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Advice from the Vashi Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in India

Sahaja Yoga Health Centre Advice

The following advice has been received from the Vashi Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in India in answer to questions asked of them from Australian Yogis. 


The advice below is to be seen in light of Sahaja Yoga practices and should not be considered as official medical advice. It is not intended to replace advice or treatment from orthodox health professionals.


You should not discontinue your usual medical treatments or ignore the importance of consulting mainstream medical experts about any health condition that you may have.

No responsibility is accepted or implied in relation to the suggested practices.

During Pregnancy

1. You can attend public programme but it is not advisable to either give realization or work on others.

2. You need to listen to Shri Mataji's lectures / puja talks, read good books, do light work, rest in the afternoon, keeping your feet up.

3. One should not eat heating things like papaya.

4. Make regular foot soak & meditate.

5. Left side treatments are to be made only if needed.

6. Candle treatment can be done but camphor is to be avoided.

7. In havan one is not to sit right in front of the fire.

8. Matka if needed can be done.

Caring for Babies

1. For babies’ care – mother & child are one entity. Mother can clear herself, make foot soak with baby in lap that will clear both.

2. Massage baby with any mineral oil – warm olive oil is good. You can recite Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha while making massage.

3. In case of gas or cramp – give warm fomentation with ajwan in muslin cloth.

4. For evil eye removal (Najar Utarne). Take 7 Red chillies + 7 black peppercorns (kali mirch), kali Rai (black mustard seeds), salt & coarsely

ground atta (kneaded flour), (bina channa hua) all in a paper, & in aarti movement 7 times, remove the Najar in evening time & then burn it.

5. You can enquire in your centre regarding other details.

For Blood Pressure

Sahaja Yoga point of view, please make:

1. Regular foot soak.

2. Use ice pack on liver, Right Swadhisthana.

3. Shoe beat ego, super ego, thoughts.

4. Meditate for some time, keeping eyes open on Shri Mataji's Lotus Feet.

5. Clear Vishuddhi—use ghee-camphor in nose & do Allah-Ho-Akbar.

6. Reading Devi-Kavach is helpful in all conditions.

Right Side Clearance

1. Foot soak in cold water.

2. Use ice pack on Right Swadhisthana, Right Nabhi, liver, & Right and Back Agnya.

3. Meditate with right hand to Shri Mataji & left hand to sky.

4. Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa or Prayer to Shri Saraswati.

Left Side Clearance

1. Matka (lemon & chillies)

2. 3 candle clearance (thick candles to be used).

3. Read Shri Mahakali 108 names or Shri Bhairava 21 names.

4. Meditate with left hand to Shri Mataji and right hand on Mother Earth.

5. Shoe beat or string burn.

6. Foot soak with lukewarm water.

3 Candle Clearance

1. Keep 2 lighted candles in front of Shri Mataji's photograph.

2. With the third lighted candle, clear left side chakras taking the respective mantra, or recite Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha.

3 candle clearance & Matka clearance is given for left side clearance.

You can ask in your local meditation centre, they will help you with these techniques.

Matka Clearance Procedure

1. Raise kundalini and take a bandhan.

2. Take a matka (earthen pot); fill half of it with water. 7 lemons & 7 green chillies are to be put in it.

3. Add a little vibrated water & kum kum to it.

4. To vibrate the matka keep left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph & right hand on matka, then read Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's 108 names.

5. Pray to Shri Mataji to give all Her Blessings. You can also leave the matka on Shri Mataji's altar for some time. Later close it with lid.

6. Keep the vibrated matka under bed; open the lid of the matka at night and close it in the morning. This is to be done for 7 nights.

7. On day eight you can close the matka lid with atta (kneaded flour) & dispose of it in sea or running water.

8. Matka clearance is not to be done on New Moon night i.e. Amavasya.

How to Clear the Catches of the Collective

1. Collective shoe beat.

2. The best ways for the Collective to clear during their weekly programme:

a) Balance especially right side & then work on whichever chakra you are catching collectively.

b) Play Shri Mataji’s puja talk for that particular chakra.

Bhoots as opposed to Badhas

Bhoot - is stationed on one chakra.

Badha - moves from one chakra to another.

Further clarification around bhoots and badha as provided by Shri Mataji:

What is the difference between a "badha" and a "bhoot” and how to deal with them.

(An extract from "What is a Sahaja Yogi" -Seminar in Old Arlesford 1980.)

