that when you look at things there is nothing to think about-what is there to think ?


Whatever is, it is, but we think that by thinking we solve the problems. Also this kind of a myth exists among human beings, that when you look at something or you think about something then you solve the problem. It’s not true. It’s a myth, because thinking is just an empty process of the mind. It’s like a wave passing toward the shore and thinks that it can just engulf it or dissolve it completely. So the thought is just an empty vessel which carries nothing. It cannot do anything, it cannot bring forth any fruit whatsoever.


Sometimes this statement might look very big and you might think how can that be Mother, we’ve done so much by thinking and this and that. But you’ve not, whatever you have done is through spontaneity because the Unconscious has helped you, has given you !he ideas, the inspiration, you have done everything through inspiration and not by your own thinking. Now there we do not want to agree, because we have to give up our ego because we think we have achieved it through our thinking. But when you think too much, too much, too much, like that, then what happens ? The Unconscious gives you the necessary information, because it has compassion, it has love for you and suddenly you find something there. You are just pushed into that corner where you find it. And for this you must know it is Einstein is the person who says that the theory of relativity dawned upon him from somewhere unknown, because whatever is known is already there. And whatever is unknown you cannot find out by this brain which is thinking, but by the brain which is enlightened.


Now when He said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”,-of course the adultery as we understand, is that we should not have lust in our eyes. But I would go still further to say that our attention has to be so pure that we should not have any idea of return coming to us from a particular thing, but just enjoying it, just the joy part of it. If I see a beautiful thing, then I am just enjoying it, not that I should possess it, nor should I think about it, nor do I need that I should repeat it. Just enjoy it as it is. Maybe if you just enjoy it you will just create it again. That’s the capacity one should have of purification.


So, sometimes people think that Sahaja Yoga is a very Victorian sort of a System in which you can’t lead a life like this and the freedom we have achieved and the abandonment we have achieved we cannot enjoy in Sahaja Yoga. But this virtue or this righteousness that we have condemned so far, is really the sustainer of life, is our quality, is our gold, is our wealth, is our property, is our security which we have lost, and we have to just again have a cleansing. It is there because if it is fundamentally eternal it cannot be lost, it cannot be permanently destroyed.


 It is like you have seen a brass metal or something like that, which gets covered with atmosphere, is black, red, yellow, every sort of a colour and ruined. But again you polish it out, it comes back to it. But if it is gold, it is untarnishable, but if gold is allowed to rust in the dirty gutter or something, you cannot see it, it is covered with ail kinds of things and you. think it is just finished now, it’s not there. It exists all the time, our innocence exists within us. It’s not lost, it’s there, only it’s covered. Just like the sky can be covered with clouds, it is covered now because of the atmosphere, because of the way we try to dent it and do all kinds of things to it. That’s why I say don’t feel guilty, because if you feel guilty then you have a hand which is weak, a mind which is weak, a mind which is wobbly, and then you don’t want to cleanse yourself. But it exists all the time within us, untarnishable it exists within. You have to just get to it.


Now Shri Ganesha is the one who does that job for us. He is the one who cleanses it. That not He is the embodiment of purity, but He does that job. Only a person, or only the Deity which is embodiment of purity can do it. As like you can see a soap. Soap is the one which is in a quality, is a pure thing and it purifies too. Supposing it is not pure, it can become contaminated. In the same way our innocence is absolutely pure so it is our innocence itself cures ourselves. Just see this.


The One which is lying under, which we have always repressed, which we have undermined, which we have not respected, comes to our help, and shines within us. It’s such a great blessing that we have so many eternal things existing within us, otherwise human beings would have been finished a long time back. There would have been no trace of human beings the way they have been playing about with their chastity, with their real power of their character. So when it is very much always impressed in every religion that you have to lead a proper life, a sane life, the reason is this gold that is within you must be made to shine and the brilliance of such a face you can see.


You can see a person who leads a very fast life, as you call it, this sallow face the sad life, and all kinds of unhappy lines on his face. But a person who starts shining one’s own being with that wisdom and that purity beams, absolutely beams with the lustre of Shri Ganesha, the innocence of Shri Ganesha, His joy, the way He enjoys joy, the way He manifests joy. He is source of all the joys of the world. Now in English language there are no names given to joys, there is only one word joy and I find it sometimes difficult to describe the different kinds of joy that you can have at different levels of our evolution.


But when you get to your Sahasrara the joy is called Nirananda. Now Nira is my name, you know that. Ananda means joy. Nira means that there is nothing else but joy. There is complete joy, no reaction, nothing just submerged in joy. That quality also evolves through the quality of Shri Ganesha. It’s the Shri Ganesha who evolves that quality of Nirananda within us. He goes into evolution gradually as you see up to Agnya Chakra lie becomes Christ. That doesnt mean that he goes into evolution, but we can see a seed growing into that tree and ultimately what we find that we are sitting on top of that tree in joy like children. The joy that our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us at the Sahasrara.


