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Jai Shri Mataji!


Navaratri Puja Poetry Competition


Please enjoy the following contributions from our poets.




At Peace


Take a place on some nice lush green grass,


shut your eyes and think of nothing but sounds,


the leaves rustling,


the wind tickling your ears,


the waves crashing and the birds cheeping.


Now let it all go with 3 deep breaths in and out,


then you will be


at peace.


By Dean Peirce 12yrs old




Sahaja Yoga Poem


Sahaja Yoga is a place to do meditation,


We all have to be calm and have some relaxation,


The Sahasrara Chakra is an important chakra,


This chakra has the respective qualities of the other chakra’s,


When we meditate we want our Kundallini to rise,


Just like a sunrise,


When meditating you should not be thinking but feeling a cool breeze on your hand,


And nothing will be tricking in your meditation,


Shri Mataji is our founder and creator of Sahaja Yoga,


If she didn’t make Sahaja Yoga we wouldn’t be in this moment of relaxation


and we wouldn’t have been thoughtless in our meditation,


And being a Sahaji Yogi is a gift to have,


Jai Shri Mataji!


By Ishani Buff




Sure of YOU


Opening my eyes


and realizing I'm here


Had made me think


was I sure



Sure of what


I asked myself


Reasons for that


I doubted itself



Sure of sight


was what I was seeing


Sure of touch


was what I was feeling



The preaching


has made me clear


The mobile I'm in


is not in gear



Today is the day


I see me with YOU


and today is the day


I see YOU in me






The Tale of LIGHT


Come closer to me


to see what I'm seeing


Come closer to me


to hear what I'm saying



Come closer, come closer


was what I told her


And when she came near


I gave her the flyer



Fuzz and buzz


were going through her mind


I wasn't in a rush


to give her mine



Then the moment came


For the light to rise






Mental silence


was well observed


Inner balance


was ready to serve



Tears came out of her eyes


but the light was always here


The truth never lies


A tale told by me to her






Free as a bird


As free as a bird,


My wings strong


& will hard like iron


Confined & overpowered


I lose my will and wilt like dill


I must remember my way


Staying strong each day


Be sweet to my kids


Showing them reasons to live


For if not I, then who?


The women who lived in a shoe?


No I must shine so bright


You can see me in the night


Never forgetting I’m alright


Just sit back and enjoy the ride


Make a bundhan an take it in your stride


As free as a bird


My wings strong


& will hard like iron


Lauretta Peirce




Colour and Fragrance


My heart sings with the colours of spring


Sunshine warms golden hues of wattle blush


Deep red bottlebrushes does this season bring


And the wedding bush makes a white spectacle in a flush


It’s no wonder colours of spring makes my heart sing



Dark days end for a spring clean of my dreary winter soul


Sun to warm a cold heart and green in eyes cooling for mind


I can hop and stride Mother Earth with my twinkle bare feet sole


Days of chilly wet of dormant hidden life now left behind


To join birds and insects in a lively dance ‘round the maypole



Join my friend the party of colour and fragrance this season’s bring


Everything in its place, dancing to its own nature and pleasant inner tune


A balance of things, sharing the sun’s rays amongst all, flying on a wing


Soothing senses, introspecting dark pasts left behind, celebrating life as a boon


It’s no wonder colours of spring makes my heart sing


Chris Szydlowski




The Story Bridge


Last night,


I heard a father cry


for his child,


who fell from that bridge.



And now, I cannot escape


the inevitable quest:


why do I feel so -


that child was not mine,


nor mine’s mine,


and more than six degrees surely separated us?



This mind lusts


for another answer


to that with which


my heart is burdened:


the child fell


through these very hands;


from beneath that day’s rubble,


bruised and battered from daily trivia,


my spirit -restrained, and


my mind - consumed by thoughts,


so, when our paths must’ve earlier-crossed,


an opportunity was lost...



Alas, Mother, you have blessed a new day,


and, hereafter, no guilt, fear nor thoughts shall have I,


so, where ever that bridge leads,


I shall walk,


armed only with your Love


and guided by its cool wind -


let my spirit shine


Your Love so bright


that no other child


can fall from Your sight.


By Sunil




Grandfather Ocean


Oh Grandfather Ocean


you’re mighty and strong


you roar like a lion


when you sing your song.



You can rock us so gently


like a babe in a cot


or toss us so wildly


up onto a rock.



Oh Grandfather Ocean


you caress as you roll


your waters are healing


it cleanses the soul.



