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Jai Shri Mataji!

Sharing news, events and Mother's blessings

Balmoral Native Shrub & Tree Planting Success


Jai Shri Mataji

Dear Everyone,


On the weekend before the recent World Environment Day, the Sahajis' of Sydney helped contribute their energies toward making the Balmoral Village Centre & Planet Earth alike a better place.


We planted 21 Native tree saplings along the South gate entrance avenue followed by 200 shrubs along the western fence which borders the paddock from the community road.


The Native trees will provide an aesthetic Treescape avenue for welcoming visitors as well as a windbreak & food for honey-bee production.


Whereas the 200 shrubs would serve as a nesting habitat to foster Native birds & other fauna all the while giving privacy to Yogis from ongoing traffic and passer-bys along the local residential Balmoral community road.


Overall it was another very productive & joy giving event with a record of 15 attender workforce during Winter!


We humbly thank You all who attended & gave their Time & energy to beautify Shri Matajis beloved Land.


Warm regards

From Jacob (on behalf of Shri Matajis' Garden Assistants)

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Australian & International Easter Celebrations

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th April 2021


Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!


Divine love and vibrations are flowing throughout the Universe, as Sahaja Yogis around the world worshipped our Divine Mother, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in Her aspect of Lord Jesus Christ during last weekend's Easter celebrations.


Thank you Holy Mother for giving us our Self Realisation and the pure knowledge, so that we may humbly approach You to perform Your Puja as Lord Jesus Christ.

Jai Shri Mataji! 

International Easter Puja Seminar

Photo: Yogis celebrating Easter Puja in Jerusalem Sunday 4th April 2021


The world collective joined online to celebrate Easter Seminar which was hosted by Australia, Israel and Palestine, Russia, Spain & Ukraine. A few yogis assembled in the city of Jerusalem to perform Easter Puja in that historical city.


Over 2,500 yogis joined the Puja via YouTube.


Videos from the weekend events of morning meditations, evening music programs, Havan and Easter Puja are online for you to enjoy at:

ieaster pic -crop-u206136.jpg

Australian Easter Puja Seminar – Balmoral


Over 350 Australian yogis gathered at Balmoral Ashram, near Sydney, to truly enjoy the vibrations of each other's company as we celebrated Easter together.


We thank the NSW collective, Councillors and builders who beautifully prepared Balmoral for the hosting of the national Easter seminar and Puja.


Videos from the weekend events of morning meditations, evening music programs, and Easter Puja are online for you to enjoy at

Diwali invite .jpg

International 2021 Diwali Celebrations

Dear Family

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please see the invitation below from our French and Iranian brothers and sisters to this year's International 2021 Diwali Celebrations.

There are two parts to the Diwali Puja this year, a full online program and a two-day Puja event in Paris.

(Details of our local and international Diwali events, with links to the online sessions, are also available on our website, in the Australian & International Programs & Pujas section.)

With Love
(Australian Coordinator)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

It is with hearts filled with joy and love that France and Mother Persia invite all our Brothers and Sisters to celebrate Diwali Puja 2021 from 2nd to 11th November. 

There are two parts to the Diwali Puja this year, a full online programme and a two-day Puja event in Paris.

Join us in Paris: 5th to 6th November

As is it again possible to hold public events in France, we are thrilled and honoured to be able to invite our Brothers and Sisters from across Europe to Paris for the Diwali Puja, to be held over two days:

  • Friday 5 November: Evening program

  • Saturday 6 November: Diwali Puja

Full details at Diwali Puja website •

Join us online: 2nd to 11th November

The 10 days of Diwali celebrations will begin on Tuesday 2 November with an international broadcast via YouTube on VND France. From 2 to 11 November, meditations, Pujas and cultural offerings will be broadcast through this channel for all to enjoy.

Full details at Diwali Puja website •

“Diwali means the rows of lights."

“Diwali means the rows of lights. So, you are going to make this beautiful mansion of God full of Diwali light. You have entered into the kingdom of God and you have to enlighten it. So you are the decoration of God on one side, you are the glory of God and also, on the other side you are the guide, guidelines – you are like the torches, you can say… You have to become lighthouses. So that people see you, you stand out, a light see. Like that you have to be.”
Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja 1988, London

May the light of our Beloved Mother’s love shine brightly within each one of us and bring enlightenment throughout the world!

74th Wedding Anniversary

of the Marriage of Shri Mataji and Sir CP

Wednesday 7th April 2021


Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

In celebration of Shri Mataji and Sir CP's wedding Anniversary, we wish to share quotes from Shri Mataji about the importance of marriage. We have also brought together a short video presentation of the 59th Wedding Anniversary held at Burwood Ashram Sydney 6th April 2007.

NL 18 .png

"Today is the anniversary day of the wedding, and I have allowed them to celebrate it because marriage is very important in Sahaja Yoga. It is one of the most important things for Sahaja Yoga, that one should get married…


Now I have been married, I think thirty-sixth year is this [of] My marriage today. There’s so many years have passed but still I still feel like a bride with My husband because really we have been very wise people to live like that. And of course, there are ups and downs, but ultimately one feels very different about the whole thing. 