Now the puja part of it one should understand. It is very important in Sahaja Yoga, but everybody should not be exposed to Puja to begin with, from two points of view. Sometimes the people who come to puja actually are not really worthy of it and then they react, they react to puja. They think why this puja and this is subservient and all sorts of things because they are not worthy of it, they have to find out some excuse to justify their unworthiness. So we have to first find out if the person is worthy of puja or not. If the person is not worthy, it is better to leave the person alone till he becomes worthy of the puja because doubts and all those things can obstruct the flow of vibrations to other people and such a person can create a problem for others.


So it is not civil of that person also to be in the puja-if the person has not got an open heart and understanding of what puja is. Doing puja to any Deity as such is not an easy thing, especially to Shri Ganesha. Those people who do puja to Shri Ganesha should know that of course it has to be a Swayambhu -means the one that is created by Mother Earth.


No other than Ganesha should be worshipped. And if they are not a realised soul they can never worship Shri Ganesha. They cannot even think of Him, they cannot even take His name, it is so difficult to reach Shri Ganesha. But after realisation the first thing you have to do is to worship Shri Ganesha because that’s the base on which you got your realisation. He’s the One first who got His crucifixion then His resurrection and it is the One who opened the path of realisation for you, So you have to worship Him before any other Deity with the greatest sacrifices.


The greatest evolutionary ascent He achieved for your sake to become a human being to die and to suffer like a human being so that you should not find it difficult to get your realisation. Today when we say it’s so easy, how do you get it, we forget that people have done a lot of work to achieve it for you, to create the path. Like supposing I come to Perth. Say, when I was studying in schools I used to read the word Perth, and I could not imagine that Indians could easily reach Perth from say just fly out and you are just there. But it’s possible today that we have achieved this kind of an ascent from India to Perth so easily because people have worked for it.


People have sacrificed. How many people must have died creating an aeroplane, how many must have had shocks and things like that ? We are so privileged to use their sacrifices for our benefit. We take it all for granted.


In the same way in spiritual ascent when we say it’s easy, it’s not so easy as you think, because it has worked out since ages in a very deep way, and even your Mother has worked very hard to achieve it. So somebody has done the job. So if it is easy you should thank your stars that it’s not difficult for you instead of doubting why is it so easy that you want to contribute something to it, alright you can, but first take advantage of what is available and then you can contribute something more to it. If you have not known an ordinary aeroplane, how are you going to build a complicated one ? So first know that whatever is achieved is Self-realisation and the cleansing power of Shri Ganesha. Establish Shri Ganesha within you. First of all you must establish Him and then you can use it for others, for yourself and for bettering and bettering the methods of Sahaja Yoga that you have learnt.


That’s how Shri Ganesha is so important for all the Sahaja Yogis-to be under stood in all its aspects, but this principle is very enormous I should say. The principle is very spread out, it’s very subtle, so to understand in all its aspects is not an easy thing. The only thing you can do is to become One with it, like the ocean. If you become One with the ocean you become the ocean. Just become One with it and that’s how it works out.


But if you use your brains to understand it, your brain cannot even capture a wink of it. So the best thing is that you just be humble about the whole process, just to try to become One with it, and those who can achieve that will realise that they have become joy themselves and they have those joy-giving qualities, they have those qualities by which they just give bliss and peace to others. Just them being there itself is sufficient to create this feeling. I always have great hopes on Australia and I’m sure that one day it will happen here in a big way. And when it happens here we’ll achieve greater results in in other places. I have to work hard, and you all have to work very hard to understand the importance of this country, your importance as Australians……….


So a great message to Perth, and this centre is the door. This is the door of Shri Ganesha and you have to find more people who are true seekers, and don’t quarrel with people who are doubting Sahaja Yoga, just don’t quarrel. Gradually all of them have to come and if they don’t come don’t despair, that’s alright, that’s their luck. So you just don’t argue on that point. Don’t waste your energy arguing with them. We have other methods of convincing them: of giving them bandhan, of all the Nirmala Vidyas that you use.


So you don’t despair and you don’t get angry with them, because they’re ignorant and you must know your past also, how you behaved towards Sahaja Yoga in the beginning and then you will be kind to them.


Be kind. Gradually everyone has to come, those who are seekers. We’ll see that they’re all in before we close the doors.”




Australia celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Sahaja Yoga with Nationwide Public  Programs


Across the country collectives have been working to recognise the 35th anniversary of the founding of Sahaja Yoga in Australia  with celebratory Public Programs. It was felt there  could no more appropriate, important,  and  meaningful ways to mark this important landmark in the life and history of  Sahaja Yoga in Australia.