" Now one more question I will ask. Very simple, not so difficult. That, what is the difference between a badha and a bhoot?

How will you make out? A hindrance and a bhoot.

Yogi: Bhoots will move around.

Shri Mataji: And baddha?

Yogi: Stays still. Just describing, it’s a block.

Shri Mataji: He’s correct. What you said is correct but it is not absolutely precise. It is like this, I tell you. Is correct.

I mean what he says is the correct answer but is not so precise.

Badha will also move. I’ll tell you how. Badha is always on the centres or on your organs.

If it is, say, in your, for example, in the liver, this badha may come in the center and then it will start moving from your here to here as the

Kundalini will be moving. All right?

But badha doesn’t have its arbitrary movement. As you move the Kundalini, the badha moves. Badha means the hindrance. All right?

But a bhoot is arbitrary. It moves. It will be one moment here, it will be one moment there.

It will move this side, it will move that side. It will go to the right heart, then it will come to the left heart.

If it is arbitrary behaviour, that means it is not controlled by your movement of your fingers.

Through the Kundalini awakening then you must know it is a bhoot. All right?

Understand what I’m saying, that one thing is arbitrary, works on its own, and the another is in your control. You’re taking it out yourself.

Like you can say that if there’s some lump in the body, it may start moving with the, say, blood stream or something, some force acting upon it. But by itself, it does not. But if there’s a worm, living worm, it will move by itself.”

What to do for Left Vishuddhi when Right Agnya impressing on it

1. Clear Right Agnya – use ice-pack on Right Agnya & read prayer to Lord Buddha - can keep feet in foot-soak water.

Can you please advise how we can clear ourselves to feel clear, accurate vibrations

1. All can work on the Vishuddhi Chakra. Do collectively “Allah-Ho-Akbar”, use ghee-camphor in nose.

2. For Right Vishuddhi, hand-soak helps.

3. For Left Vishuddhi, 3 candle clearance, read Shri Krishna’s 108 names.

Young Children

1. Ask young children to meditate on Right Nabhi - Keep right hand to Shri Mataji & left hand on Right Swadhisthana & Right Nabhi.

2. Also can look at Shri Mataji’s bindi, helps to clear Agnya, become thoughtless & stabilise attention.

3. To do foot soaking regularly and balancing of both sides.

4. Put ice on Right Nabhi and Right Swadhisthana.

5. Meditate for some time with open eyes & then close eyes.

For Infants / Other Ages

1. Till the child is 2 years, you can take child on lap for foot soak, before that you should clear yourself & balance.

2. Raise kundalini from Mooladhara to Sahasrara from centre channel and a give bandhan to the child.

Mental Illness

1. Do Matka Treatment.

2. Clear left channel.

3. Clear Agnya - look through candle flame at Shri Mataji’s bindi --say “Om Ham-ksham” - Recite Lord’s Prayer.

4. Shoe beating can be done.

Clearance of Back Agnya

1. If Back Agnya from left side - clear with Ganesha Atharva Sheersha, or you can say Shri Maha Ganesha Bija Mantra on Back Agnya.

2. Do matka clearance.

3. Early morning sun rays for Back Agnya before 7am.

4. If Back Agnya from right side - use ice pack on Back Agnya.

Clearance of Front Agnya

1. Keep feet in foot-soak water

2. Clear Agnya - look through candle flame at Shri Mataji’s bindi --say “Om Ham-ksham”.

3. Recite Lord’s Prayer.

4. Shoe beating can be done.

For Left Agnya

If Left Agnya is strong, then:

1. Clear your Left Agnya with 21 names of Shri Mahavira.

2. Clear void with Adi Guru Dattatreya names.

3. Do Matka Treatment.

4. Take candle on Front Agnya.

Right Vishuddhi Clearance

For Right Vishuddhi, (right side)

1. Do right hand soak.

2. Please keep left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and right hand in hand soak tub ( small tub) and you can read Shri Krishna’s 108 names or 16 names of Shri Krishna.

