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Jai Shri Mataji!

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Easter 2007 – Cabella Italy







Presentations and Devi Puja Offerings ( Lakshmi Baskets)


Dear brothers and sisters


Jai Shri Mataji!


At our upcoming National Easter Puja we are requesting each state to provide up to an hour presentation, and we are also inviting the states to present Devi Puja Offerings (Lakshmi Baskets).


We have received a couple of questions about the content of the hour presentation by each state.   Should it be music, a report on happenings in the state etc?


The content is for you as a collective to decide, but if we can keep in mind that we will be in Mother’s presence and wanting to please Her directly and through the hearts of our brothers and sisters. If you would like to share some news about activities and initiatives it would be nice to keep the time spent on it brief.  You might consider addressing any comments in the first person to Mother, thanking Her for all the blessings and joy She provides and how She assists us in doing Her work, and particularly how She has blessed us with such wonderful brothers and sisters.


You might also consider anything original your yogis may like to offer Mother in the form of poetry, music, or other creative aspect, or some personal vibrational experiences Mother has provided them.  Mother particularly enjoys Her young children so anything including them would be most appropriate. You could also consider a meditation or something those gathered can participate in and enjoy.  Whatever is provided should hopefully generate vibrations and please Mother and all the deities assembled with Her.


So just a few ideas to inspire Yogis to go deeper in our ascent.


We also had an inquiry as to why we are presenting Devi Puja Offerings (Lakshmi Baskets) if Mother is not there in Her physical form.


At the beginning until the actual Puja, we do all sorts Offerings, Prayers, Mantra’s and Singing to Please the Goddess.  Traditionally at the time of inviting HH Shri Mataji for Puja we offer local things to Please the Goddess. These offerings are provided as part of the Devi Puja aspect of the substantial Puja.


They are an opportunity for us to express our love and appreciation to Mother in Her Devi form with small gifts.  It is also an opportunity to bring Mother’s Divine attention to your collective and your part of the country by offering items specific to your locality.  Mother particularly appreciates anything handcrafted by yogis or created with love by the children.


As with all offerings to Mother it is the essence of the love offered with them that She enjoys and absorbs and reflects back to us through our hearts.


Some may question we are offering items to Mother when She is not in Her physical form, but in fact She is completely with us and fully manifest through the Paramchyatanya and anything we offer is received and we enjoy the blessings.


At the end of the Puja after Mother has accepted the love offered in them the items will be well vibrated by Her and can be returned to the collective providing them to share and enjoy the vibrated offerings.  As another option it would also be appropriate to offer the items to the sea.


A quote from Mother:


‘ I am with you. I am with you at every step, at every place. You may go anywhere.


At every place I am with you, completely, in person, by mind and in every aspect.


Whenever you will remember Me, I will be by your side with all My powers.


It is My promise … ’



Best regards


Vishnu, The LETA Trustees, National Councillors and Easter Puja Team.





Dear Yogis


Jai Shri Mataji!


It gives us much delight to invite all Yogis from around the country and elsewhere to come together in Mother’s Heart at HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Balmoral Centre over the Easter long weekend period from Friday 18th until Monday the 21st of April.


When we make the effort to come together to enjoy Mother’s vibrations and the love of or brothers and sisters over a number of days Shri Mataji really blesses us in so many ways as witnessed during Her recent Birthday Celebrations.


A number of joy inspired events are being planned and will be advised soon.


To assist in planning for requirements, particularly for meals, we need EVERYONE attending (even those only attending for Puja) to fill in and submit the registration form ASAP.


Please Click HERE or use this link.


We thank Mother for creating these opportunities to absorb Her vibrations and to enjoy our extended family members from around the nation.


With love and very best wishes to everyone


Vishnu, Your Australian Councillors and the Easter Puja Team




Cost for the weekend will be:


Adult 4 x days, meals inclusive ..... $120 pp


Interstate, pensioners, Yuva’s up to 25 years ...... $80 pp


Children aged 6 - 18 years ...... $60 pp


Children aged 0-5 years ...... Free






Adults - attending Sunday Puja Only ...... $60 pp


Pensioners, Yuva’s 19 to 25 years ...... $45 pp


Children 6-18 years - attending Sunday Puja Only ...... $30 pp


Children 0-5 years - attending Sunday Puja Only ...... Free





When registering you will be asked if you need assistance with transport from the Airport to Balmoral, Airport to Shri Mataji's Burwood Centre and return.