The last few months  has  just been fantastic.  Leaving the mundane world behind to enter the realm of  planning  programs in the promotion of the revolution Shri Mataji brought to the world.  For many Sahaja Yogis it  was a  great  privilege to be able to work together to host programs as the  best way to personally response and mark this  landmark event.


The feeling  came strongly during the work to prepare the Programs that this  is one of the  most defining fundamental aspects of Shri Mataji’s  life  and Her form in this  incarnation.  Shri Mataji’s  all encompassing,  overriding  love, compassion  manifest as the  Comforter, Redeemer and the Saviour of mankind through the unique opportunities of self-realisation .   This unique moment in our history gave us the opportunity   expressed  right around Australia to celebrate this 35th anniversary  in the most meaningful of ways.


Public Programs were  hosted throughout Australia in every major Sahaja Centre. The opportunity to achieve spiritual enlightenment available  to  every seeker , whose only  qualification be that  they open their hands and hearts  to Our Mother.


Shri Mataji’s messages is as clear and profound  today as the day of the first Public Programs held all those years ago. God is only  Love and Truth.  Real and here in every  present moment available to all. The revolution that  changed  everything, then,  today  and forever.


The Public Programs held in celebration of the 35th Anniversary  held throughout Australia were extremely successful with many seekers responding and attending . All the Yogis involved dedicated much attention, enlightened thought, and care dedicated  to each  program. Both  in the planning, promotion, and running of all the program. The response  from the public  and the collective  was superb. Well done to each and every Yogi involved in all aspects of planning, promotion, hosting and in support for each of the Programs.


The vibrations were very strong  around the country and throughout the Programs reflective that whenever we gather in Our Mother's  name, to follow Her Will and to take up Her work in the world  auspicious outcomes abound.


Sydney 35 Year Program photos








Western Australia's celebrations


WA’s 35th anniversary celebration was greatly enjoyed, with an audience of about 30 beginners and 40 yogis.

We shared Self-Realisation, live meditation music, bhajans, and dance performance with the seekers.

We then finished with a cup of tea and a chat with the seekers to end the afternoons festivities.


Kind regards

WA Collective


WA Collective




Victoria 35 year April program a great success


Dear Friends,


We had a really wonderful program on Saturday night (16th April) with about 70 Yogis and 40-50 new comers. It seems the advertising worked really well, better than for any of the programs we did in the last few years in Melbourne.


We hope that the other states had also a good response from the public.


Many thanks for the support from you all and particularly for the help we got from the IT and online promotions team!   We feel inspired and ready to prepare for the next public program/concert in mid June.


Warm regards,

The Victorian Collective





South Australia celebrates 35 years


South Australia held a new people's program on Saturday 23rd April at 3:30pm. We had relied mostly on the advertising from the emails sent out by the web team, advertising through our local programs and through word of mouth.


We were surprised to see our room at Klemzig School gradually fill up, especially as we had some doubts about holding it on a long weekend. Mother had organised more new people to come that we had seen in recent years for similar events. One lady told the story that she was having lunch with friends and the idea came to her that she would like to meditate, so she did some googling and found that Sahaja Yoga was having a program that afternoon!


We began with a short introduction about the subtle system and how through clearing the left and right channels we bring ourselves into balance which takes us into thoughtless awareness. They were then taken through a breathing exercise, affirmations and 'Clearing the Attention' with Arun Apte. We then gave an explanation of Shri Mataji, her work and the kundalini and watched the video   " The Kundalini knows everything about you" Claxton Hall 11/08/1991 as well as the simulated raising of the kundalini.


By the time we had the final meditation everyone was in a very deep silence. All the seekers stayed to mingle and enjoy the afternoon tea. It was delightful to see new people receiving realisation with such open hearts.


We would like to thank The Internet Team for the continuous attention to detail in placing our information on the web and the National Collective for their attention on the day.


With love from South Australia


You are the deep calm Ocean of Beauty beneath the waves of our lives.



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Bordi and Nargol Vibrations


Bordi and Nargol are two small beachside villages north of Mumbai in India of great significance to Sahaja Yogis.

Her Holiness took all the Yogis on the first India Tour to Bordi where She gave us all much love and Joy and provided talks which are still very much enjoyed.


Nargol is where Shri Mataji went into meditation under a tree and opened the Collective Sahasrara to save the world and to allow all the seekers to obtain their Self Realisation.  Vibrations at both places are very strong but particularly at Nargol where local Yogis are building a large Camping area on land donated by the government to hold Pujas and Seminars.