Oh Grandfather Ocean


we love you so dear


if we speak to you sweetly


will you promise to hear.



Oh Grandfather Ocean


although you destroy


to the people who love you


you always bring joy.



Oh Grandfather Ocean


you’re mighty and strong


you roar like a lion


when you sing your song.


Heather Churchill  2001




They are awaiting a spark of magic


Looking with hope at the sun´s potential


Through the taint of tinted glass


They believe in an all absolving love



Though they bear such burden and repetition


Which ways down even the highest man


They keep their eyes on the horizon


Sure of their place in the Divine plan



The orchestra plays as the war chief rides


As the raiders rule the kingdom of chaos


Yet never still is the Cosmic Dancer


Weaving new fables into being



There are few men here among them


Mostly sheep, wolf, lizard and toad


Though see beside Her banner is standing


A Hero worthy of being his Mother´s son


His fist is raised to the call of battle


Yet his other hand remains open, palm soft and cool


By his dignity the barbaric are baffled


He is gentle, yet his blade always strikes true



Her torch may be seen at dawn´s zenith


The beacon for both the saint and the rogue


As the light shone and all auras were seen


The rogue was a saint and the saint not what he seemed



She sings to life the army set in stone


Giving them a vision of beauty and paradise


A desire for an everlasting home


A place where again there may be vibrant life



Terrible is the amnesia of the times


The way of the golden age they did forget


Yet hold to your precious memories


Your inner star you must at all costs protect



For you make up the cosmos


Expand and see just how large your heart is


Do not fret as the night dances


Do not fear the black hearts and heartless



Theirs is not your concern


You shall not face their terrors


Traitors in royal garb


Thieves dressed as gift bearers



Step off the broken raft


A new ship is now sailing


Heaven´s guardians now walk amongst us


Seek them out in your thousands and hundreds



Hold to your Mother´s dress little one


You are within a savage crowd


Remember that She is your guide


Both within and without


 Mark Poulianakis






Eternal Rhythmn



Innocent child and His Mother,


Holy Ghost, Shakti, Tao.


Benevolent earth and its revolving


laws of unwritten guiding.


Lotus in the generous morning sun.



Power of love and security,


Joyful human talking,


Forgiveness and opening


love of all and oneself.


Feeling full and integrated,


Allah and the Holy Ghost,


Thousand petals in the breeze.


 Phillip Frankcombe




Mary Mata - Maha Maya,


You have thrown us into a dilemma!


How can we refuse you?


The Divine Magnet.



She smiles the smile of the Divine Spirit.


Flowers cannot match Her beauty.


She has the gait of a young elephant.


She is round and generous.


She is the Mother Earth.



She arrives,


She smiles,


The heart is alive.


Her smile identifies the Spirit.


Like a young girl,


She is ever young.




She is timeless.



Her shoulders are the mountains of time,


The folds in Her sari are the deep gorges,


Solid as the rocks,


Yet as delicate as the apple blossom.


Let the Divine rays come in,


Oh! Holder of the Lotus.”


Phillip Frankcombe





 The miracle of life


The beatitude of that blissful morn’


With finger lines on the window’s frost


The rays of dawn when strike thy face


Did you smile an’ bow in awe


The aromas of the morning glory


And soothing shrills of the little starling


The wild flowers brushing shades on the pickets


And rain drops touching each pore


Little children walking in joy


And splashing puddles without a ‘morrow


The motherly aroma of the wet soils


And calming sway of the firs and pines


With each step a magical moment


If only to open the eye


And embrace the divine’s greatest present


Grass blades cushioning the seeker’s feet


And dew drops awashing each wrinkle


As a butterfly gently brushed past


Which of us noticed in the chaotic vast


So is the blessed seeker


With joys of the eternal play


Dramas unfolding all 'round us


Every moment of the day.


Rahul Shinde





Who makes the Kundalini rise


And who makes the Kundalini rise?

Who brings the brightness to our eyes?

Who brings the comfort to our hearts?

Who brings the joy within our lives?

Sakshat, Adi Shakti

Sahasrara Swamini

Only You can speak and make our hands speak

Only You can smile and make our hearts smile

Only You can laugh and change the weather

Only You can make joy last forever


And who is Mother to the world?