He has sent a beautiful letter today, thanking you all for your kindness shown to Me, and for all the kindness you have shown to him…


So, marriage is a very big blessing in Sahaja Yoga because all the Gods and all the angels are watching these marriages and They will see to it that these marriages are successful…"

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja 7 April 1981, Sydney, Australia

NL 19.png

"Marriages are important, because they help Sahaja Yoga. Not because they go against Sahaja Yoga. So, more time must be spent with Sahaja Yoga activities, both of you should work it out. And not that we should have a nice holiday together, or sort of a thing like that, you’ll never enjoy. You cannot enjoy holiday without Sahaja yogis being there. Now these are your holidays, these are your festivals, these are your enjoying places."

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Wedding Anniversary Celebration 7 April 1982, Nightingale Lane Ashram,London, UK


"I don’t know what to say about our married life and kind of life I had to go through. I don’t think it was anything sacrificing or anything difficult for Me. I am a different type of person you know that. And to Me, everything was quite alright. But outside people might think that way but the main thing was Sahaja Yoga for Me which I have achieved by which you all have got your self-realization…


So, life can be very-very interesting if you learn how to enjoy and this enjoyment comes to you through your Spirit. As you are awakened now you are realized souls. You are enjoying the music. Some of you might have not understood Punjabi language may be that but everybody was enjoying. What you were enjoying was the Spirit which was enjoying the music …


So, see that you enjoy each and everything whatever is there try to enjoy. Because now you have got such a lot of energy from the Divine…


…My greatest desire to see that the world should change…


I am thankful to you for celebrating this wedding anniversary and … 

we got married but all the time I was thinking that I will be able to establish Sahaja Yoga in this world. That’s what you people are here to begin to give Me that satisfaction.

So, thank you very much."

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Wedding Anniversary Celebration - 7 April 2001, New Delhi, India

NL 21.jpg

Video presentation of the 59th Wedding Anniversary


In celebrating the 74th Wedding Anniversary of the Marriage of Shri Mataji and Sir CP we have brought together a presentation of the 59th Wedding Anniversary held at Burwood Sydney 06th April 2007 to enjoy.

Video versions of the beautiful 'A Mother for All' exhibition.


Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!


On the occasion of our Holy Mother’s Birthday and the 40th year of Sahaja Yoga in Australia, we wish to offer Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi two video versions of the beautiful ‘A Mother for All' display exhibition. Link to new videos below.


The original 'A Mother for All' public exhibition was created by the Italian collective several years ago and has since been displayed to the public in many cities around the world, including Australia. The exhibition covers topics such as - A Mother for All; Love & Compassion; Meditation: Freedom; Yoga and ‘I bow to all the seekers of Truth’. See list of some public exhibitions below.

NL22 .jpg

Photo: Public exhibition in Italy

‘A Mother for All' - Video versions

The new ‘A Mother for All' video presentations use the same design elements from the physical display exhibition, with the addition of Shri Mataji's videos that relate to the actual quotes that are printed on the exhibition panels.


The videos are aimed at the public (and yogis!) and include a short Self Realisation by Shri Mataji.


Two versions of the videos are available, an Extended version (27 mins) which has the actual video talks and a Short version (9 mins) that has the written quotes.


Both videos will be offered to our webcast teams to play during the coming weeks, as part of the 40th year of Sahaja Yoga in Australia celebrations". Videos can also be used at public programs.


"A Mother for All" on YouTube

Extended version with Shri Mataji's video talks (27 mins)


"A Mother for All" on YouTube

Short version with Shri Mataji's Quotes (9 mins)

NL 26.jpg

Shri Mataji's Birthday announcement in the 'Australian' newspaper seen by 400,000 people.


The nine nights of Navaratri Prayers, Praises and Hymns

Download PDF (Large File)

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NL29 .jpg

Work progresses at Mother's Balmoral property

New Workshop Shed

NL 31.jpg
NL 32.jpg
NL 34.jpg
NL 33.jpg
NL 36.jpg
NL 37.jpg
NL 39.jpg
NL 40 .jpg
NL 41 .jpg

Shri Mataji offered to our Beloved Guru - Puja offerings from 1982 to 2008 CLICK HERE



NL 45.jpg


Give each other

the Love of

God the Mother.


By definition

there is no

Father or Son

without a Mother.


She is not “the other”.

She is central to existence.

She says: Use your logic,

the Trinity is One,

please know that this is done.


Ask for Her Love

so you can

give love to others.


She loves our world,

for She created it.

She loves you;

She created you too.


She is our Counsellor and Comforter.


We need Her Love

spreading through our hearts.


The world needs

Her Love spreading through

your heart.


Other people need

Her Love spreading through

your heart.


Seek Her Love,

ask Her for it,

for our world’s sake

and yours.


Seek Her Love now.


Give each other

the Love of

God the Mother.




Copyright Jennie Mairie 19 September 2020


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