Lord Shri Ganesha worshiped in Thailand


The Thai people in Northern Thialand make offering to and seek the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesh with statues and shrines outside many businesses and institutions.  He is particularly respected in the area of creative arts and education and a large annual festival is held in His honour.  Sending love to all our Thai Sahaja family.






 Shri Rama's Birthday - Singapore


Shri Rama's Birthday is being celebrated by the Singapore Collective on the 16th April and they are inviting Yogis to attend.


For more info please visit:






Easter Thank You from New Zealand


Easter Puja weekend with our brothers and sisters of the Australian collective is always a special event.


Each year Easter Puja weekend seems to get better and better.


The vibrations throughout the weekend kept building to the high point – the puja. Shri Mataji seemed to be there all day organising everything so nicely with Her love and care. It is a blessing to be able to be a part of it all and to experience such love and joy.


After puja, to top it off we all enjoyed qawwalies sang by the Yuva Shakti. Amazing! To have nearly everyone up dancing (even those famous for being reluctant non-dancers!) was testament to the vibrations and joy created.


To be able to accompany Music of Joy to a concert at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple in Wollongong on Easter Monday was such an unexpected bonus. Again this was lovingly arranged by our Holy Mother. The concert was part of many ongoing celebrations at the temple to mark Shri Buddha’s birthday. Afterwards we offered puja flowers and fruits to the sea in Wollongong before heading back to Sydney. A beautiful end to another beautiful day.


We feel a deep connection with our Australian brothers and sisters – the oneness, the love is truly special. May this relationship continue to blossom. It is always hard to leave, but taking vibrations with us gives us all the sustenance needed to continue Shri Adi Shakti’s work.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for looking after all of us so beautifully.


Thank you Shri Mataji for absolutely everything.

We hope we pleased You.


Jai Shri Mataji!



Reflections on the Australian National Easter Seminar


Dear Yogis,

It is one of the goals of our Sahaja spiritual life that we become open to the deeper reality that exists beyond the smaller sense of ourselves  that we normally inhabit. To become empty of the mundane.  To pass through our Sahasara. To enter  the realm of the oneness of the divine connection with Shri Mataji.  To be awakened to the ocean of the spirit within and   with the param chaitanya.


As we undertake the Sahaja spiritual journey and follow our practices for many years we grow into an ever deepening understanding of ourselves.  Yet the really  remarkable experiences of our  journey are those when we  have  an awakening  of the experience of God’s grace and Her ecstasy. These are a gift of the Divine to Her children.  These are the unique and  special  experiences of the spirit and become some of the highlights of our collective experience. This is why we travel to large Sahaja collective spiritual occasion around the Sahaja world and why we join Sahaja Tours to put ourselves in that unique spiritual space.


The Easter Seminar at Balmoral was just such  an occasion. This is the  sixth year the National Seminar which has been hosted at Balmoral. Each year  the depth of the collective spiritual experience is ever increasing. This year 500 Yogis were present to celebrate Easter Puja. Many  spiritual seekers spend a lifetime in fruitless pursuit of such fulfilment.   Grasping after something spoken  of as being attained outside themselves, but never finding it. In Sahaja all that we need  do is to make that small effort  to  put ourselves in that collective space where Our Mother is pleased.   Shri Mataji then showers  these  experiences  sought for lifetimes upon Her children.


The major Sahaja collective gatherings such as the Easter Seminar are vitally important to our inner journey and experience.  It is an expression of  our seeking which continues after our self-realisation but expressed in an enlightened form.  It is a time when we leave all else aside for a few days and becomes the means of simply opening our heart to what is before us.  Before us is the Niraka form of Our Mother who then fills us . Towering above us all at Balmoral  were the immense image of Our Mother in all Her beauty, majesty, and glory.


As  Yogis Shri Mataji  had remade us as luminous beings awakened to the nature of the spirit within.  When pleased Shri Mataji bestows eternal moments of fulfilment, peace, and the experiences of the depth of Her love. This love is reflected back to us all through the love shinning in the eyes of the Yogis. Reflected everywhere, by everyone and everything. In that reflection there is nothing to do. Nothing to be. Everything  is totally clear awakened to the presence of Shri Mataji. For a time we are dissolved of the sense of who we are. To become One with  Shri Mataji.


The Easter seminar had many highlights but for most the Qawwali music during the late evening of  Saturday’s night concert, and the music and  dancing which following the celebration of Easter Puja on Sunday lifted everyone to that state of ecstasy and  oneness with the Divine.  A spiritual joy filled every part of us.  It is hard to write about it. We cannot really talk about it.  Even though it flooded every part of our beings with such love. We felt Shri Mataji everywhere. All around us . In the faces of the Yogis who were singing as they were expressing in their creativity the love of Our Mother.