To clear Left Vishuddhi

1. Keep a candle in front of you & show the Left Vishuddhi finger towards the flame.

2. Keep right hand on Mother Earth.

3. Take Shri Vishnumaya names.

4. Use Affirmations of Left Vishuddhi.

For Vishuddhi clearance

1. Say “Allah-Ho-Akbar”.

2. Do ghee massage.

Specific Diseases Clearance


1. Clear Centre Heart.

2. Read Shri Durga 84 names or Devi Kavach.

Coronary Artery Disease

1. Left side clearance.

2. Left Vishuddhi needs to be cleared---for angina.

Multiple Sclerosis

1. Clearance of left side & Mooladhara Chakra.

2. Meditate on Mooladhara with Shri Ganesha names – Left hand towards Shri Mataji, right hand on Mother Earth.

3. It is a badha, shoe beat the badha.

Overweight and Health Problem

1. Diet control.

2. Do exercise.

Old Age Problem

1. Take Calcium & Vitamin-D supplement.

2. Read Devi Kavach.

3. To nourish weakened left channel.

4. Meditate with right hand towards Shri Mataji & left hand towards the sky, & then left hand towards Shri Mataji and right hand towards the sky.

Juvenile Arthritis

1. Clear left side.

2. For all congenital problems -- pray to Shri Mataji in the form of Lord Ganesha.

Blocked Sinuses

1. Onion treatment—keep unpeeled onion on gas flame—the skin gets burned & rest of the onion warmed, remove each peel & keep them on sinuses.

2. Clear sinuses with warm saline. Then use ghee camphor.

3. Clear Left Vishuddhi.

Heart Palpitation

1. Clear Right Heart — foot-soak, ice-pack on Right Swadhisthana, Right Nabhi, Liver, Right Heart.

2. Read Shri Rama Kavach.

If due to Ancestors or Possession :

Say "Respected Ancestors, I am in the full protection of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and am secure. You should also surrender yourself to Shri Mataji and get your salvation through Sahaja Yoga."

Prayer to Shri Mataji, keeping left hand on right heart, pray: “Shri Mataji, please take all my ancestors into Your Divine Attention and grant them their salvation through Sahaja Yoga."

Shoe Beating

1. Raise your kundalini & take a bandhan.

2. Keep both hands to Mother Earth, take the mantra of Shri Adi-Bhoomi Devi & seek permission to shoe-beat.

3. With the index finger draw a circle. Write your name & then the problem - for example ego, super-ego.

4. Without lifting your finger draw continuous seven circles (bandhan) around what is written.

5. With the heel of the left shoe or slipper (preferably leather shoe or slipper) shoe-beat the badha 108 times; then wipe off all that is written.

6. Seek pardon from Mother Earth for shoe beating on Her.

String Burning

1. Raise your kundalini and take bandhan.

2. Take a cotton string.

3. Make seven knots at different levels of string and take

the mantras of left side, while tying the knots:

a) 1st knot - Shri Ganesha Mantra

b) 2nd knot - Shri Nirmal Vidya Mantra

c) 3rd knot- Shri Gruha Laxmi Mantra

d) 4th knot- Shri Shiva Parvati Mantra

e) 5th knot- Shri Vishnumaya Mantra

f) 6th knot -Shri Mahavira Mantra

g) 7th knot- Shri Mahakali / Shri Bhairava Mantra.

4. Dip the knotted string in mustard oil.

5. Hold the string with tongs, take the mantra of “Shuddh

Iccha” (pure desire) and pray to Shri Mataji to burn away all the negativity through fire element.

6. Burn the string looking at it (in the toilet)

7. Flush it away.

For Cancer

Clear left side and Ekadasha Rudras - can be cleared by taking 11 names of Shri Ekadasha Rudra on Void.

For left side:

1. Matka (lemon & chillies clearance).

2. 3 candle (thick candles to be used) clearance to be done.

3. Clear Void in foot soak - take 10 Guru names.

4. Meditate with left hand to Shri Mataji & right hand on Mother Earth.

5. Read 108 names of Shri Mahakali.

Also as there is much heat use ice-pack on Right Swadhisthana.

Reading the Devi-Kavach or saying “Ma Jagadamba” 12 times on Centre Heart will also help.



1. Please make regular foot soak if possible 2 times per day.

2. Use ice pack on Right Swadhisthana, Nabhi, Liver, Right & Back Agnya.

3. Look through candle flame at Shri Mataji's bindi while making foot soak & recite “Om Ham Ksham” or Lord’s Prayer.

4. On Right Swadhisthana, take mantra of Shri Hazrat Ali Fatima — 6 times.

5. Meditate with right hand towards Shri Mataji & left hand to sky, try to stabilize attention & become thoughtless.

6. Shoe beat ego, super ego, all badhas causing physical disease & coming in the way of spiritual ascent.

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