If you reply Yes you will be sent another form to provide your details and if necessary our Transport Organiser, Vara (<>)  will be in touch to discuss arrangements.



Special food requirements:


The Nabhi will be well taken care of with dishes made with love for 'Veg' and 'Non-Veg' tastes.


However we cannot produce individual meals such as 'Gluten Free' etc., and recommend Yogis  with special requirements bring their own ingredients.


Will it be cold?


It will definitely be 'cool' with all the vibrations, and the nights can get quite chilly at this time of year, so please bring sleeping bags, scarves, beanies, and lots of warm clothes.


Health and Hygiene:


The recent serious issues experienced during the Children's Christmas Camp have highlighted numerous areas requiring improvement.

NSW Health have provided particular advice, and to try and avoid anything similar we will be requiring everyone to follow particular procedures.


The main requirement is to ensure hands are regularly and thoroughly washed, particularly before eating or handling food.  New soap dispensers and paper toweling have been provided for this purpose.


Anyone who is unwell (or been unwell in the recent past) should not attend the gathering because in a situation with large numbers staying together in close proximity anything contagious can very easily spread to many others.


Any Yogis, Yuvas or Children experiencing health issues of any nature, or who becomes ill at the camp during the weekend should immediately seek assistance and closely follow advice from health professionals, avoid contact as much as possible, and if advised to they should leave the camp to avoid affecting others.


Drinking water


A new Filter Unit has been placed near the tea making facilities and it is recommended drinking water only be taken from this point..


Safety around the property:


HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Balmoral Centre is a rural country property and all care should be taken if going for bushwalks.  Children are not to go near the dams unless in the company and full attention of an adult.  NSW Health recommends that people should not swim in the dams.


More coming soon.



Images of Balmoral






Meassge to NSW Yogis


Easter Puja Seminar Weekend - Group arrangements

18th to 21st April, 2014


Jai Shri Mataji to all!


In a few weeks our brothers and sisters will be visiting us from interstate and we will together offer puja to our Holy Mother at Easter time.


Balmoral Preparations:


From this coming weekend (5th & 6th April) we will be preparing Balmoral so that we can welcome HH Shri Mataji as we would do if She was arriving in Her physical form.


Everyone is invited to Balmoral this coming weekend to assist so that we are fully prepared to welcome Her.

We invite any ladies who would like to assist with decorating HH Shri Mataji's cottage to also be at Balmoral this weekend and to contact Savitri in the first instance. Savitri:


All states including NSW will be asked to arrange the Devi Puja Offering (Lakshmi basket) for offering and inviting HH Shri Mataji to the puja.


All Groups on Cooking


As this is a national seminar weekend, we have rostered the various groups onto different jobs (sometimes cooking, sometimes washing etc).

The groups will buy whatever they need to buy in order to cook the meal they are going to prepare and will be reimbursed.

Roster attached for weekend (pdf file).


All Groups Presenting


We are also asking the groups to each present something to the collective as part of the seminar. Your group, for example, might be asked to present something on an afternoon or a morning and it will be up to your group as a whole to decide what will be done for the presentation.

If your group would like to present something funny or something deep, it will be left to your group to decide.

Your group may wish to present a session of clearing, or deepening, or may wish to present slides or video or a presentation on children, art, sahaja experiences or sahaja successes for example.


Please take the initiative and get the ball rolling, planning what your group will cook and what your group will present.

Whatever we contribute will assist to increase the vibrations of the weekend individually and collectively. It is a weekend owned by the collective and it will be as joyful and as beneficial as we collectively desire for it to be.


May Shri Hanuman bless NSW with dynamism so that we can auspiciously welcome and please our Holy Mother as She arrives with the Australian Collective.


With love from your Councillors.



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