When  our hearts truly open our identity expands at that moment to include everything. Then we express the expansion of our being in the dance. Reflected in the faces  of the Yogis dancing with unbridled joy. The ocean of life felt like a  rising wave within each of us. In that one moment  joy crashes through every false illusions and internal barrier.  We were one with the beauty and the rhythm of the music. Lost to the mundane  part of ourselves. Set free and dissolved in the unity and the joy of  life itself.  Other Yogis were in deep meditation lost in the serene moments of the silent reverie of the spirit.


Shri Mataji  seemed to be everywhere. In every Yogi. In every tree, flower and blade of grass in this beautiful garden which is now Balmoral.  In every act and deed.  In every auspicious deed  and offering.   What a beautiful experience  shared at Balmoral.  To feel the presence of Our Mother. What a beautiful place to be awakened to the  Divine presence  of Shri Mataji reflected  everywhere. Who are we?  We are the children of Shri Adi Shakti.  We experienced  that reality  that everything in the world is as Our  Mother made it, perfect and  whole.  We do not need to do anything only surrender everything to  Shri Mataji, and to one with Her.


Following on from the recent  two weeks Belapur in Australia, collectively we have been blessed with some peak collective spiritual experiences. We can only  namaskar our  heart full of gratitude, sincere thanks, and a love for everyone and everything  and to thank the  Australian and NSW Councils, and to the NSW collective and to all the musicians for all their dedication and hard work hosting us all.  The experience could not have  been more perfect.


Jai Shri  Mataji!




Treatment sessions take Yogis back to the Real Sahaja Yoga


Dear Yogis


The words of the Yogis shared below speak more eloquently than  anything of what the last two weeks were like for the Australian Collective.   The experiences were shared in Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane over the weekends and during the week in Sydney.


When this was arranged a few of us felt it had tremendous potential to really engage and connect with the Collective who would grasp the deeper spiritual opportunities presented, but the response was far beyond what we could have hoped for.  Towards the end of the second week, during a mid week day there were between 70 and 90 Yogis coming to Burwood each day.


It reminded me most of the times in 2006 and 2007, above the house clouds swirling in myriad form, a halo around the sun, vibrations felt and almost sensed with the eye.  The house full of Yogis all with focused pure intent, vibrations, collectivity, smiling happy, open, engaged

faces.   And what most struck me was that unique look that I have only seen in the faces of a Sahaja Yogis.   It is a type of glint and light shinning in the eyes, a  spiritual light that emanates from the face,  and form the eyes, a joy and delight expressed and shared. A beauty which shines from within and touches the heart sharing joy,  an innocence, the look of a saint. All together and as one.


Comments by Yogis:


“What were my experiences?   It just proves what I always knew in my heart, but my brain did not want to accept. God loves me."


“Heaven on Earth .. the Kundalini is dancing at Sahasrara .. I feel like I am in God’s Kingdom”


“You know in the fifteen years of Sahaja Yoga practice I never felt such strong vibrations.  I was lifted to another level, the best way to stay at Sahasrara is to tell the Agnya to “be quiet”


“Came with a very bad leg, limping with a sciatica issue, today after five days of treatment I am so blessed that I am able to walk out of my  Mother’s Temple, what more can I ask for !!!  Jai Shri Mataji”


“ The most amazing experience.  This is what I was desiring to go to Belapur, but instead my Mother brought Belapur to Burwood.  Thankyou Mother.   We were reminded to be constantly at Sahasrara and to be constantly connected with Shri Mataji.   Thankyou to  Dr Bandekar and Dr Naina for everything you did.   Be prepared to come every year at March, you have no choice.  We are asking Our Mother for this, it is going to happen.”


“On behalf of the many Yogis who attended the session, it is a feeling full of joy to express how it is Our Mothers wish for us to meditate regularly, clear and maintain our vibrations and balance. To be Her best channels this being the actual and sole purpose of our very existence at this time as part of Her creation. Let us all collectively enjoy Her love always, with many more times to come to enjoy like this”


“Had a strong desire to attend when I heard the Sahaja doctors were coming to Mother’s temple, I know now it was my spirit calling.   I felt the Collective shoe beat each afternoon on the lawns was one of the most powerful I have felt as we put attention of wider issues.  It was not to focus the attention on new seekers at programs.  The early morning collective meditations were just wonderful and so deep.  Working with the doctors I could fell the shifting of things at the subtle level.  Working Collectively we are a little brave to face the catches that need to be cleared, but the results are that we feel closer to “Shri Mataji”, we go deeper in our meditation and we find ourselves closer to our brothers and sisters.”