Who sees inside the seed, the flowers that unfurl

Who even hears the trees sing in a silent prayer

Who even gets the rocks to shed a joyful tear

Who gets the mountains dressed up in their finest clothes

Who draws new fragrance from a dessicated rose

Who sings the raga of the morning

And plays the tala of the days of endless dawning

And sounds the music of the spheres so loudly

That bears the pure note of truth so proudly

Her hour entails Her lifetimes as minutes

Her day encompasses the yugas within it

Her week is circuits of a thousand stars

Her year, an itinerary that reaches beyond far

Her lifetime is the chronicle of all history

Whatever came before, and still will come to be.


Sakshat, Adi Shakti

Sahasrara Swamini


Only You are realised by devotion

Only You give comfort without failing

Only You are free the hold of gravity

Untouched by any stain or negativity

Unchained by any thought of limitation

Unburdened by dualism or karma

As pure as the space inside an atom

As brilliant as the spark of the first moment

Eternal like the universal breathing

Unmeasureless to mind and all its thinking


Only You can speak and make our hands speak

Only You can smile and make our hearts smile

Only You can laugh and change the weather

Only You can make joy last forever


Her spoken word is like a poem

She speaks the Vedas like a koan

Her voice is gentle like a moving stream

A river flowing to an ocean of meaning

The waves will endlessly recite Her name

The way the wind and moon and tides sustain

The holy books are lists of Her achievements

The dust touching Her feet has saints in all amazement

The Saviour when the situation’s hopeless

Protector even of the divine forces

Perception as the mind becomes unconscious

The knowing realisation that is doubtless

The limitless expansion of all sureness

The self that is abandon of all selfishness

The wealth that is invaluable and countless

The love that is both focussed and horizonless.

Sakshat, Adi Shakti

Sahasrara Swamini

Only You can manage a whole universe

Only You can cook food for the Devas

Only You can understand the humans

Only You can fathom their illusions

Only You can stabilise the weather

Your record for unerror goes forever

Your résumé is endless revelation

You exceed the very letter of description

Unmeasureless to mind with all its thinking

Unseen by all the eye with all its blinking

Unruffled by the needs of definition

Unfixed to any notion of precision

With nothing to desire, having everything

Immutable and flexible like fire within

Unchanging and the basis of all changes


No basis as you are the source of basis

Free and those who look for you find freedom

The silence is the herald of your kingdom

Who made the modern man believe in miracles

The lifeless grains of sand are all blown lyrical

Transforming the potential of what is to be

Who is the very model of mystery

Who exceeds all bounds of expectation

Who defeats all idea of limitation

Who precedes even the cause of inspiration

And makes meaningless all words of adulation

All powerful, but Her smile remains genuine

No leader has Her charm or Her conviction


How can karma touch events beyond all action?

How can worry plague a mind beyond distraction?

Taking nothing, since You are beyond all taking

Knowing all, since You are knowledge before knowing

Your effort shows no trace so it’s immeasurable

Your wealth has no peer in all that’s treasurable

It flows like flooding rains so it’s unbankable

You are the very number that’s uncountable

Alone, you are the keystone of plurality

Supreme, you give the real to the reality

Unhindered by attachment to mortality

Untroubled by the notion of fatality

Unwounded by the pangs of superego

Undeluded by the bubbling of ego

Beyond the understanding of intelligence

Beyond the very waiting of patience

Beyond the prostrations of servility

Beyond the very smallness of humility


Only You can speak and make our hands speak

Only You can smile and make our hearts smile

Only You can laugh and change the weather

Only You can make joy last forever


Lyndon de Valle





Seven Deadly Blind Spots


We have a blind spot its called Pride

That takes us off for a ride

Its so big we inflate

We think we’re - so great

It causes our Spirit to hide.


We have a blind spot called Anger

With repercussions of danger

It makes us see red

It heats up our head

And ruins the Joy of our Sangha


We have a blind spot its called Lust

That causes Attention to rust

At each bump and curve

It looks twice, to perve

Exchanging our Gold for dust


We have a blind spot called Envy

That resembles a fever from Denghi

Each time that we spot

Something nice that they’ve got

It whips our Peace into frenzy


We have a blind spot called Greed

That’s based on the Maya of need

Every time that we score

It thinks I want more

Thus causing our Soul to bleed


We have a blind spot called Sloth

It calls like a flame to a moth

From Work we retreat

Our goals we defeat

It covers our Lives like a cloth


I have a blind spot its called Gluttony

Its enlarging the size of the gut on me

I’ve now grown so big

I resemble a fig

So my Guru Tattwa will not button me.


Pavan Keetley



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