“Whoever arranged for the doctos to come to Burwood I say a big thank you.   Over the last two weeks I attended three morning meditations and clearing days with the doctors.   The meditations were beyond profound, building from the start to finish.   In my two to three years of Sahaja life in Sydney I have not seen so many people all over the house, clearing, working on themselves, meditating.   Yogis, Yuvas, young and old, what a sight?   Working together, being together, preparing lunch, enjoying a meal or a break.   I even saw new Yogis coming for the first time enjoying so much”







Sharing a Noida experience


By the Grace of Shri Mataji a decision was made for me to travel to Noida Health Centre, on the  raffle winning ticket at Guru Puja , Wamuran 2015.


With enthusiasm and a lovely sahaj travelling companion,my journey  began in Feb .2016.

My main purpose was  for a general clearing of the subtle system and to enhance vibrations on my left hand  , which I had  a problem with.

So this is how my day went  at the centre ,except Sundays ,which was  day off for the doctors .


Each morning,0715hrs , collective meditation at the meditation hall.This was led by one of the doctors .We usually start off  with Shri  Ganesha Mantra , then  do lots of clearing mantra recitals as was needed  by the collective for that morning.Then a short 5-10 min meditation  in silence  and end the sessions.


Breakfast 0830 -0930.

Meet the doctors for treatment from 1000-1130hrs at the treatment room.There would be  4 or more people getting treatment in the same room at the same time , by different doctors .One gets about 15 mins of treatment  and then one is given homework to do for the day. More detail to follow.


Then lunch , 1330 -1430hrs.

We have a rest till 1600hrs.  Some choose to go shopping, some do more clearing , some take a nap, while others socialize.

Collective foot soaking at 1600hrs .Again we recite  the mantras for the chakras that are catching as a collective. About 1/2 hr session.


Then we gather at the lawn for Collective shoe beating, the best part is shoe beating our own ego and super-ego, every day.   At the end, we wash our hands and do the collective ALLAH HU AKBAR mantra  towards the sky.


Afternoon tea is available  and we again have some time to do our own treatment  prescribed to us for that day.


At 1830hrs it is collective meditation till 2000hrs .Sometimes the children will join us too and sing for us .We also get to see  one of Shri Mataji's talks.


Dinner is 2000 -2100hrs, and some small chat with others etc. before bedtime.  There were approx. 40 to 50 people at a time, from different countries,.i.e.China, Taiwan, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Trinidad, Columbia, New Zealand, Australia and of course India.  Unfortunately because of language barriers communication was limited.


Coming back to details of the treatment, this is how it went.

In the treatment Room ,with a big picture of Shri Mataji, the doctor would be sitting with a foot soak .One sits in front of the doctor on a stool. He checks your chakras and asks you to recite the appropriate mantras, while he does some clearing with ajwan and camphor, or candle, or hand movements.


This goes on for 15 mins or so, and then he prescribes on the treatment sheet what one has to do for that day.  The sheet has printed columns for each channel left and right, and each chakra, with corresponding mantras.  There are also foot soaks , hand soaks , string burning, ice on liver, makta, coconut, shoe beat, and paper burning columns and the doctor would tick the ones one needs to do.  There is something like 24 to 30 items on the sheet and one might get 6 ticks one day, to 10 or more next day.


For me , there was never a tick -free day ,always had to do some clearing .This amazed me at first ,as I was expecting to clear everything  by a certain number of days.  One particular day, the doctor told me my heart chakras, left and right, were heavy.  I was shocked and asked him  how is this possible as they were just fine all these previous days.   His answer was it could be from the Collective. This sank my heart even further,I am having  a problem given to me by the collective -- I need to keep away !  Then I remembered  a yogi once saying how we do catch  and have to clear for the collective ,thus giving strength to each other at times of weakness of the other.After all who is this "I"?  nothing but part of the whole .

And so it was ,different catches come and go each day.  After a while, towards the end of my stay, I was more relaxed about the catches and did not worry about it so much.  What I did experience towards the end was how easy and quick it was for me to enter the meditative state.


All the collective things we were doing each day, it had worked,despite the catches, and cleared the main channel for me to enjoy this state of pure love and joy in  thoughtless awareness.  I was and still am, after being back in Australia for 2 weeks now,  amazed at the gift I have received.  Meditation is so much more easy, less thoughts, and more joy in the heart.


I am not doing what I did over there everyday, and pray this gift stays with me for as long as possible.

Thank you Shri Mataji!


A few tips for those planning to go there, bring panadol tablets [pharmacy is not easy reach], vitamin c and some multivitamins if you take them.  Food there is very simple and I lost weight.  I was craving for fruits and vegetables and healthy meals.


Unless you are familiar with the language and know the way from the airport, best to order an Ashram taxi to pick you up.  Most taxi drivers at airport do not know where the health centre is, and Sister Gisela has said sometimes people spend over an hour circling round to find the centre .


I found by the end of 2 weeks I was ready for home, but we stayed on for 3 weeks.


Though I am glad I went to Noida, for the different experiences I had, I am since then feeling that By Shri Mataji's Grace we can clear ourselves right at home too,  by simply asking Mother.   One of the things I learnt during the meditation sessions was this technique;

 Say  Shri Ganaesha"s mantra.

Then say, Shri Mataji, Please come into my left channel and all the chakras in my left side, and please clear them.


Repeat   same for other side and center, only changing the words  left, to right and center.

Simple and effective .


Jai Shri Mataji!


Kind regards




Russian Program attracts over 1,000 seekers





International Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2016! - Scandinavia


Dear Sahaja Yogis of the world. With all our heart we invite you to the coast of Gothenburg, in the heart of Scandinavia, between the 17-19th of June, to celebrate the international Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2016!


We would like to say that this is an historical event, being the first international puja ever held in the Nordic countries (the right Vishuddhi of Europe) and the first big puja of any kind in Scandinavia.


Since Shri Mataji Herself did not come to Scandinavia after starting Sahaja Yoga, we feel in our hearts that for the first time we can properly receive Her, through the presence of the Sahaja Yogis of the world, in these lands


Since we will be celebrating this puja in the right Vishuddhi of the Virata we believe that it could have a very powerful effect on the collectivity all over. This is why we would like to reinforce this idea by having Unity as the theme of the puja. We hope that letting this theme permeate our collective meditations, evening programs, havans etc that we can go beyond all illusions of separation and boundaries between one another once and for all.


It is our dream to see yogis from all over the world coming together and uniting for this puja. Certainly this would make our Holy Mother full of joy, so please come and join us!


With all our love,

Yogis of the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) together with co-hosting countries (Baltics, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and the UK)


Jai Shri Mataji!


Registration and further info:



Lunar New Year Festival Miracle


This years Lunar New Year Festival in Fairfield and the Cabramatta Public Program can be described as a miracle.


When we first started looking for a venue it was hard to find one as the Lunar New Year is a very busy time.  Despite applications closing one month ago HH Shri Mataji miraculously made a stall at available the Lunar New Year Festival.


We also tried to get a timeslot for giving Self-Realisation on the Main Stage and were not successful in advance, but on Saturday just before all the political heavyweights in NSW on a Federal Level on both sides of politics were going to arrive, we got an opportunity to give Self-realisation.


This was Shri Mataji’s way of establishing the vibrations before the main event.  After the Realisation session we managed to leave our pop-up banner with Shri Mataji’s photo on the stage while they prepared for the main function.


Soon after there was a lion dance and fireworks as the dignitaries arrived.  There were four lions dancing and all the dignitaries followed the dancing lions as the lions made their way to the stage.


Our banner with Shri Mataji’s photo was still there in the background but in the middle of the stage.


The lions went up on stage and did an amazing finale and Shri Mataji’s photo could be seen in the background.  This was Shri Mataji’s way of showering Her Blessing on everyone at the festival and the dignitaries present.


Jai Shri Mataji!!


This is the first time,  Vietnamese community (around 25,000) have seen HH Shri Mataji’s photograph.  They were very respectful.  We handed out more than 20,000 leaflets but not a single leaflet was found on the ground.

A number of Vietnamese Yuva’s got their self realization.  In the meantime Shri Mataji blessed us with a venue and all other options including publicity which was remarkable, with internet, hand billing and postering.


HH Shri Mataji’s presence was felt all the way.


A small number also received their self realization in the Cabramatta Public Program.


HH Shri Mataji has definitely opened up the South West Sydney area.


Jai Shri Mataji!






HH Shri Mataji's birthplace in Chhindwara, India




Meditation hall adjoining Mother's birthplace





Q. Could you tell us about angels, Shri Mataji?


Shri Mataji: They are very beautiful, just like flowers, very fragrant. And they will help you, you’ll be amazed how they’ll help you. You won’t see them, you don’t see them. But they are there, in the form of some human being, in so many ways.


So, you cannot describe them because you can’t see them. But you’ll see their help, and you’ll be amazed how they guide you to the right path. Now, supposing you lose your way somewhere, don’t get frustrated, don’t get upset about it. If you have lost your way it must be some purpose. On that way when you go you’ll find somebody whom you have been looking for ages, or maybe some sort of a thing you’ll find, some treasure you’ll find.


So, if you have lost your way, there’s nothing to worry. They work very smoothly and sweetly.


(Holland Park School Public Program, London, 27/9/2000)
















Celebrating 35 years since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

first established Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Australia


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi & Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Brisbane


Shri Mataji was born at Chhindwara in the geographical centre of India on the 21st March, 1923 at 12pm on the day of the summer solstice, when day and night are of equal length.


From a very early age Shri Mataji actively engaged the world around her. As a little girl she took responsibility for the household while her parents were involved in the struggle for Indian independence. In her teenage years, she too joined that movement. She cared for her family, but her concern was not limited to the familial circle. It is an expression in India that for a generous person, “the whole world is his family.”


Her spiritual insight and understanding were recognized at an early age by Mahatma Gandhi. He would often consult her about the daily prayers in his ashram. Shri Mataji studied medicine, engaged in numerous charitable works, stood against prejudice, offered protection for those in needs and supported and nourished her husband and two daughters.


On the 5th May 1970 Shri Mataji began her spiritual life work. Her core teaching is that within us all lies a transformative potential, which can be awakened using her method which is called self-realisation.


By meditating for just 10 – 15 minutes per day we can silence the busy chatter of our mind that will allow us to enjoy the present moment. Sahaj Yoga Meditation can bring peace and wellbeing to us, our families, our social institutions, our nations and our world through its simple but effective techniques.


Shri Mataji first visited Australia in 1981 giving free public lectures to share her knowledge and teach the Australian public her simple method of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. During these years she gave over fifty public lectures around Australia free of charge. Over the years many tens of thousands of people attended her talks. In keeping with her principles, Sahaja Yoga Meditation is now offered in over one hundred countries around the world.


*Shri Mataji was a Nobel Peace prize nominee, recipient of the United Nations Peace Medal and was twice honoured by the United States Congress. She was internationally recognised for her contribution to humanity through a lifetime of work for peace and the wellbeing of mankind. In 1995 she spoke at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Klaas Nobel was an admirer of Shri Mataji and spoke of Sahaja Yoga Meditation at her 1997Nobel Prize nomination. He proclaimed it “a source of hope for humanity” and “a reference point for determining right from wrong.”


Sahaja Yoga Brisbane is celebrating 35 years since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi first established Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Australia. In keeping with Shri Mataji’s philosophy we are offering a free program of music, self-realisation and meditation at Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC) on Saturday 16th April. Program begins at 6.30pm.


All enquiries for BEMAC program and all free meditation classes please visit: or phone: 1300 724 252







An overview on the online promotions for April's national events...



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Ads below go live tomorrow around Australia and will run until 24th April (only one ad appears at any one time). Google searchers will be directed to


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Jai Shri Mataji!

With love

the web team



ACT Primary School Programs


On Thursday 25 February 2016 a few yogis in Canberra had an opportunity to present a secular form of Sahaja Yoga Meditation to a group of 20  children and three adults at an after school care session at the Hawker Primary School located in the north part of Canberra (a couple of suburbs away from Mother’s ashram in Scullin).


Lyn, Gulshan and Kamlesh engaged the young children in an interactive game of meditation loosely based on the themes trialled by NSW yogis and published here -


The techniques used included awaking the rainbow serpent and asking her to open each of the different coloured flowers on her journey to the rainbow lotus at the top of our head .  The meditation class was by all accounts very successful; so much so that it was reported in the school’s local newsletter.   How the guided meditation was presented was explained in their article together with examples of the innocent curiosity shown by the children.   The photos in the article demonstrated how many children in the group discovered, in a very short time, the blissful benefits of Sahaja meditation.


The event was organised by a local yogi (Kamlesh Singh) whose youngest daughter attends the after school program at Hawker Primary.  Both the School Principal and the Director of the After School Care (ASC) were keen to have another meditation program presented by Sahaja Yoga with the possibility of giving self-realisation to some 50 parents at a later date.  We now await Mother’s blessings for a further opportunity to bring Sahaja Yoga Meditation (secular style or otherwise) to our local community in Canberra.


Footnote: Of note this year the Hawker Primary School celebrates 40 years of providing quality education for the Hawker and wider Belconnen Community in north Canberra.  An article about the celebration appeared in the Canberra Weekly News publication 4 March 2016 about the school.


From Hawker Primary School’s  website:-  Hawker School is a unique open plan school. The warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere and positive school culture provides a strong foundation for quality learning, academic excellence and student success in a wide range of areas.

The underpinning philosophy of the school established by the founding principal, Mr Al Leece still thrives today and embraces the loaves and the hyacinths principle in education:

'If thou of fortune be bereft and of thine earthly store hath left, two loaves sell one and with the dole buy hyacinths to feed the soul.'

The loaves are about the core foundation skills: literacy and numeracy and the skills involved in learning. The hyacinths are about passion areas, creativity, curiosity and confidence. It is about happiness and responding to the joy of being alive.


For yogis the hyacinths may well be the chakras within us that are nourished by the kundalini and the joy may well be our Spirit coming into our conscious awareness.




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